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Dualtron Eagle PRO Electric Scooter Review, how awesome is it?

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Electric Scooters can be a cheaper and sustainable alternative for our traditional and polluting means of transport. Some electric scooter models, however, aren’t that cheap. Still more affordable than cars and motorcycles, they can cost more than $2000 and they can be breathtaking. The Dualtron Eagle PRO is one of these amazing electric scooters: It doesn’t come for a cheap price but it has anything you need to ride any road, any hill, both downtown or off-road.  

The Dualtron Eagle PRO is released by MIniMotors, a well-known Korean company. It is actually their newest model, a more advanced addition to their already top-quality catalog. This model is actually available only since January 2020 so, if you want to keep up with the times and provide a performant electric scooter, the DUaltron Eagle PRO is the one. Without further delay, let’s find out each of its amazing features.

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Quality and Design of Dualtron Eagle PRO Electric Scooter :

If you are familiar with MiniMotors electric scooters you’ll easily recognize the Dualtron Eagle PRO as one of theirs. The colors, the shapes, the curves all make it highly identifiable as a MiniMotors electric scooter. Elegant but highly performant, this electric scooter has a new wheel design when compared to the previous MiniMotors models, it should make the replacement of the tires easier.

The Dualtron Eagle PRO’s frame is made from aluminum alloy while the shaft is made from steel. The body is very sturdy and solid. The deck is also well-protected and it can handle long use and abuse.

Like all strong and durable frames, this one too is a bit heavy: the weight on the electric scooter is 66 lbs, a little too much for being comfortably lifted and carried up the stairs. When strictly needed, you’ll be able to fold the frame and lift your electric scooter, however it will require a little effort.

On the other hand, the maximum load is impressive: 266 lbs. This means that you can ride it even if you are tall and heavy, and even if you’re carrying heavy loads such bags or anything you can manage to carry on an electric scooter. It also means that this electric scooter will have power enough to carry you up any hill and even on the roughest types of terrains.

Last but not least, the Dualtron Eagle PRO electric scooter features a so-called modular design: the tires and suspensions are made in a way that makes it easier for you to replace the single piece when they deteriorate or are subject to some damage. The scooter also comes with a 2-year warranty for everything but the battery. However, the battery has its own warranty that lasts 1 year.


The Dualtron Eagle PRO has a straight handlebar with ergonomic rubberized handgrips. Brake levers are mounted on both sides because this electric scooter has both front and rear brakes. You can control every feature of your electric scooter from your handlebar. On the left you have two buttons: they are for activating/deactivating the ECO mode that lets you reduce the speed and save some battery, and to engage or disengage the second motor. The Dualtron Eagle PRO has two 1800W motors and you can use one or both of them for enhanced speed and performance.

On the right side, you’ll find the throttle and LCD display. Through the display, you can select between the speed modes and other features as well as reading riding stats and information such as speed, battery life span, speed mode, and more. Regarding the throttle, you can pull it with your right index finger. This is one of the highest quality throttles you can have on an electric scooter: it allows you to maintain a firm grip on the accelerator, brake lever, and handlebar, without moving your hand from the handgrip.


The set of lights mounted on the Dualtron Eagle PRO includes a headlight, taillights and brake lights. All three lights are very important and efficient for signaling your presence on the road. The brake lights only enlighten when you use the brake, just like the ones mounted on cars and motorcycles, which is also very important for your safety. The front light should also illuminate a portion of the road ahead of your electric scooter for improving your visibility. However, if you want to ride at night, you may want to mount an additional headlight to make sure you’ll be actually able to see when it’s dark.


The Dualtron Eagle PRO features double 140mm mechanical disk brakes, that can be changed with hydraulic ones if you want to. Disk brakes can offer great control over your electric scooter whether you are riding on flat asphalt or off roads, whether you need to slow down gently or stop abruptly. They are also very efficient when tires and brakes are wet for enhanced security.

The brakes can be easily operated through the two brake levers located in front of each handgrip so that you can maintain a firm grip while using them.


The Dualtron Eagle PRO comes with inflatable 10’’ tires that give you extra shock absorption in addition to the one provided by the suspensions. They are 2.5’’ thick, which is also ideal for having a great balance between stability and agility. If you aren’t new to electric scooters – and if you’re opting for an over $2000 one you probably aren’t – you already know that the main drawbacks of pneumatic tires are that they are subject to puncture and that they require some maintenance. Well-aware of this, MIniMotors created a system that allows you to replace the tires (because they are punctured or because they’re worn) in an easy way, without disassembling half your electric scooter.


The Dualtron Eagle PRO features a retractable kickstand and this is nothing new of electric scooters today. However, we should point out its importance on an electric scooter that is so heavy: having the possibility of leaving and charging your electric scooter while it’s standing is highly convenient. The alternative would be to fold and bring with you a device that weighs over 60 lbs.


The deck is long and large. There’s room enough for resting both your feet on it comfortably. It has an anti-slip surface that’s extremely durable. Another sign of the construction quality provided by MiniMotors.


This electric scooter comes with a front adjustable rubber suspension. The adjustable feature is very helpful for customizing it depending on your riding style and the type of terrains you usually ride on. If you spend most of the time jumping on bumps, for example, you may want to opt for the softest adjustment. But if you ride on flat terrains you may want to prefer the hardest option because it allows higher speed.

The Eagle Pro electric scooter has a replaceable cartridge system and can come with five different types of rubber cartridges than can easily replace the rear wheel cartridges. The harder the cartridge, the stronger the elasticity becomes, giving you the option to customize your scooter depending on your riding style and terrain.

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The Dualtron Eagle PRO comes in a big and heavy box that includes the electric scooter itself and some accessories: a remote (it allows you to set up the lights, all the tools you need to assembly it, and the charging cable.

When you pull the electric scooter out of the box, the tires are already assembled and the stem is too. What you need to attach and secure is the handlebar to the stem. It’s not a difficult operation at all. After you’ve done you want to check all the parts to make sure they are tightened properly and you want to check the tires pressure too. Once you’ve charged it, you are ready to go with your new Dualtron Eagle PRO Electric scooter.

Performance for Dualtron Eagle PRO:

The Dualtron Eagle PRO is boosted by two 1800W motors. You can choose whether to use both or only one of them. When you engage both motors and unleash their full power, the electric scooter can reach a speed of app to 46 mph. It’s quite an impressive speed, and even if you’ll actually be able to reach such speed under ideal riding conditions (flat and smooth terrains, lightweight rider…) even when these conditions are not met you’ll still be able to ride at impressive speed thanks to the power provided by the two motors.

When needed, you have several ways of limiting the speed: disengaging one motor, activating the ECO mode, selecting one of the speed modes through the LCD display. Why should you limit the speed when you pay for a fast electric scooter? First of all, 46 mph is too fast for city roads. You wouldn’t be safe if you ride at such speed in the middle of the city traffic. Also, limiting the speed gives you the chance of saving the battery and lengthening the mileage of your Dualtron Eagle PRO.

Battery life and charging time

The Dualtron Eagle PRO features a 60V 22Ah battery that allows for mileage of 49 miles. It’s long enough for commuting, having an afternoon of fun at the park, having a Sunday ride with your friends, or any use you want to make of your electric scooter. Again, this mileage is nominal, so expect it to be a little shorter especially if you’re heavy or the terrains you ride on aren’t perfectly smooth and flat. However, the mileage is impressive and longer than most of the Dualtron Eagle PRO’s competitors.

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Why we like about Dualtron Eagle PRO Electric Scooter:

  • Construction

The Dualtron Eagle PRO electric scooter is beautiful and strong. Built with quality material, it’s stable and comfortable while also having that elegant look that many electric scooters capable of these performances have not.

  • Speed and performance

This electric scooter is fast and powerful. Despite its weight is capable of great speed and it can climb uphill with no effort.

  • Safety

The strong frame and the two disk frames provide enhanced safety. The light set also contributes to the safety of the rider on the Dualtron Eagle PRO.

  • Mileage

While most fast electric scooters sacrifice mileage, this one does not. The mile range is just as impressive as any other feature on this electric scooter.

What we didn't like about Dualtron Eagle PRO Electric Scooter:

  • It’s heavy

Like every fast and durable electric scooter, this one too is a bit heavy. Although the high weight provides stability and comfort during the ride, it’s not ideal for those who need an electric scooter for commuting on trains or buses, or for those who need to climb some stairs along their path.

  • It may need an additional headlight

For an electric scooter that costs over $2000, having to purchase an additional headlight is a big con. Headlights aren’t expensive, however, we’d prefer having a strong headlight on this expensive electric scooter.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 90%
Top speed 90%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


We said it in our introduction; the Dualtron Eagle PRO isn’t a cheap electric scooter. However, now that you know any of its amazing features, you may understand why, despite its price, you may want to consider its purchase. It won’t disappoint you: the speed, performance, mileage and overall construction are totally worth this electric scooter price!

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