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Hiboy Titan PRO Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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You may not be new to HiBoy Electric Scooter but you’ve certainly not seen anything like the Titan PRO before. The Titan PRO is the most powerful, fast, and expensive electric scooter by the HiBoy’s manufacturers. You can use this electric scooter as an alternative to your traditional means of transport, but it can also become your companion for an off-road fun trip. Let’s find out anything you need to know about it in our Hiboy Titan PRO Electric Scooter Review.

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Quality and Design of HiBoy Titan Pro Electric Scooter:

The Titan PRO by HiBoy has the look of a powerful and fast electric scooter with its bulky deck and large tires. On the contrary, the stem is particularly thin but it has a thick cable (it’s the brakes’ cable) climbing up itself. The overall look is good: you have a bulky black electric scooter with only a few red finishes in the tires.

We’ve mentioned that you can use this scooter for commuting, but, in any case, you want to consider its weight: 62 lbs could be too much if you need to lift, fold, or carry the device several times during the day.

The enhanced weight provides stability during the ride and also solidity: this electric scooter can carry a maximum load of 286 lbs which is more than enough for an average rider carrying bags or loads with them.

The Titan PRO comes with an IP54 Waterproof certification: it means that it is protected against dust (even though it’s not fully dust-tight) and it’s also protected against splashes of water. Unlike many people think, an IP54 waterproof certification doesn’t mean that your scooter is completely waterproof and that you can ride safely under the rain!


The HiBoy Titan has a curved handlebar, with brake levers on both sides and rubberized handgrips. On the handlebar, you have anything you need to control any aspect of your electric scooter, but since it is so powerful and rich with features, it has many buttons and levers. So, let’s proceed in order.

Both sides

As we’ve mentioned, you have a brake lever on each side, just before your handgrips. They control the front and rear brakes and you can use them as you’d do with your bike’s ones.

Left Side

On the left side, you have a couple of buttons and the key ignition. Yes, the HiBoy Titan has a key ignition, just like a car: manufacturers thought it could be more secure to have a physical system through which you, and only you, can start and get your electric scooter going. On most electric scooters, this happens with the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone: when you get close to your electric scooter, it recognizes you and it can be turned on. This system has some problems because the Bluetooth connection isn’t stable on all devices and because it can always be hacked.

Speaking about the buttons, they are very simple: the Eco mode buttons activate the Eco mode that lowers down the speed and allows you to save your battery, and the Power button activates or deactivate the second motor: the HiBoy is powered by two motors, and you can select if you want to use only one of them or both.

Right Side

On the right side you have the throttle and the display. You can operate the throttle with your thumb by pushing it down.

The display is an LCD screen that shows all the most important information about your riding and allows you to select the speed mode. It’s large and well-visible even under direct sunlight.


 The HiBoy Titan features mechanical disc brakes both on the front and the rear wheels. They can provide powerful stopping power, but they are also easy to regulate gently. When you’re riding your electric scooter, often than not you find yourself gently slowing down rather than abruptly stopping.

You want to have brakes that are highly responsive so that you don’t find yourself planting the electric scooter on the ground any time you touch your brakes. These brakes are capable of responding to the pulling strength for enhanced safety.


The HiBoy Titan is provided with 10-inch, large tires. They also have an anti-skid texture that allows you to feel more secure and comfortable on wet terrains and off-road.

The problem with off-road tires is that, when you ride on flat terrain, they make a noise and they are too bouncy But with this anti-skid texture, Hiboy’s manufacturers came up with a solution that provides comfort, security, and stability without affecting the riding experience on flat terrains.


The suspension system on the HiBoy Titan Pro comprises both the front and rear tire. It’s very effective in making the ride more comfortable, smoothening the bumps, and providing enhanced balance and safety on any kind of terrain.


The HiBoy Titan Pro is provided with a set of lights that are fully functional. They are not meant to make the electric scooter more attractive, they are only meant to keep you safe as you ride. There is a front powerful white headlight that helps you see where you go and that is effective even with poor light condition.

Keeping that on is important also because it makes you visible to other road users. On the rear, there are a couple of brake lights that work just like the ones on the cars: they turn on when you use the brakes.

Deck and Kickstand

The HiBoy Titan Pro features a large and thick deck. It’s provided with two antislip stripes that are very strong and effective. Furthermore, just like any other electric scooter, it is provided with a retractable kickstand that is very helpful to leave the device standing. This way, you can use it with the convenience of any other means of transport.

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Just like the majority of electric scooters these days, the HiBoy Titan Pro comes fully assembled except for the handlebar. The handlebar, however, just needs to be attached, which means that you need to plug a couple of cables and secure the handlebar on the top of the stem. It all requires less than 10 minutes and all the tools that you’ll need for the operation are included in the box.

The package also includes a user guide and a charging cable.

Performance for HiBoy Titan Pro Electric Scooter:

The HiBoy Titan Pro is powered by a dual 1200w brushless motor. It is comprised of two units, and you can select – through the button on the left side of your handlebar – if you want to engage one or both of them. When you engage both, the electric scooter can reach a maximum speed of 30 mph, which is far faster than the maximum speed allowed on city roads for electric scooters.

There are several ways to limit the maximum speed: the first is disengaging the second motor, and the second is through the speed modes. There are three speed modes available so that you can adjust the scooter’s performance to your needs. Lowering down the speed is also helpful to lengthen the mileage.

Thanks to the wide tires and the double suspensions, the ride feels very comfortable on any kind of terrain. The power of two motors allows the scooter to climb uphill with ease and without experiencing that loss of speed that other electric scooters are subject to.

Battery life and charging time

There is a 48 V, 17.5 AH, 18650 li-ion battery mounted on the HiBoy Titan Pro. It provides a mileage of 40 miles even though this amount depends on a lot of factors (your weight, your riding style, the speed, the type of terrain).

There are, however, ways of lengthening the mileage as much as possible: trying to have a more gentle riding style, for example, or – more simply – just slowing down (set up a low-speed mode or disengage one of the two motors).

The biggest con of this electric scooter is the charging time. It takes 9 hours to fully charge it from empty. It’s almost mandatory to charge it overnight and if you find it with a low battery, you canìt just plug it for an hour and be ready to go.

Why we like about HiBoy Titan Pro Electric Scooter:

  • Performance

If you are searching for a top-quality, strong, and fast electric scooter this is an excellent choice. It ahs anything you need to commute with it, ride on any kind of terrain, and also have some fun off road. The key ignitor makes you feel more secure when you need to leave it, for example, outside a store when running your small errands. In other words, you can 100% replace the vehicle you were using before with this electric scooter. You’ll have a more sustainable means of transport, and – in the mid-long term – you’ll be also saving tons of money since an electric scooter doesn’t need fuel.

  • Comfort

The manufacturers paid a lot of attention to providing the most comfortable riding experience with this electric scooter: the large tire, the anti-skid texture, the suspensions all contribute to making the riding extremely comfortable. An enhanced comfort also enhances your balance over the electric scooter and, therefore, your security.

  • Tires

We’ve already spoken about the tires, but they deserve further discussion. In particular, the most excellent detail is in the texture. Electric scooters usually come with on-road or off-road tires, that are only suitable for on-road or off-road terrains, but never for both. With these tires, instead, they found an excellent compromise: you are safe and well balanced off-road, and comfortable on-road.

What we didn't like about HiBoy Titan Pro Electric Scooter:

  • It’s expensive

This is not an affordable electric scooter, but because of all its amazing features, we werenìt expecting anything less.

  • Charging time

The HiBoy Titan Pro takes very long for being fully charged. On the other hand, however, you have a powerful battery that allows you to ride for very long trips. Sometimes, a short mileage is what limits the use of an electric scooter as a daily means of transport. Just remember to charge it overnight, and the Titan Pro will become your next sustainable vehicle.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 90%
Top speed 90%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


As we’ve mentioned many times during our HiBoy Titan Pro review, this electric scooter is the ideal choice for those who are searching for an electric device that can replace their traditional vehicle. Of course, it’s not the cheapest electric scooter available, but because of its feature, the Titan Pro by HiBoy totally worth its price.

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