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GOTRAX G4 electric scooter review – How good is this affordable scooter?

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular, more and more powerful and fast but also more and more expensive. But if we know where to look we can still find affordable electric scooters that provide a great balance between a low price and good quality. The GOTRAX G4 comes at about $500-$600 and it’s one of the best cheap electric scooters in the market just like his brother Gotrax XR electric scooter (you can read more ablout him here).

Ideal for beginners and commuters, this electric scooter brings all the Gotrax experience to you: 20 years in the world of vehicles and 4 in the world of electric rideables. Let’s take a look at the Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter in this review!

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Quality and Design of Dualtron Eagle PRO Electric Scooter :

The Gotrax G4 features a simple design that doesn’t step away from the common electric scooter look. Nonetheless, it has straight lines and a black, white, and red color pattern that makes it stand out from the crowd of look-alike electric scooters. The cables are all hidden within the structure and the frame of the device which enhances its look even more.

The Gotrax G4’s dimensions (114 x 48 x 51 cm) are suitable for any adult rider even because the maximum capacity weight is 100 kg. People who are heavier than that should opt for a bit more expensive device, and check for the maximum load, always.

The electric scooter itself weighs 16 kg: it doesn’t stand out for being a lightweight device, but it’s still one of the lightest on the market. The electric scooters’ weight is important for two main reasons: first, not every rider is capable of safely riding an electric scooter that’s too heavy; you won’t have such a problem with the Gotrax G4, because anyone can ride a 16 kg electric scooter. The second reason is portability: when you need to fold and lift your electric scooter (because you need to climb some stairs, or to take it with you on the train) you want your device to be as light as possible. In this case, 16 kg is quite heavy, but still suitable for the majority of riders, especially adults.

The portability is however enhanced by two red handles that makes it easier to both lift and carry the scooter once it’s folded.

The built-in cable lock isn’t something you see often on electric scooters. This is actually the first time we see one and we’ve reviewed dozens of electric scooters every month! The cable lock doesn’t let you (or a thief) put the electric scooter into motion if they don’t know the code (there’s a digital keyboard along the stem).


The Gotrax G4 features a straight handlebar with a central rectangular display. The handgrips are rubberized and have a texture to enhance comfort and grip.

The controls are all located on the handlebar, just like it happens for any electric scooter: you have a brake lever on the left, mode, and light buttons on the left as well (you can easily reach them with your left thumb) and the throttle on the right. The throttle is a small lever that you can push down to accelerate and release to slow down your electric scooter. Everything feels comfortable as you can easily reach all the buttons and levers.


The light set on the Gotrax G4 isn’t enough to allow you to ride safely at night. However, it includes a headlight and tail red responsive light (it blinks when you use the brakes) that make you and your electric scooter highly visible on the street during daylight.

If you need to ride at night you need to purchase an additional headlight to be able to see properly, and maybe also additional LED lights to highlight your presence on the road when it’s pitch black.


The Gotrax G4 features only a rear brake. However, it’s a disc brake, so top quality. The experience with a double brakes system is different: the brake is more powerful, so if you’re coming from an electric scooter with front and rear brakes you need to get used to it.

However, by keeping the G4’s limits in mind (It’s still a 400 dollar device!) you are more than safe when you ride it!


The Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter mounts premium tires: front and rear 10-inch pneumatic tires. They provide great comfort and stability and also compensate for the lack of suspensions. You can’t have better tires on an electric scooter and it’s a surprise to find them on an electric scooter for such a small price.

Kickstand and Deck

The Gotrax G4’s deck is large and comfortable. There’s an anti-slip pattern on its surface that enhances your feet’ stability. The battery is located within the deck, that’s why it’s so thick and low to the ground.

The low center of gravity isn’t a complete downside: it’s true that when you have higher decks you can preserve them from damage and you can jump on small bumps without worrying, but the lower deck provides enhanced balance and stability especially during brakes.

Like any other electric scooter on the market, the Gotrax G4 too features a retractable kickstand so that you can leave your scooter standing when you’re not riding it.

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The scooter comes well-packaged and – as it often happens with electric scooters on the lowest price range – it doesn’t come with a lot more than the scooter itself. Other than the Gotrax G4, its package includes a small key tool and a charger.

The electric scooter is pretty much assembled: tires, deck, and stem are already in their places; the handlebar is connected through all the cables, it only needs to be located in its place and secured with the included screws and key tool similar to Gotrax G Max Ultra you can read about here.

The operation is easy and quick, it’s the same that’s required for those expensive big electric scooters that cost even more than $1000! In this case, things are even easier because you don’t have too much to be adjusted. Once you’ve secured the handlebar, you just want to check the position of the buttons and lever; make sure your thumbs and fingers can reach everything with ease and tighten the relative screws.

The last thing you want to do before riding your brand new G4 from Gotrax – other than charging it – is to check the tire pressure. There is no pump included so you need to get one: make sure the tires have the right pressure: when the pressure is too high they become more fragile and subject to damage or puncture, when it’s too low you’ll be consuming the battery more and the electric scooter will become slower.

Performance for Dualtron Eagle PRO:

The Gotrax G4 features a 350-watt motor that is quite standard on a low-end electric scooter. It can reach a 20 mph top speed, which is even higher than the one allowed for electric scooters in some cities around the world.

The acceleration is strong but feels very secure and balanced, the brake is suitable for an electric scooter that doesn’t feature extreme performances like this one. The tires are this electric scooter’s main forte as they make the riding balanced and comfortable.

Both the throttle and brakes work smoothly and are highly responsive. The only attention you need to put while you ride is that the deck is low to the ground: keep it in mind to avoid stones, big bumps, or things like that so that you can avoid damage to the floor and extend the scooter’s life span.

Battery life and charging time

The Gotrax G4 is powered by an advanced 36V 10.4 aH Li Battery located in the deck and it allows to cover a 25-mile distance with one single charge. This is a lot for such an affordable electric scooter. On the other hand, the charging time isn’t the quickest available, but again this is expected because of the device’s price.

In particular, you’ll need up to 5 hours to charge the battery (from empty to 100%). This is still an improvement if we compared charging times of older electric scooters for the same price range that could take 10 hours to be fully charged.

Why we like about Dualtron Eagle PRO Electric Scooter:

  • Value for money

This is one of the most affordable electric scooters on the market and it brings amazing features: it’s fast enough, well-balanced, and – above all – secure.

  • Tires

We didn’t expect such quality tires on an electric scooter that comes at such a low price. 10-inch pneumatic tires are the absolute best you can have on an electric scooter, and it’s hard to find them in other scooters that are in the same price range as the Gotrax G4.

  • Performance

The speed, brake efficiency, mileage, and balance of the Gotrax G4 are suitable for tons of uses: adults’ commuting, teenager’s fun, and even to become a valid substitute for a means of transport.

What we didn't like about Dualtron Eagle PRO Electric Scooter:

  • Low deck

This isn’t necessarily a downside, but you’ll need to pay attention to this detail

  • Charging time

5 hours to cover up to 25 miles is a lot, but it’s acceptable because of the electric scooter’s price.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 90%
Top speed 90%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


WE can recommend the Gotrax G4 to any beginner, anyone looking for a safe electric scooter for their kids, and commuters. Those who, instead, are searching for extreme performances or off-road rides need to take a look at more expensive options. The Gotrax G4 was a surprise: it’s quality built and it brings anything you’d need from an on-road electric scooter.

Here you can you buy GOTRAX G4 electric scooter

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