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Best Electric Scooters With Seat For Adults in 2020

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Born like devices for teens and children providing them with fun and some enjoyable time spent outside, today electric scooters have become actual means of transport. They are not only available only for children, but also for adults and – in some cases – even for aged people or people with impaired mobility, so basically for everyone.

They are perfect as a way of moving around the city for adults of any age, carrying loads, and even passengers. They are often more expensive than more traditional standing electric scooters – that’s why, before making your purchase, you may want to get informed about the different options available on the market and what are the most important features to look for in an electric scooter with seat for adults.

In this article, we are going to list the top 10 best electric scooter with seats for adults as well as a buying guide that can help you make your decision.

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10 Best Electric Scooter With Seat For Adults

1. UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter

The UberScoot 1600w Electric Scooter is the perfect electric scooter for commuting, shopping, going to the gym, and every other occasion in which you need to ride and carry a load: it can carry up to 265 pounds!

As its name says, this electric scooter features a 1600w brushless motor that can push the device up to 30 mph. The scooter actually comes with a speed limit wire that must be disconnected. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be able to reach this impressive speed. There is also an Economy Mode Button that limits the speed and enhances the battery life span. If you ride the UberScoot at 30mph all the time, the battery will actually die pretty quickly. Such a powerful motor, also, allows the e-scooter to climb small hills easily.

The battery mounted on this electric scooter (four 12V/12Ah sealed lead-acid batteries for a 48v system) might seem small for such a device, but it can provide a mileage of up to 12 miles. It’s longer than most competitors and enough to run your errands in town efficiently. As always, keep in mind that mileage depends on some factors other than only the type and capacity of the battery. So, if you’re carrying a heavy load, expect your electric scooter to run for a shorter distance. Charging time is average: from 6 to 8 hours to fully charge this electric scooter.

Pros & Cons

  • High maximum load
  • Impressive speed
  • Comfortable riding thanks to the pneumatic tires
  • Battery runs out quickly if you use the electric scooter at top speed.
You can buy UberScoot 1600w from Amazon:

2. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

The Razor EcoSmart is a good looking electric scooter with some interesting features that make it suitable for both adults and older teens.

With a 500w high torque motor and convenient twist-grip acceleration control, this electric scooter can reach a top speed of 18 mph. The ride results very smooth and comfortable thanks to its extra-large 16’’ tires.
It isn’t the most lightweight option out there, but it can easily carry heavy riders and additional loads since its maximum load is 220 lbs. Also, you may find some difficulties lifting it up or carrying it around when you can’t ride but, hopefully, you shouldn’t be doing it often and, whenever you need to leave it somewhere, you can use its convenient retractable kickstand.

The 36 V SLA rechargeable battery allows you to ride for about 10 miles. It’s enough for your errands or commuting, but if you expect to use your electric scooter for longer distances than that, then this is not the electric scooter for you since it takes 12 hours to fully recharge it. It means that you can’t charge it more than once a day – so, 10 miles a day is what this EcoSMart Metro Electric Scooter by Razor has to offer.

Pros & Cons

  • Pleasant design
  • Included rear basket
  • Extra-large tires for enhanced comfort
  • Can’t use it under the rain
  • Extremely long charging time
You can buy Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter from Amazon:

3. TuTu Electric Scooter SL350 with Foldable Seat

This is an electric scooter with a very sportive look that may enjoy teens and young adults. It’s available in many colors and it features a unique dynamic design. Instead of raising from the deck, the seat is a horizontal piece detaching from the vertical the steam tube of the electric scooter. The seats ìs also foldable, so you can ride it in the standing position like a traditional electric scooter whenever you like.

Despite the aggressive look, though, the TuTu SL350 doesn’t feature an impressive top speed – only 9 mph – but it’s in any case suitable for enjoyable rides in the city. It features an impressive load capacity, being able to carry up to 330 lbs. This feature makes it suitable for carrying two passengers at the same time for enhanced fun, even though the electric scooter would go even slower.

Going slow and safe, this TuTu SL350 can be ridden for up to 34 miles per charge, which is an impressive mileage. It also features two brakes lever, a handgrip acceleration, and a wide LCD screen for cruising controls.

Pros & Cons

  • Unique design
  • Foldable seat
  • It can carry two passengers
  • Impressive Mileage
  • Wide LCD screen.
  • It doesn’t feature an impressive top speed
You can buy TuTu Electric Scooter SL350 from Amazon:

4. SKRT Electric Scooter 350W

This is a foldable electric scooter with seat that would fit your car trunk so that you can bring it with you during your trips around the country.

The foldable mechanism works with a tool that some included in the package.

The SKRT Electric scooter features a 48v lithium battery that allows you to ride it for 18.6 miles. This is very good mileage for an electric scooter with seat. The 350 brushless motor can bust the electric scooter up to 18 mph. In our opinion, this is the optimal speed for an electric scooter meant to be ridden in the city: you don’t need a faster electric scooter to enjoy a ride on your town, and a slower one could be tedious. 18 mph is the right speed to be safe and have fun.

Tires and brakes are this SKRT Electric Scooter’s main strength. TIres are pneumatic and extra-large for enhanced comfort and balance. Brakes are front and rear disc brakes that provide great control over the speed and can bring the e-scooter into a quick stop when needed.

Pros & Cons

  • Optimal top speed
  • Good mileage
  • Foldable
  • Extra-large pneumatic tires
  • Disc brakes
  • the folding mechanism works with a tool
You can buy SKRT Electric Scooter 350W from Amazon:

5. Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter - 8.5’’ Solid Tires

The Hiboy is a traditional electric scooter, but you can purchase a seat separately and mount it on your Hiboy S2 to have a seated electric scooter. The seat is adjustable in height, it has the same shape of bicycle seats, but it’s thicker, softer and far more comfortable.

The reasons why you may want to purchase the Hiboy S2 with the compatible seat are various: first, it’s foldable and, when folded, it really can fit tiny spaces such as your car trunk, or the space between the floor and the seat in the subway. It also features a premium mileage: it can carry you for up to 17 miles thanks to its regenerative braking system. When you go downhill or use the brakes, the battery recharges a little bit so that you can ride longer. The battery can also be charged quickly: only 3 to 5 hours against the 8 or 12 of some other models.

The 300-watt motor can provide an 18.6 mph top speed. As we’ve mentioned this is the optimal speed for an electric scooter aimed at commuting.

It’s also worth mentioning the rear shock absorber (it’s important for providing comfort during the ride since the Hiboy S2 features solid tires), the Hiboy App that can work as Cruise control, and the double braking system with anti-lock system.

You can read more about Hiboy S2 here.

Pros & Cons

  • Foldable and portable
  • Optimal speed and mileage
  • Double brake system with anti-lock system
  • Dashboard screen + Hiboy App
  • Rear shock Absorber
  • The seat must be purchased separately (additional cost)
You can buy Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter from Amazon:

6. Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Razor manufactures scooter for kids and the Razor E300S is no exception. It features a colored and design (available in many color options) and a limited top speed that would be particularly suitable to the younger riders.

The E300S model is basically the E300 with the mounted seat. Just like the Hiboy S2’s seat, this is also similar to those mounted on bicycles but thicker and softer.

Being aimed at kids, the Razor E300S has a limited top speed – 15 mph – that is in any case fast enough to provide fun but also safety on the road (extremely slow electric scooters are dangerous when you shared the road with other users).

The 10’’ pneumatic tires provide comfort and balance during the ride while two 12V sealed lead acid batteries provide power for up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

The Razor E300S features a single rear brake that the rider can operate through a lever on the handlebar. Since the speed is limited, there’s no need for a double braking system here.

If you are searching for a gift for a teen or child, the Razor E300s would certainly be be the most suitable.

Pros & Cons

  • Safe
  • Comfortable riding
  • Good speed and mileage
  • Only suitable for kids
You can buy Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter from Amazon:

7. Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

This is another Electric Scooter with Seat particularly suitable for teens and children. It features a seat similar to the E300S’ one and a similar design too, colored and fun. It differs from the E300S for its speed, tires, and size, features that make this E200S suitable for even younger kids.

The speed is very limited: only 12 mph. While it may be too slow for a teen or an adult, it would be suitable if you’re purchasing this Razor E200S for a young kid or a teen that has no previous experience with an electric scooter.

The tires are smaller than the E300S, and this feature is the biggest drawback on this electric scooter: small tires provide less balance, stability, and comfort during the ride.

The E200S is also a little more compact than the E300S, this is also why it may be more suitable for younger kids who are usually smaller than their older friends.

The battery is 24V SLA battery, the same mounted on the E300S, but being the E200s smaller and slower it may be ridden for a longer time than its bigger version.

Pros & Cons

  • Safe
  • High mileage
  • Colored design that kids would love
  • Small tires
  • Only suitable for younger kids
You can buy Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter from Amazon:

8. S AFSTAR Safstar Electric Scooter

The S AFSTAR Electric Scooter is aimed at adults and it features a removable seat. Whether riding in the sitting or standing position, this electric scooter can guarantee good performance. It features an all-black design that someone may not find that attractive but that it’s incredibly well-built and sturdy. The frame is also foldable which can be very convenient not only when you need to store it for the winter, but also when you want to carry it in your car trunk and bring it with you on your trips around the country.

The mileage is not impressive: 12 miles with a full charge, but the charging time is shorter than other models on the same price range (4 hours). Speed is average, just a little slower than the optimal one which is in our opinion 18 mph for commuting: this S AFSTAR features a 15 mph. It can go uphill up to an inclination of 15°, but the heavier the rider and load they carry the more difficult it would be to ride uphill.

The braking system works perfectly providing quick and safe stops and can be operated through a brake button on the handlebar. Larger tires would provide a more comfortable riding, but the overall performance is excellent.

Pros & Cons

  • Removable adjustable seat
  • Good speed and mileage
  • Efficient braking system
  • Small tires
You can buy S AFSTAR Safstar Electric Scooter from Amazon:

9. City Coco Electric Scooter 1500 Watt

TheTOXOZERS Adult Citycoco Fat Tire Scooter looks like a little chopper while being a full-fledged electric scooter. It can carry two passengers thanks to its double seat with back support for the person sitting behind. It features extra-large 18’’ x 9.5 tires (it’s a fat tire electric scooter – read more about this topic here) which, combined with the large deck and back support provides the most comfortable riding.

The 1500watt brushless motor can bring the e-scooter up to 25 mph, which is faster than the average as you can learn from this list. Speed doesn’t affect mileage, because this fat tire electric scooter can be ridden for up to 19 miles on a single charge. The battery is a 60V 20ah battery and can be recharged in 6 hours.

This CityCoco Electric Scooter is quite big and bulky and it’s not meant to be portable. If you are looking for a portable electric scooter, you may want to look elsewhere.

Pros & Cons

  • Fun to ride
  • Comfortable riding
  • It can carry two passengers comfortably
  • Good performances
  • Not portable
  • Expensive
You can buy City Coco Electric Scooter from Amazon:


We want to conclude our list with an electric scooter with impressive features: impressive look, speed, mileage, but unfortunately even impressive cost.

This is not a cheap option, but if it fits your budget this is the fastest and safest electric scooter with seat you can find on the market.

The design is squared and inelegant, we would be surprised if someone would call it ugly. Yet, the motor features a power of 3200 watts: this not only means that this electric scooter can reach the speed of 56mph but it can go uphill or on rough terrains without effort. Speed doesn’t affect mileage to much because the 25Ah battery is capable of providing power for a mile range of up to 53 miles.

Also, thanks to its double charging port you can halve the charging time using two chargers at the same time.

The frame of the OUTSTORM MAXX 60 MPH is also foldable and the seat removable. This can come in handy when you need to store it whether it is for the winter or inside the car trunk. If you are searching for a little bit of adventure on and off-road, this is the electric scooter suitable for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Impressive speed and mileage
  • Great performance on every type of terrains
  • Expensive
You can buy OUTSTORM MAXX 60 MPH from Amazon:

Important features to look for, on an Electric Scooter
with Seat for Adults

When purchasing your new fat tire electric scooter, you shouldn’t only go for the absolute best. You should consider your needs and choose the one that is most suitable to them.

We thought of including a buying guide to help you understand the market and choose the best e-scooter for you. So, how to choose the best fat tires electric Scooter?

I. Price

In our list, we’ve included electric scooter with seat for any type of budget. Yet, we’ve excluded the very cheapest one that does not have the minimums safety features.

The most affordable electric scooter are generally those aimed at kids and teenagers. Their price goes from $300 to $500. They usually have limited speed and size and are 100% safe for younger riders.

Mid-range electric scooters with seat for adults can cost from $400 to $800. They have average features, enough for commuting and having some fun, but not suitable for adventures off roads.

Electric Scooters with seat can cost even more than $1000. They have impressive features such as impressive speed and mileage and unique designs.

II. Safety

When purchasing an electric scooter, you’re getting a means of transport. You must keep this in mind because you must make sure of checking some safety features that would be essential. This is what to look for in terms of safety:

–      Brakes

The fastest the electric scooter goes, the more efficient and powerful the brakes must be. If you see a cheap electric scooter with a top speed of 20 mph and a foot rear brake, walk away from it.

Hydraulic brakes are always the best solution. Fastest electric scooters must feature this type of brakes. On the other hand, they might be superfluous on slower electric scooters with seat. In this case, mechanic brakes or drum, band, and V-brakes might work suitably.

–      Weight Limit

Always check the maximum load that your electric scooter with seat can carry and do not consider only your weight. If you are carrying bags or loads of any kind, you must consider those. Never overload an electric scooter because you’d risk damaging its motor, battery, and tires and you’d also risk accidents on the road.

–      Lights

If you are going to ride on the roads you must be visible. The other road users – pedestrians and drivers – must be aware of your presence. Electric Scooters with lights are the safest option.

III. Weight

The important thing that you must consider when purchasing your electric scooter with seat is whether or not you might need to fold and carry it or store it somewhere, for example in your car trunk. If you need to fold and store it, searching for a foldable frame wouldn’t be enough. Pay attention to the electric scooter’s weight or you’d risk finding yourself with a device that you can’t even lift. If you are purchasing the electric scooter with seat for a kid, a heavy electric scooter could also be dangerous for they wouldn’t be able to hold it standing – so, always check the e-scooter’s weight on the product description.

IV. Range

Range refers to the distance a scooter can travel on a single charge. This feature is always listed on the product description, but you must keep in mind that the actual mileage would be shorter than the one indicated because that one always refers to ideal conditions.

V. Top Speed

When traveling on roads using your electric scooter with seat to commute, a speed of 15-18 mph is enough. Higher speeds might be more exciting, but the e-scooter would cost more and you want to wear some safety gear when riding it.

VI. IP rating

The Ingress Protection rating tells you how much the electric scooter is resistant to dust and water. The greater the number, the more resistant it is to water and moisture. For example, IPx4 are water-resistance electric scooters.

VII. Tires

An electric scooter can feature either solid tires or pneumatic tires. Flat tires require no maintenance and aren’t subject to puncture. On the other hand, pneumatic tires offer a smoother, more comfortable, and faster riding.

VIII. Suspensions

If the electric scooter of your choice features solid tires, it would be awesome if it featured suspensions to make the riding more comfortable and smoother. Riding an electric scooter with solid tires and no suspension can be tricky unless you ride at a very slow speed (like, for example, kids on electric scooter aimed at them would do).

Also, suspensions on electric scooters featuring pneumatic tires wouldn’t be superfluous if you ride on rough terrains. Other than comfort, suspensions can provide stability and enhanced balance.


Now you have everything you need to know about electric scooter with seat all gathered in this article. Consider your budget, do not overlook safety features, and go for your favorite electric scooter with seat!

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