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Dualtron Raptor 2 one of the best high-performance electric scooters

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Minimotors has been a world leader electric scooter manufacturer for years. The Dualtron electric scooters are known all around the world for being high performance, high-quality electric scooters with amazing features capable of replacing your traditional means of transport and adding so much fun to your rides. As Dualtron Raptor was the foundation on which the upcoming models like Dualtron Ultra, Thunder, and Spider have been developed, the Dualtron Raptor 2 comes as the second version of it. It has been implemented with all the new technologies and the improvements that have been developed in the meantime so that this electric scooter has been definitely brought to the next level.

The Dualtron Raptor 2 still belongs to the high-end category of electric scooters, however, its price isn’t the highest in the market at all. This means this Dualtron Raptor 2 could be a great deal for many! Without further delay, let’s dig with this review, into the details and features of the Dualtron Raptor 2 Electric Scooter by MiniMotors.

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Quality and Design of Dualtron Raptor 2 Electric Scooter :

The Dualtron Raptor 2 is an extremely solid and rugged electric scooter without having that bulky look that many find unattractive. MiniMotors has a very good reputation when it comes to quality construction of their devices: they make them solid and they make them durable. That’s why they choose materials like metal and hard plastic. When an electric scooter is so solid it is usually also heavy. We can’t certainly say that the Dualtron Raptor 2 isn’t (it weighs 50 lbs) but it’s lighter than other models. Lifting it and carrying up the stairs will require some effort but it won’t be impossible for the vast majority of the users.

Speaking of portability, the Dualtron Raptor 2 has an easy and solid foldable mechanism. It can hold the stem in place both when the electric is folded or unfolded without allowing for any play of the stem. The handgrips aren’t foldable so the dimensions even when the device is folded are still considerable (1040 X 605 x 1180 mm when unfolded; 1040 X 243 X 460 mm when folded). If you’re thinking that, for this reason, this electric scooter isn’t suitable for someone who needs to load it in their car trunk there’s one consideration you should make: smaller and lighter electric scooters are usually capable of lower performances: they’re slower, they have smaller batteries… The Dualtron Raptor 2 is one of the most lightweight electric scooters when it comes to high-performance devices.

Having a low weight doesn’t mean being soft or weak: the Dualtron Raptor 2 can carry a load of 242 lbs, being suitable for heavy riders or anyone who needs to carry heavy bags with them.


The Dualtron Raptor 2 features a curved handlebar with ergonomic and rubberized handgrips. You’ll only find one brake lever on the left handgrips that you can use to operate the rear brake. On the left side, you can also find two buttons. These are seen in many electric scooters: the red one allows you to engage or disengage the second motor, and the yellow one activates the ECO mode (or deactivates it). They are two ways of limiting the speed of the electric scooter while also saving some battery.

On the right side, you can find the index finger throttle plus the LCD display. The throttle is basically a small lever that you can pull with your index finger and it’s very comfortable and sensitive: you can pull it and regulate your speed and acceleration while never loosening your grip on the handlebar.

The LCD Display provides information about the riding (speed, battery, and more) but it does even more: it works like a sort of gear switch. There are 3 speed modes available that you can select through the LCD panel that limits the speed to certain ranges. They can be extremely helpful for your safety, but also for managing your battery lifespan: you can choose when to unleash the Raptors 2’s full power or when to save the battery and lengthen your ride as much as possible.

Through the LCD panel, you can also activate/deactivate the electric brake and the cruise mode that we’ll discuss in the following sections.


The Dualtron Raptor 2 features 8’’ solid rubber tires. If you aren’t new to electric scooters (or this blog), you already know that this isn’t the best configuration for comfort. Solid tires can be rigid and provide for a rigid and uncomfortable riding. Small tires, also, certainly don’t help. However, there are some advantages: solid tires are more durable, they don’t need any maintenance, and they are not subject to puncture. Furthermore, suspensions can compensate and provide some comfort, and the Dualtron Raptor 2 is provided with top-quality suspensions (see the section below).


The Raptor 2 features front and rear lights mounted on the deck and its stem can also be enlightened. The set of light provides a stylish look to the electric scooter, but it is also important for your safety. The rear lights are brake lights, the front lights improve your visibility, and the stem lights make you highly visible to other road users. All the lights are customizable through a convenient remote that comes included in the package.

Deck and Kickstand

The Dualtron Raptor 2 features the traditional and highly recognizable Dualtron deck: wide and long with two anti-slip stripes, it provides balance, safety, and comfort. The retractable kickstand is very solid and can hold the electric scooter’s weight safely.


The Dualtron Raptor 2 features a rear disc brake which is provided with ABS. You can operate the brake through the brake lever on the left handgrip. The lever is very reactive and sensitive: you can pull it gently to slightly slow your device down, or pull it with strength for emergency stops. In both cases, the disc brakes can guarantee a prompt reaction and a safe stop while keeping you able to maintain your balance. The ABS prevents the wheel from locking during emergency brakes, whenever you pull the brake lever abruptly, or when you brake on wet terrain. When your wheel locks during the brake it can be extremely dangerous, basically because the electric scooter keeps moving forward.

In addition, through the LCD panel, you can also activate the electric brake: not only does it provide extra braking power (making the brakes more efficient and the braking distance shorter) but it is also regenerative so it can recharge the battery while you use the brake.


The rear rubber suspension on the Dualtron Raptor 2 can absorb most of the bumps and make the riding so much smoother and more comfortable. RUbber suspensions can also be adjusted, so you can go from extra soft to hard suspension.

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Other than the electric scooters itself, the box will include a charger, user manual, remote light control, and multi-tool. While the tires are already attached, you’ll need to mount the handlebar to the stem. It’s an easy operation and all the tools you need are included in the box. There are also some minor components you need to assemble like a fender and a couple of hard plastic caps, but the overall assembling process is pretty quick. The user manual also contains a page with all the checks you want to make before your very first ride.

Performance for Dualtron Raptor 2 :

The Dualtron Raptor 2 comes with two motors that – when both are engaged – provide a power of 3000W. The speed and acceleration are impressive: this electric scooter can reach the top speed of 37 mph in a matter of seconds. However, the electric scooter is very versatile and you don’t have to ride and breakneck speed all the time. You can limit the speed (and consequently lengthen the battery life span) in different ways: by activating the ECO mode, by disengaging one motor, by selecting a slower speed mode). The Cruise Mode can also be very helpful especially for beginners: it can be easily activated through the LCD panel and it regulates the speed when you start your electric scooter so that you can avoid sudden and uncomfortable jolts.

There are several reasons why you may want to limit the speed of your Dualtron Raptor 2. One is to save the battery and lengthen the device’s mileage; but you also often need to limit the speed when you ride on busy city roads: first of all, there’s a speed limit for electric scooters on the roads (it may vary depending on the country or jurisdiction, but it’s usually around 15 or 20 mph). Furthermore, 35 mph is too fast for being safe when you’re on an electric scooter and you share the road with vehicles bigger than yours and driven by people who are still not used to electric scooters.

Despite the rubber suspension, the ride on the Dualtron Raptor 2 is still a bit rigid, but nothing that any rider (even the less expert) can’t handle. Thanks to its power, the electric scooter can ride even on rough terrains, even though the experience might not be the most comfortable. Hills can also be climbed without feeling your e-scooter slowing down and struggling too much.

Battery life

The Dualtron Raptor 2 is provided with a 60 volt – 18.2 Ah Li-ion battery. This battery can keep your electric scooter going for 37 miles on a single charge. It’s a very long distance, however, you should keep in mind that the mileage would shorten a lot if you ride at the fastest speed. There are other factors that could affect the mile-range (your riding style, your weight…) but the Dualtron Raptor 2 is capable of taking for at least 18-20 miles in any case.

If you charge your Dualtron Raptor 2 with the standard charger that comes with it, it will take 9 hours to fully charge it from empty. This is quite a long time. Luckily there are a couple of ways to shorten this time. The Raptor 2 features two charging ports (both located on the side of the deck); you could purchase a second charger and use two chargers to cut the charging time in a half. Also, you can buy a fast charger: in this case, the charging time can be extremely fast (less than 3 hours).

Why we like about Dualtron Raptor 2 Electric Scooter:

  • Portability

Among the high-performance electric scooters, the Dualtron Raptor 2 is the lightest.

  • Beginner-friendly

Some fast electric scooters are too dangerous for beginners, but the Raptor 2 has some features that make it suitable for them too: it’s lightweight, it has ABS and electric brakes in addition to the disc brake, and it features a convenient cruise mode to smoothen your starts.

  • Good performance

Speed, braking efficiency, security are all top-grade features on this electric scooter. It’s ideal for city roads and commuting, but also for some fun and adventure.

  • Lights

We liked the Raptors 2 lights because they are stylish and most of all because they are very efficient in signaling your presence on the road. However, if you like to ride at night, you want to mount an additional powerful headlight on the handlebar or the stem; they aren’t dry expensive and they can be extremely helpful.

What we didn't like about Dualtron Raptor 2 Electric Scooter:

  • Rigid ride despite the suspension

Despite the rubber suspension, the ride on the Dualtron Raptor 2 can still feel a bit rigid – probably due to the small 8’’ tires – but nothing too uncomfortable.

  • You’ll probably need at least a second charger

It’s true that when you have a long mile-range it’s not a problem to have a longer charging time. However, nine hours can become a problem if you don’t organize your movements precisely. A second charger – whether it be a standard or a fast one – would be needed.

Our rating

Features 85%
Battery range 85%
Top speed 90%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


For all the features we’ve seen in this article, this electric scooter is ideal for those in need of a lightweight but high-performance and solid electric scooter. There are cheaper options for commuters, but none of them offers the same features in terms of performance and solidity. So, if it fits your budget, the Dualtron Raptor 2 Electric Scooter is the top-notch choice for commuters.

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  1. I have this exact model that I purchased last year. I’m novice to e scooters but wanted a high performance easy to maintain scooter and this Raptor 2 doesn’t disappoint. Thanks for the detailed review, it truly is one of the best scooters at this price point.

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