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Currus Panther Electric Scooter Review – is it strong enough to take on the biggest competitors?

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Those familiar with the Dualtron Thunder will find some similarities in the Currus Panther Electric Scooter. They are both high-end, powerful electric scooters but there’s more: Currus partners with Dualtron, that’s why the similarities between the two go beyond the price range and the main specs (same motor power and top speed).
Those familiar with the Dualtron Thunder are also well aware that that is one of the most powerful and solid electric scooters around. Well, the Currus Panther is a valid alternative: it’s big, sturdy, heavy, powerful, and fast… extremely fast! It’s one of those devices that are so powerful that they aren’t recommended for beginners. And even if you’re an expert rider, you may want to wear some protection gears on your Currus Panther Electric Scooter. Without further delay, let’s find out together what makes this electric scooter so powerful and unique in this review.

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Quality and Design of Currus Panther Electric Scooter :

The Currus Panther isn’t the usual electric scooter – you can guess so by simply looking at it. The frame is solid steel, the lines are thick and strong, the deck is extra-wide. It wasn’t designed for being pretty, the Currus Panther was designed to be strong, durable, and safe even when it reaches the impressive speed that it can reach.

A quick look at the Currus Panther makes you guess that this is not a light, portable electric scooter. It weighs 105 lbs and it’s not for everyone. Even the strongest man would get tired of lifting such a heavy device several times along his road. In other words, this isn’t an electric scooter for kids – who wouldn’t be able to lift it from the ground – or for commuters who need to fold or lift their electric scooter on their way to work (for example, if there are stairs on the way). If your aim is to take it with you in your car, you should also check the measures: the Currus Panther isn’t small (1280mm x 50mm when folded – and 320mm x 1300mm x 680mm when unfolded) and it may not fit any car trunk. As you may have guessed, however, the Panther’s design is foldable. So, for storage purposes, you can count on smaller dimensions.

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  The Currus Panther’s handlebar is slightly curved with rubberized handgrips and some features to have full control over your electric scooter even on the go.
Two brake levers operate as many brakes (front and rear). On the left side, a simple couple of buttons lets you turn the lights on and off and use the e-scooter’s horn.

  On the right side, you’ll have your key box (the only way of starting the Currus Panther is by using its key – just like it happens for cars and motorcycles), the accelerator (a lever that you can pull with your index finger) and the LCD display. The LCD display has excellent visibility (both at night and under direct sunlight) and is very advanced: through a couple of buttons, you can set up and control your electric scooter as you wish. You can set up your favorite speed unit (km/h or mph), set up your departure mode (for example, kickstart), turn the cruise mode on or off, control your motor efficiency, and other features such as the electronic brake strength and the ABS settings.


The Currus Panther comes with off-road tires. There isn’t any other option available, if you don’t like off-road tires (and the reason could be that they are noisy on the road and harder than smooth tires) you must buy them separately.

The tires are 11 inches wide and 3.5 inches large. They are also tubeless: tubeless tires are easier to disassemble: when you have a flat or you want to replace them with smooth on-road ones, you’ll appreciate this feature.


We’ve said above that the Currus Panther has a lot of features in common with the Dualtron Thunder. Well, lights aren’t one of those features. The Currus Panther seems almost made to ride at night, with its strong lights customizable in many ways.

Other than a strong front white headlight – which can both signal your presence on the road and illuminate properly the road ahead – the Currus Panther has some colored LED lights on the deck that creates a stylish effect but that can also help other road users notice your presence on the road. Always keep in mind that many drivers aren’t still used to have electric scooters riding at the sides of their roads: you should also do anything you can to make yourself highly visible on the road. use your electric scooter’s light and wear some reflecting gear.


The Currus Panther features an extra-wide deck. It’s actually one of the largest decks you can find on models of various price ranges. A wide deck offers enhanced comfort.

Since the deck is wide but the tires are “only” 3.5 inches wide, during your first rides it can become tricky to keep the balance. Again, this is only something that you need to get used to. However, this is one of those reasons why we wouldn’t recommend this electric scooter to beginners.


We’ve described the Currus Panther as a beast scooter and in this section, we’re going to say that it has brakes adequate for such definition. This electric scooter features front and rear 160mm hydraulic brakes + ABS.

Hydraulic disc brakes are extremely efficient and powerful. When you break at top speed they can stop the electric scooter abruptly and yet safely. A bit of attention is needed when, instead, when you use the brakes at slower speeds. You need to get used to the very responsive brake levers or you’ll have jolts and the slightest touch – nothing that can’t be learned with a bit of practice.

ABS is a very important anti-lock system. When you are going fast and use the brakes suddenly, the tires can lock up – especially on a wet terrain – with the consequence of making your device slip on the ground and you lose your balance. ABS avoids your tires to lock up: you are still going to have vibrations, but it’s far more unlikely that you’re going to fall off your electric scooter. This is an important safety feature that contributes to making this fast and powerful electric scooter even safer than some cheaper, smaller, and slower models.


As with any electric scooter these days, even the Currus Panther is provided with a thick and strong retractable kickstand. Don’t worry about the electric scooter being too heavy: the kickstand is strong enough to keep the device standing while you run your errands.

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The Currus Panther comes in a big and heavy box. You’ll find it in the folded position and you can pull it out paying attention to avoid holding the handlebar and to perform these initial steps slowly. Once the electric scooter is out of its box, you can unfold it, lock the stem in the vertical position, pull out the kickstart and the device will remain standing (and it will be very steady!). At this phase, the handlebar is folded (handgrips bent down): you can unfold them and lock them in their proper position with brackets and bolts that are included in the package.

Charge your electric scooter, check the tires, and the overall solidity of the frame, and you’re ready to go!

As you can guess by our short description, the assembling process is extremely easy and quick, something you wouldn’t expect by such an advanced device.

Performance for Currus Panther Electric Scooter:

The 5,400W motors mounted on the Currus Panther are extremely powerful. They are capable of fast acceleration and they can bring the electric scooter up to the impressive speed of 49 mph. With such power at your disposal, you can easily climb hills and ride on any type of terrain. Beginners, however, need to pay a lot of attention and – maybe – this isn’t the electric scooter suitable for them at all.

There are, however, several ways of reducing the electric scooter speed, and you may want to do that on several occasions: if you’re a beginner, as we’ve mentioned, if you’re on a busy road, or if you want to lengthen the mileage as much as possible. By pressing a button on the handlebar you can easily disengage one of the two motors: in the case of the Currus Panther, one motor is already faster than many other electric scooters on the market. There are also several speed modes that you can activate through the buttons on the LCD display. This way, anyone can customize the electric scooter’s performance to their needs.

One feature that we found particularly useful was the Cruise Mode: when activated, it makes the device maintain its speed automatically, reducing fatigue especially on longer rides.

Battery life

The Currus Panther features a big branded battery pack: a 60V 35Ah H35E Samsung battery. The fact that the battery is branded isn’t just an insignificant detail: branded battery packs utilize higher quality components and are less likely to lose a big share of their capacity after a few months (like it happens with generic batteries).

The nominal mileage (the one declared by the manufacturer in the product description) is 75 miles “even when riding at top speed”. However, mileage depends on many more factors that only speed. If you ride off-road, for example, you should expect a shorter mileage, and the same would be if you are a bit heavy or carry loads with you on your electric scooter, or if you have an aggressive riding style. However, the Currus Panther’s mileage is still impressive and you’ll be able to reach your destination with a single charge in most cases.

Charging Time
The charger included in the package is a 1,745A standard charger. If you only utilize this to charge your Currus Panther, it’ll take up to 21 hours! This is a very long time! There is a way of shortening the charging time but it will require you to buy another charger. The Panther is provided with two charging ports and by utilizing two chargers at the same time you could cut the charging time. 21 hours is very long so most users will be obliged to purchase that second standard charger.

Why we like about Currus Panther Electric Scooter:

It would be enough to say that we liked this electric scooter a lot. However, if we had to pick the Panther’s most impressive features we’d point out:
● Performance
You’ll hardly find an electric scooter more performant than this: it’s fast, it has strong brakes, it can climb hills and go off-road. This electric scooter can bring you anywhere.
● Mileage
Even without “ideal” riding conditions, the Currus Panther is one of the electric scooters on the market with the best mileage.
● Cruise Mode
With such a responsive brake and throttle, the Cruise Mode is very helpful in providing a relaxing ride, especially for longer distances.
● Frame
This electric scooter is strong and durable.

What we didn't like about Currus Panther Electric Scooter:

This is a high-end well-made electric scooter capable of great performance. When we had to point out what we didn’t like about it we had to look close to the details. The first “con” has nothing to do with the electric scooter quality or performance: it regards the fact that there aren’t different options available for the tires (on/off-road). The Currus Panther exclusively comes with off-road tires and those who don’t like them need to purchase them separately and spend additional money. For an electric scooter that can cost over $3000, we’d prefer to be able to choose the type of tires that we like, so that we don’t have to spend even more.

The second “con” that would like to point out is also related to the Currus Panther’s high price. WIth the only charger that comes included in the package, you need 21 hours to fully charge your device. It’s almost a full day! You are almost obliged to purchase another charger if you want your electric scooter ready to go within a decent time range. Again, when you purchase such an expensive electric scooter, it isn’t that nice to have to spend more money on another charger.

Our rating

Features 85%
Battery range 90%
Top speed 90%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


This was one of those reviews when finding “cons” was harder than pointing out the electric scooter’s amazing features. The Currus Panther Electric Scooter is quite expensive, but if it fits your budget, you’ll hardly find an electric scooter stronger, faster, and safer than this!

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