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Currus NF Electric Scooter Review Impressive performance ride

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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The Currus NF Electric Scooter is not the traditional electric scooter, from its look to its price, from its technology to its performances, this electric scooter is like no other electric scooter you’ve seen so far. With its double traction powerful motor, it can bring you on any type of terrains at a speed that’s quite impressive for electric scooters.

Aimed exclusively at adults, the Currus NF Electric Scooter is so powerful that it would be too dangerous for a kid to ride. With a top speed of 43 mph and a mileage of about 70 miles, this electric scooter provides any commuter and rider the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Read on to find out more about the Currus NF Electric Scooter in our review.

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Quality and Design of Currus NF Electric Scooter :

If you think electric scooters look all alike, the Currus NF will make you change your mind. You may have never seen an electric scooter designed and constructed like this one.

While most of the electric scooters feature telescopic tubular steam, the Currus NF’s one is made from parallel Aluminum plates bolted together. The design and build quality of this electric scooter is totally worth its price. If you spend more than $2000 on an e-scooter, you want it to be sturdy, steady, and durable and the Currus NF has all such qualities.

The overall look can’t be defined as elegant. It’s different for any other electric scooter you’ve seen so far, but I wouldn’t b surprised if some would find it “ugly”. I think that such spartan appearance, like a “war electric scooter”, is exactly what the manufacturer wanted and I find it unique and awesome!

The frame is foldable. The folding mechanism has a big steel locking pin that secures the mechanism in both folded and unfolded position. Yet, you have to consider the possibility of folding this electric scooter just for storage. Being very heavy, (80 lbs) I don’t think it would be comfortable to fold it and carry it with you on the train or bus. Just lifting it would be hard for most people.


The Currus NF Electric scooter features a straight handlebar with rubberized hand grips. You have brake levelers on both sides and an LCD display, horn, and accelerator on the right side.

The accelerator is also different from those you see on most electric scooters. While they feature button or twist grip accelerators, this one is a small level that you need to pull with your index finger towards your body. If it sounds odd for some people, I can tell you that it’s not. It feels very comfortable – far more comfortable than buttons accelerators, in my opinion.

The LCD display shows useful information about the speed, mileage and battery percentage. The power button – along with a Mode button – is also located on the right side of the handlebar, between the display and the accelerator.


The Currus NF Electric Scooter mounts front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. There are no brakes better than these ones that can be mounted on an electric scooter. They require small maintenance while providing amazing braking performance. When you have electric scooters so fast and powerful is important to have efficient brakes. These ones can slow down the e-scooter smoothly but also stop it quickly even on wet terrain.


The Currus NF Electric Scooter features 10’’ pneumatic tires. In my opinion, large and pneumatic tires are what you should wish your electric scooter to feature. Large tires provide stability, enhanced balance, and improve the e-scooter performance both uphill and on rough terrains. Pneumatic tires, although subject to puncture and requiring some maintenance, provide much better performance than solid ones in terms of speed and comfort.


This electric scooter is provided with a retractable kickstand. It’s funny how it looks small and thin compared to the bulky structure of the electric scooter. Yet, this is just an impression: the kickstand is just as solid as the frame of the Currus NF. Being the electric scooter so heavy, a large kickstand is essential.


The deck of the Currus NF Electric Scooter is wide enough to let you have your feet both on it while riding. There is also an elevated rear foot platform where you can rest your rear foot while riding but this doesn’t mean there’s not enough room on the deck itself.

Headlights and Horn

The Currus NF features a front and rear headlights. They are bright enough to signal your presence on the road which is an important safety feature since you can use this electric scooter like a full-fledged means of transport. There is no under deck lighting: this is not exactly a drawback of the e-scooter (the lights important for your safety are the front and rear one) but for an electric scooter of this price you kind of expect some embellishments.

The Currus NF also comes with a horn, which is a great safety feature: a horn is an essential feature for a device you ride the streets on. You must be able to warn other road users of your presence whenever they are inattentive.

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The Currus NF comes pretty much assembled. Tires are already mounted and inflated. You may want to check the pressure before riding the electric scooter for the first time and then check the pressure periodically for a matter of safety and efficiency. Properly inflated tires make the electric scooter perform better and enhance mile-range.

The handlebar comes hanging from the stem. You need to lock it in its proper position and you are ready to go.

Performance for Currus NF Electric Scooter:

The Currus NF features dual 1,800 W peak motors. These can develop great power and bring your e-scooter up to a speed of 43 mph. Such speed is very impressive. You need to be a very good rider to ride an electric scooter on the road at such speed. In terms of safety, this electric scooter is excellent: while providing great power and speed it also provides the rider with stability and the ability to slow down or stop smoothly and quickly. The brakes are extremely efficient, even when you are going very fast if you pull the brake levelers, the brakes respond immediately and the e-scooter is promptly slowed down. Brakes also work well on wet terrains.

The pneumatic tires and front and rear hydraulic suspensions do an amazing job providing the most comfortable ride. You can easily jump on bumps, ride uphill, or on rough terrains – not only the electric scooter is able to bring you there, but also doing it comfortably.

Powerful electric scooters usually come with speed modes available, or a way to limit the speed in certain situations. The Currus NF also allows you to choose between two-speed options: an ECO mode (or low-speed mode) and a TURBO mode (high-speed). Other electric scooters have more than 2-speed options available, but in most cases, they are useless. You want to able to choose whether or not to limit the speed to a certain level, but having three or four-speed mode is pointless: you always end up choosing between two.

Battery life and charging time

The battery mounted on the Currus NF is quite impressive: it’s a 60V 28Ah 1,680 Wh Samsung Li-ion battery. It allows you to ride for up to 75 miles! This would be impressive on every electric scooter, but especially on an electric scooter that can go this fast.

The Samsung Li-Ion batteries are high-quality which means that not only they provide long mileage, but they are also long-lasting (they can stand many charging cycles). With low-quality batteries, you can have long mileage when the electric scooter is new, but as time passes you’ll see your electric scooter’s mileage get shorter and shorter. This just won’t happen with the Currus NF thanks to the care the manufacturer gave to the battery compartment.

The Currus NF electric scooter is also impressive in terms of charging time. You can basically have your electric scooter fully charged in 3 hours. I think this is the fastest charging time I’ve seen on an electric scooter. Such a quick charge is due to the double charging port (you can plug two standard chargers and halve the charging time) or the rapid charger that you can purchase separately.

Why we like about Currus NF Electric Scooter:

     Impressive performance

In terms of speed, safety, and brake efficiency you’ll hardly find a better electric scooter on the market. Every detail is implemented to provide the best and more comfortable performance. Tires, suspensions, and impressive power allow you to ride any type of terrain, flat or uphill, smooth or rough.

     Impressive mileage

Some fast electric scooters are designed to provide fun for short rides and they are not made for commuting. The Currus NF, instead, is fast and can be ridden for miles and miles. Whether you use it for fun or commuting, it will be suitable in both cases.

     Strong built

There are other bulky electric scooters on the market, but is made as war electric scooter: it’s sturdy, heavy, and durable.

     Quick charge

Not only you can ride the Currus NF for a long time, but it will also take a few hours to charge it.

     Comfortable accelerator

This was the first electric scooter I personally tested with this kind of accelerator (a small leveler to be pulled with your index finger). It’s surprisingly comfortable.

     Useful display and speed modes

The cruise control gives only the actually useful information, while the speed modes available are only two which is exactly what you need as a rider. When you have the possibility to limit or unleash the electric scooter’s full power, you have everything you need.

What we didn't like about Currus NF Electric Scooter:

   Some may not find the Currus NF’s look attractive

The Currus NF is like no other electric scooter you’ve seen so far, starting with its design. Far from being slim and elegant, it looks bulky, with straight lines and visible screws and joints. This is mostly a matter of personal taste, but some may not enjoy the Currus NF’s design as much as I do.

    It’s heavy

The Currus NF Electric Scooter is just too heavy to be comfortably lifted and carried with you, for example, on the train or bus. If this is the use you want to make of your electric scooter, you should opt for a more lightweight model.

    No under deck lightning

Under deck, lighting is not important to enlighten the street as you ride with poor light conditions. They are useful to signal your presence to other road-users, but for this purpose, the Currus NF has lighting located on the front and rear of the frame. So, the absence of under deck lighting doesn’t make this electric scooter unsafe; yet, for an e-scooter of this size, you would expect such details.

    It’s not cheap

The Currus NF isn’t an affordable option. It cost over $2000 – yet, if you can afford it, it is totally worth the price.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 100%
Top speed 100%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


  100% made in Korea and benefiting from the latest innovations in the electric scooter sector, the Currus NF can not leave you indifferent. If you are searching for an electric scooter suitable for any kind of use, the Currus NF Electric Scooter is the one for you.

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