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EverCross Electric Scooter with seat Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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The offer for electric scooters in the market is growing. Just a few years ago, electric scooters were new, all similar to one another, and with similar features. Today, we are seeing scooter’ models that are suitable for different uses: some cheaper ones are aimed at computing, some thicker ones are more powerful and aimed at off-road performances, and some are all about speed.

In this article, we’d like to talk about an electric scooter that provides a balance between comfort and affordability, and performance. Although it’s faster and more powerful than most commuting scooters, the HB24 EverCross Electric Scooter is still an urban means of transport. Not suitable for racing or cross-roads stunts, this is a fast and safe electric scooter that you can ride for commuting to work or for your errands.

Without further delay, let’s move on to our EverCross Electric Scooter Review.

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Quality and Design of EverCross Electric Scooter:

This might not be the most elegant among electric scooters, but performant electric scooters rarely are. The shapes are straight and square and the folding mechanism on the front is highly visible. The design leaves something to be desired, but let’s take a look at the safety and portability features.

THe EverCross electric scooter features a foldable mechanism and it’s, therefore, a portable scooter. If we compare it to other portable electric scooters, this is quite heavy (44 lbs) and maybe even too heavy to be folded, lifted, and carried with ease. However, we must take into account its performance.

Lightweight electric scooters aren’t this fast or this performant, while – on the opposite hand – powerful electric scooters are way heavier than this. This is why, for its characteristics of power and speed, its weight is contained. When you need a portable scooter for commuting but you want some enhanced speed, this is the electric scooter for you.

The 44 lbs of weight are important for the scooter’s stability and resistance. It can carry a maximum of 330 lbs.

The Evercross electric scooter comes with an IPX5 waterproof certification, which is higher than other commuting electric scooters. In simple terms, this electric scooter is also protected from a weak stream of water (which means that if you’re caught under the rain, you can ride home and not risk damaging the device). On the contrary, most other commuting devices come with an IP54 or IPX4 certification: they are only protected against dust and splashes of water.


If the EverCross electric scooter places between commuting and premium electric scooter, its handlebar has more in common with premium than with chaperones.

It’s a straight handlebar with rubberized and ergonomic handgrips. It’s foldable so that you can narrow down the space the scooter occupies when folded. It’s also equipped with a set of buttons, controls, and levers that allows you to control every feature of the scooter.

On the left side, you have a red button that you can push with your left thumb that activates the horn; plus, the headlight switch that you can also reach with your thumb.

On the right side you have the majority of controllers:

  • The keyhole where you need to insert the key to activate the electric scooter;

  • the display that provides tons of information about your riding;

  • the mode buttons to change gears and other settings;

  • the power key;

  • the throttle lever that you can pull with your right index finger.

On both sides, you have two brake levers to operate the front and rear disk brakes.


The tires mounted on the HB24 EverCross Electric Scooter are premium: they are 10-inch thick tires that can provide premium comfort and balance during the ride. They are suitable for on-road riding and less for off-road ones. On flat terrains, they can provide enhanced speed and great balance. They are soft on small bumps and they provide great comfort overall.


The lights set on the HB24 Electric Scooter are premium. It has a powerful white headlight mounted low on the stem: it’s very efficient in lightening the road head. On the rear, there is a red tail light on the fender that’s highly important to signal your presence on the road.

Furthermore, on the two sides of the deck, there are two rows of colored LEDs. Other than adding a touch of fun and creativity, they are also important to help make you as visible as possible on the street.

Deck and Kickstand

The deck of this electric scooter is straight and not particularly bulky. There’s enough space for both your feet, even if you are a big and tall guy. There are two anti-slip strips that are very durable and don’t come off after a couple of weeks of use or after the first rain.

There is also a retractable kickstand, as it happens for all-electric scooters today.


The EverCross electric scooter features double disk brakes. Both the front and rear tires are provided with disk brakes that you can operate with the brakes lever on the handlebar. The brake levers are just like the ones that you certainly have on your bike. They are easy to use, and they are very responsive.

Both when you gently slow down and when you need to stop abruptly, these brakes are always responsive.

Removable seat

There is a removable seat available with this electric scooter that expands the possibility of this device. You can use it for longer distances, even people with some difficulties in their movements can ride it, and you can carry weights with more ease.


This electric scooter comes with a seat, charger, toolkit, and manual users. When you open its box, you find it pretty much assembled. The scooter is – of course – folded and so is the handlebars.

Once you’ve unfolded both of them, it only remains to secure the seat in its place. The operation is super easy: you’ll only need to tighten a couple of screws (the tools you need for this are all included in the box) and everyone can do it.

Performance for EverCross Electric Scooter:

The HB24 EverCross electric scooter is propelled by an 800 W brushless motor that can push the device up to 28 mph. When you’re on an electric scooter, 28 mph feels pretty fast.

There are 3 gears available and you can switch between them through the mode buttons near the display. The acceleration feels powerful as every electronic device, but it also feels smooth thanks to the very sensible throttle. When you limit the speed using the slower gears, the acceleration becomes even smoother.

The balance is excellent and the device is powerful enough to bring you uphill without decelerating too much.

The device is easy to fold and drive in town, therefore it’s ideal for commuters. However, the weight of it could be a discriminating factor for someone. If you’re big and strong, you can use this electric scooter to reach the bus station, you can fold it and store it behind your office door, you can bring it up some stairs (but keep in mind that it’s still about 20 kg!). For little people, teens, people who have some movement difficulties, this device could be too heavy. THey’d need to pick a more lightweight electric scooter: they’d be saving some money, but they’ll need to renounce some speed and performance.

Speaking about speed and commuting, with this electric scooter you are visibly faster than other commuting e-scooters. Check the speed limits for electric scooters in your city because with this device you can exceed them.

Battery life

The EverCross electric scooter is provided with a 18650 lithium battery, with a voltage of 48 V and a capacity of 480 Wh and 10 Ah. The claimed mileage is 31 miles or 50 km. Always remember that this distance is intended as a mile range under ideal conditions: a light rider, with a gentle riding style, on flat and smooth terrains… When you use your electric scooter every day you rarely ride under ideal conditions, so expect a shorter mileage.

However, thanks to the possibility of changing gears, and therefore limiting the device’s speed, you can lengthen the battery by using the lower gears.

The charging port is on the deck and, since it is so low to the ground, is well protected from both dust and water. The scooter takes 5 to 6 hours to get fully charged from empty. If you use a high-current charger, you can charge it even more quickly (you could save a full hour) but remember that a quick charge always deteriorates lithium batteries. So, if you want to extend your electric scooter’s life (which is always its battery’s life) as much as possible, be patient and use the standard charger.

Why we like about EverCross Electric Scooter:

We liked the EverCross performances overall: it’s a commuting electric scooter with some added speed, balance, comfort, and stability that makes you feel more secure as you ride. You can use it as an alternative and sustainable means of transport on many occasions. The IPX% waterproof certification was a good surprise.

What we didn't like about EverCross Electric Scooter:


The electric scooter doesn’t have an elegant or fancy design. But the worst of it is the visible folding mechanism on the front of the deck.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 90%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


In a market where electric scooters are either cheap and slow or expensive and super-powerful, the EverCross electric scooter is a welcomed balance between the two extremes. Its features widen its possibilities: it was born for commuting, but you can use it for fun or transportation in many circumstances.

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