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DUALTRON ULTRA V2 strong-built & powerful Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Electric scooters are no more a novelty among teens and young adults. As their popularity grows, their development is also becoming more and more interesting. If some years ago electric scooters were all small devices to commute for short distances, today they’re becoming real and powerful means of transport. You can ride longer distances on them, you can go faster, and you’re no longer limited to flat and smooth terrains. Of course, the electric scooters that allow such performances are a little more expensive than those other small alternatives, but they’re totally worth the price!

One of these powerful and rugged electric scooters is the DUALTRON ULTRA V2: strong-built, extremely powerful, capable of great performances. Let’s take a deeper look at it with our DUALTRON ULTRA V2 electric scooter review.

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Quality and Design of DUALTRON ULTRA V2 Electric Scooter :

The DUALTRON ULTRA shares many features with the other electric scooters in the DUALTRON series, like the large deck and thin stem tube, the big tires, and solid built. Most importantly, like all the DUALTRON electric scooters, the ULTRA V2 is super strong. It can carry a huge weight (330 lbs), and it provides great stability on the road.

The design is foldable. This is mainly meant for storage purposes since the electric scooter is a bit too heavy (81 lbs) to be considered a portable one. Consider the use that you’re going to make of your electric scooter: if you need to lift it often, maybe to carry it on the bus or up some stairs, this isn’t the electric scooter for you – not only is it heavy, it’s also big and uncomfortable to carry on your shoulders. On the contrary, the DUALTRON ULTRA V2 is perfect to be used as a complete alternative to your old and conventional means of transport.


The DUALTRON ULTRA V2 features a slim and straight handlebar with rubberized and ergonomic handgrips. The grip feels extremely comfortable and the control on the electric scooter – despite the reduced dimensions when compared to the bulky lower part of the device – is excellent. All the controls on the handlebars are located in a way that allows the rider to reach any button without shifting their hands on the handgrips.


On the left side, you have a couple of buttons that allow you to regulate the power of your electric scooter: you can activate/deactivate the TURBO MODE and the ECO MODE. With the first, you can choose whether to use only one or both of the DUALTRON ULTRA V2‘s motors, while the second can reduce the speed so that you can save some battery and lengthen the mile-range of the electric scooter.

On the right side, you have the throttle and LCD display. It all comes in a single well-integrated unit.

You pull the accelerator with your index finger: it feels very comfortable to regulate the electric scooter’s speed this waw: by pulling or releasing it. Furthermore, through the LCD display and its setting, you can adjust the electric scooter’s features to obtain the most comfortable speed and riding style.


The DUALTRON ULTRA V2 features big and wide 10 x 3 inches tires. Big tires are always ideal on a powerful e-scooter (and on any electric scooter: the wider, the better). First of all, large tires provide a longer distance of the deck from the ground which will allow you to have more freedom of movement and agility with your device (and you won’t risk damaging the lower side of the deck).

Second, large tires provide a better balance on the electric scooter; a lot of aspects are actually improved with wide tires: balance, comfort, control, agility.


The tires mounted on the DUALTRON ULTRA V2 are the off-roads type. They are, of course, ideal for off-road riding: they provide the best grip on the roughest terrain and support the powerful motor to bring you anywhere you want on dirty lanes, gravel, sand… However, they aren’t exactly ideal for smooth terrains like asphalt or pavement. It doesn’t mean you can’t ride on these types of terrain, but you’ll have a less comfortable riding when compared to on-roads smooth tires. Off-roads tire on smooth terrains, also, can be noisy and bouncing. For this reason, your best move if you need to ride on-road is to replace the off-road tires with a pair of smooth ones.

Deck & Kickstand

The DUALTRON ULTRA V2 Electric Scooter mounts a very large deck. There is room enough for both your feet, even if you are a big and tall guy, and the balance this deck provides will surprise you!

The retractable kickstand is very solid. It’s very useful since you necessarily need to “park” this electric scooter just like you’d do with your motorcycle.


A powerful electric scooter needs a powerful braking system. The DUALTRON ULTRA V2 electric scooter is provided with a dual disk braking system. The front and rear brakes can be comfortably operated through the brake levers on the handlebars that are highly responsive and allow a smooth regulation of the braking power. The disk brakes are also supported by electric brakes that provide extra power. Such a powerful system allows for a very short braking distance when you abruptly pull the brake levers.

The electric system also prevents the tires from locking when you brake on slippery roads.

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The DUALTRON ULTRA V2 comes pretty much assembled. Tube stem and tires are already in their places; only the handlebar needs to be properly positioned and secured. The piece and tools that you need to secure the handlebars on the stem tube are included in the package and the process is extremely easy. It won’t take much of your time.

Included in the package you will find:

  • The DUALTRON ULTRA V2 Electric Scooter
  • A User Manual
  • All the tools you need to assemble the pieces
  • The charger
  • A nice yellow high-visibility jacket

After charging the device, you also want to check the tire pressure before your first ride: if the pressure is too high you’re increasing the risk of puncture; if the pressure is too low you’re affecting the electric scooter’s performance and mileage. The pressure check is something you should do regularly to obtain the best performances out of your DUALTRON ULTRA V2.

Performance for DUALTRON ULTRA V2 :

The DUALTRON ULTRA V2 is powered by a 5,400-watt BLDC dual hub motor that provides a nominal top speed of 50 mph. The nominal top-speed doesn’t always match with the actual speed that you can reach with the electric scooter, but the manufacturer is not lying when it claims that this electric scooter is powerful and fast. Not only you can reach extremely fast speed: you can climb hills without any slowing down, you can ride on any type of road or terrains, and you have great control over your device.

The wide tires made the riding extremely comfortable and secure. You are able to maintain control even when you ride over bumps or irregularity which makes you feel confident and safe.

Because the dual-motor can provide so much power, speed is less affected by factors such as the rider’s weight, the load you’re carrying, or the pendency of the terrain. This is actually one of the electric scooters we’ve tested that provides better performance when climbing hills.

Battery and mileage

The DUALTRON ULTRA V2 Electric Scooter features a Li-Ion 60 V 32 Ah 1920 Wh battery. The nominal mileage is 75 miles, but you can expect it to be reduced with real conditions. However, even if you’re heavy and you take your electric scooter on rough terrains, the ULTRA V2 is capable of bringing you for at least 60 miles. This is a lot: enough to take you from a town to another in some cases.

The battery is powerful and big so it takes a lot of time to be fully charged with the standard charger that comes in the box: 17 hours! However, the DUALTRON ULTRA V2 features two charging ports so, by utilizing both, you can reduce the charging time to about 8 hours.

In both cases, however, you’ll need to spend additional money (after spending over 3,000 dollars on the e-scooter!).

Why we like about DUALTRON ULTRA V2 Electric Scooter:


The DUALTRON ULTRA V2 is a big and sturdy electric scooter, made to last long and capable of supporting you during your adventures.


The ULTRA V2 is fast, powerful, and secure: the braking and construction can support the speed of the electric scooter providing stability. The balance and comfort are excellent thanks to the large tires and the overall quality of the electric scooter.

What we didn't like about DUALTRON ULTRA V2 Electric Scooter:

Off-road tires

Off-road tires are ideal for rough terrains, but in most cases, they need to be replaced when the e-scooter is used on-road. If we consider the price of this electric scooter, which is very high, having to purchase an additional pair of tires isn’t exactly ideal.

Slow charging time

If you charge the DUALTRON ULTRA V2 with the standard electric scooter you’ll need to wait for 17 hours before it’s fully charged (from empty). To reduce the charging you necessarily need to purchase an additional charger – a standard one or a fast charger. In other words, you need to spend additional money.

Our rating

Features 85%
Battery range 90%
Top speed 90%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


This is an electric scooter for many uses but only for large budgets: it is indeed quite expensive, but – if it fits your budget – it’ll be totally worth it!

The performance and construction quality are among the best on the market. Commuting on short or long distances, daily errands, bike/motorcycle/car replacement, and some adventure off-roads… the DUALTRON ULTRA V2 can be your electric scooter for all these uses!

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