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Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter is a strong built electric scooter with solid and durable tires that can satisfy most of your needs from an e-scooter by being fun and practical at the same time.

Right now the Hiboy S2 electric scooter is growing in popularity because of his built quality and minimalist look. Ok, now let’s dive in and see in this review what this electric-powered piece of machinery has to offer.

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General Specs of Hiboy S2 :

The Hiboy S2 is a fairly lightweight, compact electric scooter that can manage wery well in a city enviroment. It is a portable electric scooter with a simple folding system that will please anyone who likes a simple scooter that doesn’t have a large battery pack attached to the boddy of his ride.

Quality and design of Hiboy S2

The Hiboy S2 scooter is very well built and the construction feels really solid for his price range. His acceleration is faster than you would expect and it handles well on bumpy terrain.
Even though sometimes you can hear a few rattles when driving over rough surfaces at high speed, I don’t think is something to get allarmed by if you don’t abuse the e-scooter by daily basis.

For riding at night,it has a white headlight that you can turn on, It has red running lights below the scooter deck that can be turned off, and a red brake light in the rear that turns on when you use the hand brake.

We recommend that you download the S2 App, because it’s very convenient and easy to use.
Simply pair Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter with Bluetooth to your smartphone and you can control the speed with cruise control feature or you can lock the scooter, and you can see different riding statistics in real-time.


The Hiboy S2 handlebar height is not adjustable so it may not allways be comfortable for all people because of that.


The e-scooter is a joy to ride, it has a double braking system that performs very well, with eABS on front wheel and disc braking for rear wheel.
The rear wheel also attaches two inside shock springs for more confort, and what I like the most here is that the wheels are really solid and bigger than other scooters from this category, wich improuves the ride stability of this e-scooter.

You can buy Hiboy S2 here:

Electric scooters, Electric skateboards & Hoverboards Up to 10% off at Hiboy.com. Limited time only.


To assembly this electric scooter, we have to unfold the stem and push it until we hear a click, then we unfold the kickstand to support the scooter.
After that, we slide the handlebar onto the stem (we make sure it’s the right way round) and we screw the four screws provided(two on every side) with the Allen wrench provided, and then we’re good to go after we ensure the power is on.

Important! I have to mention that the bell and brake lever are at an awkward angle, so first fix this, and go ahead and make that adjustment before you mount the handlebar to the e-scooter. If you make the mistake of trying to do it after, you may end up stripping out the Allen screw of his place.

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Performance for Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

With his 270Wh high-capacity lithium batteries and smart power management, holding a 350 Watt motor, it can accelerate up to 18.6 mph (30 km/h) with a solid range of up to 17 miles. 

It has a smart battery management via the app that displays the health of the battery pack and notifies you immediately if there are any issues.
The manufacturer says that Hiboy S2 electric scooter stores and converts kinetic energy when accelerates into electrical power. It is also fitted with regenerative braking for additional power.

The S2 may not be a very fast scooter (It will top out at 30 kpm or 18.6 mph after you download the app you can raise the speed limit) but it quickly accelerates to its top speed in a linear fashion that it feels faster than the advertised top speed states.


The maximum range is 17 miles, but don’t forget that battery life depends on how you use it. The most important things here are the average speed, your weight, and the terrain you ride on. So it’s a good thing to check how much power your battery has left every once in a while.

The Hiboy S2 manual also says not to leave it charged overnight for longer battery life, but it takes 3-5 hours to charge depending on how drained it is.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter with Seat version.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter with Seat it is basically the same version but with a detachable soft and comfortable seat included. 

So if you think you will use the seat, you can take this version instead of a normal Hiboy S2.
The price difference is 50-60 bucks more for the Hiboy with seat version, or if you already have the scooter, you can buy the seat separatly.

What we liked about Hiboy S2

Stable and well built for commuting, Hiboy S2 has a durable quality with whole frame and solid tires
Acceleration and turning are smooth. It has a powerful 350W electric brushless hub motor that allows speeds up to 18.6 mph or 30 kpm, and fairly long travel range of up to 18.5 miles under some specific conditions.

Offering a safe ride with advance technology, it has 3 front, middle and rear lights. Double braking system with eABS on front wheel and disc braking for rear wheel.

Hiboy app, all we have to do is to pair the electric scooter via Bluetooth and we can use the app to view riding stats such as battery life and to lock our scooter. It support both Android and iPhones smartphones.
It has a portable design and it can easely fit in closets, car trunks, beneath bus or subway seats.8.6

The wheels are solid and bigger than the wheels of every normal scooter. This improves the ride stability of the S2 electric scooter, and the rear wheel also attaches two inside shock springs.

What we didn't like about Hiboy S2 electric scooter

What we don’t like is that the rear fender may brake even in normal use conditions, but as far as I know the manufacturer promise to change this part of the scooter with a new and stronger rear fender starting with mid-july 2019 production.

The handlebar height not being adjustable.

Our rating

Features 100%
Battery range 85%
Top speed 85%
Quality 90%
Value for money 95%


We belive Hiboy S2 is a great electric scooter for this price, it offers a ton of fun and convenience if used for medium to short trips in the city, with decent top speed and acceleration, a sturdy feel, modern looks and a good built quality, it is a scooter that does his job.

You can buy Hiboy S2 with seat or without here:

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13 Responses

  1. The bottom. Side lights DO TURN OFF with three presses of the on button like the manual says in the beginning….please correct

  2. The max speed is actually 18.6mph in Sport and 13mph in comfort (I hit 18mph all the time and 19 on slight declines). From the factory, it comes limited to 15mph sport and 11mph comfort but as soon as you download the app you just need to raise the limit.

    Also, you didn’t touch on anything about the dual rear suspension that can be easily adjusted with a wrench to make it even more comfortable (fun fact: the Xiaomi m365 doesn’t have this). It really makes riding really enjoyable and a compromise for the solid tires.

    The Hiboy S2 and the Xiaomi m365 are literally built off of the same base frame but to be honest the Hiboy S2 is an improvement in just about all areas feature-wise.

    It’s a shame the true features always seem to get overshadowed especially taking into account that they have just about the best customer service I’ve ever seen.

    Definitely should Re-evaluate this rating It’s a tremendous value for the money. Coming from a previous Ninebot ES4 rider.

    1. Where do you exactly adjust the rear shocks? Directly on the shocks or the Allen screws?

  3. Awesome I found a blog where you know what you’re talking about. Thank you for the detailed reviews.
    I have a question if anyone could help me, can I use a Xiaomi charger on a Hiboy S2 Pro.
    I would be really thankful if you help. Thanks. Emilio from Boston

  4. So I happen to break the stem part we have to lock that folds down and I really can’t find anywhere that’s gotta name for the part to order a new one

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