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Gotrax XR electric scooter – affordable ride

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Searching for a cost-effective personal travel means of transport? Do you want it to be sustainable and eco-friendly as well? As electric scooters are becoming more and more popular among commuters, the GOTRAX XR electric scooter has all the features that make electric scooters an efficient alternative to the most common – expensive and polluting – means of transport: good speed and power, decent mileage and portability, so find out more in this review.

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Quality and Design of Gotrax XR electric scooter :

The GOTRAX XR features a traditional electric scooter design, with straight lines and the Gotrax logo on the steam tube. It’s available in a light gray color with a black band on the steam. Some red elements are also highly visible to make the design a little more colorful and dynamic.

The frame is bulkier than most of the electric scooters from other brands, and the overall structure feels very stable and durable. Nevertheless, the GOTRAX XR is very lightweight. This is a scooter aimed at adults and they would have no difficulties lifting and carrying the electric scooter when unable to ride it.

The frame is also foldable, which combined with the lightweight makes the GOTRAX XR easily and comfortably portable. The folding mechanism is very simple to operate. Yet, you will need to pull a small lever (highly visible since it is one of the red elements) with your hand. We find foot-activated mechanisms a lot more handy on electric scooters.

Speaking about the electric scooter’s dimensions, any adult will find the GOTRAX XR extremely comfortable. The heavier adults will also be able to ride since it features a maximum load of 220 lbs.

Last but not least, with an IP54 Water Resistant Rating, the GOTRAX XR’s frame is also waterproof. You won’t have to worry about puddle sprays or light rain as you ride.


  As we’ve mentioned, the steam tube is thicker than most of the other electric scooters on the market. This is because this one hosts the electric scooter’s battery (while most of the other electric scooters have their battery located in the deck). The extra-large tube doesn’t bother at all. On the contrary, it seems to enhance the e-scooter’s stability and riding comfort.

On the handlebar, you’ll find the brake lever, throttle button, and a display that can show current speed, speed settings, and battery life. We can’t call a display an essential feature for an electric scooter but it certainly comes in handy. Knowing how battery life you have and keeping an eye on your current speed can be extremely useful.


The GOTRAX XR features a double braking system. The rider can operate an electronic brake with their hand through the brake lever on the handlebar and a mechanic rear brake with their foot. The combination of the two allows a very smooth deceleration and a quick and safe stop whenever needed.


The GOTRAX XR electric scooter features 8,5’’ air-filled tires. The tires’ diameter is enough to allow a comfortable and steady riding. Wide tires, in fact, provide better balance on several types of terrain, where narrow tires usually show some difficulties. The pneumatics are air-filled, so on one side, they can be subject to puncture – on the other hand, are helping gain more speed and better overall performance.


Other than being lightweight and foldable (therefore easily portable) the GOTRAX XR electric scooter also features a retractable kickstand. It can be extremely useful when you have to leave your electric scooter just for a few moments, and even while charging. Leaving it standing is quicker than finding a wall against which you can lean it or folding it every time.


The GOTRAX XR is an electric scooter designed for adults. Its measures are suitable for any adult of any size. The deck is wide enough so that an adult rider can put both their feet on it comfortably.

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  When first arriving at your house, the GOTRAX XR requires assembly. The process is extremely quick and easy: you basically only need to connect the brake cable. The tires are pre-filled air and the battery is already located on its spot with a percentage of charge. You may want to check the tire air pressure and the percentage of battery left before going out riding your new e-scooter for the very first time. Apart from that, the GOTRAX XR would be ready to go at once!

Performance for Gotrax XR electric scooter:

We were positively impressed by this electric scooter by Gotrax. It features a 250-watt motor that can provide a speed of maximum of 15.5 mph. This is reached when the scooter is ridden by a light person, while, when someone heavier jumps on it, it slows down a little – yet this nothing we didn’t expect. For any electric scooter you buy, the maximum speed it can reach would depend on the rider’s weight plus several other factors such as the type of terrain. The GOTRAX XR ensures good performance on several types of terrains and it works well even climbing small hills.

The acceleration feels smooth hand the brake system works perfectly. Whether you need to gently slow down the e-scooter or stop quickly, the brakes would provide excellent performances.

The GOTRAX XR is also waterproof. Some buyers would think a waterproof electric scooter would be useless since they have zero intentions of riding to work or school under the rain – but this is not what a waterproof frame is designed for. With a waterproof electric scooter like the GOTRAX XR, you can ride the streets without being afraid of puddles, wet terrain, and – in the case it rains – you can be sure the e-scooter won’t be damaged by the rain.

Battery life and charging time

The 36V 7.0 AH lithium-ion battery located in the steam tube (unlike most of e-scooters that have the battery located inside the deck) provides power for mileage of maximum 12 to 14 miles (even though on the Gotrax Official Website you’d read 16!). This is more than enough for riders that use their electric scooter for commuting or just for fun.

Just like you should do with an electric scooter of any brand, always keep in mind that mileage depends on a lot of factors. Mainly, a heavy rider that uses his or her electric scooter on rough terrains or uphill will shorten the mileage. Yet, for this electric scooter, in particular, we were impressed by the consistent mileage. As we’ve mentioned the performance of this GOTRAX XR is excellent in terms of speed, security, and mile-range.

Why we like about Gotrax XR electric scooter:


The GOTRAX XR Electric Scooter is aimed at adults and features a design aimed at them. It’s straight lines and bulky frame make a simple yet attractive design that we have appreciated a lot.


Mainly because the battery is located in the steam tube, the GOTRAX XR features a thicker frame than most electric scooters. We liked it a lot, it provides a sense of better control and balance.


The GOTRAX XR provides excellent performance. We appreciated the speed that is in line with the other electric scooter on the market (for the same price range), and the overall power, that is, the ability to go on rough terrains and climb small hills. The brake system is also very efficient: if you need to stop the e-scooter quickly, the scooter can do it properly, remaining stuck in the ground and without kicking you off.


Even though the mileage indicated in the product description isn’t accurate (the official website indicates a mile-range of 16 miles, while the GOTRAX XR doesn’t go anywhere further than 13 miles), we’ve found the mileage appropriate for commuting use.


The GOTRAX XR isn’t the only electric scooter in the market that is provided with an LCD display on the handlebar. Yet, we liked this one in particular: it’s simple and it provides only the essential information. As you ride you want to know how fast you are going and how much of the Lithium-Ion battery life remains. Riding statistics and other unnecessary information not only are useless but also – in some cases – annoying.

What we didn't like about Gotrax XR electric scooter:

Our overall impression of the GOTRAX XR Electric Scooter was 100% positive. The only thing we’ve noticed is also the cause of the negative reviews you can read on Amazon. The nominal specification (the specification as indicated by the manufactures in the product description) isn’t accurate.

This can happen for any item you purchase, but in this case – especially the nominal mileage – the difference between the product description and the actual feature was wide. The nominal mileage is 16 miles, while the actual mile-range doesn’t exceed 12-13 miles. Most of the customers, in fact, complained about this aspect.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 75%
Top speed 75%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


  The GOTRAX XR Electric Scooter is a great value for money. You’ll appreciate its design, comfort, and performance. The drawback we pointed out in this review doesn’t affect the electric scooter’s performance at all.

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    1. Usually, the electric scooter when you bought it, needs to has an adapter that you will connect on one end to your tire and the second one to the manometer of your pump.

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