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Hover-1 Rally Foldable Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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As electric scooters become more and more popular all around the world, they are also becoming more and more powerful and expensive. But what about those commuters who are still happy with a small and lightweight electric scooter?

For them, some brands are designing specific electric scooters aimed at commuters: the Hover-1 Rally Foldable Electric Scooter is an example. It has anything a commuter would need from an electric scooter: a folding design, low weight, good performance, and affordable price. Keep on reading to find out anything you need to know about the Hover-1 Rally Foldable Electric Scooter.

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Quality and Design of Hover-1 Rally Electric Scooter :

You may have already seen electric scooters with slim designs but none is slimmer or thinner than the Hover- 1 Rally. What strikes is the thin deck, which is like nothing seen so far. The vertical stem and tires are also thinner than the average. This provides the electric scooter with a unique look, minimalistic style, and low weight while also enhancing its portability.

When folded, the Hover- 1 Electric Scooter occupies little space and is ideal to be stored in narrow spaces like under your desk at school or work, or under your seat in the bus or train. This is also one of the most lightweight electric scooters in the market. When you’re a commuter, you want your scooter to be lightweight other than foldable, because you’re going to lift and carry it several times a day. The compact design and low weight also make the Hover- 1 suitable for beginners or teenagers. The maximum load that it can carry is 264 lbs which is heavier than the average adult.


The Hover- 1 Rally features a straight and narrow handlebar with anti-slip handgrips. The small LCD display in the centre provides useful information about the ride and battery. A long and narrow headlight is placed just in front of it contributing to making the electric scooter safe. As you may already know, lights are useful to make you visible on the street other than improving your own visibility. However, this is not the light to allow night riding: it doesn’t illuminate the street enough. You can always purchase and mount an additional headlight.

The brake and throttle are located on the handlebar in the shape of small push-down levers that you can operate with your thumbs. This allows you to accelerate or use the break without moving your hand or loosening your grip, which is also enhancing safety.


The tires featured by the Hover- 1 Rally are thin 6.5 inch solid ones. They are in line with the overall design of the scooter, even if small and solid the ties usually provide a more rigid riding.

On the other side, this type of tire helps keep the price low. In fact, the tires and other features correspond to what we’d expect from an electric scooter of this price range.


As we have mentioned, the Hover- 1’s deck is narrow and surprisingly Thin. The look of it is very unique but despite the small dimension, it’s still highly resistant. It’s also comfortable no matter your size. The thin deck and overall design make the scooter extremely agile: the ideal choice for city traffic.


The Hover- 1 Rally Electric Scooter features a double brake system made a drink break, the one that you can operate pushing down the brake lever with your thumb, And a rear mechanic brake, the one which is traditionally mounted on non-motorised scooters that the rider can operate with their rear foot.

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The Hover- 1 Rally package includes:

  • The electric scooter;

  • It’s documentation;

  • the handgrips;

  • The charger.

The only features that require assembly are the penguins. They need to be tightened by rotating the clockwise (left one) or counterclockwise (right one) In their place. The last can’t be tightened in the right place and vice versa, so you can’t go wrong. After this simple operation and after your charge the device, you’re ready to go, since anything else it’s already in its place as you pull the scooter out of its box.

Performance for Hover-1 Rally:

You can expect extreme performances from the Hover-1 Rally Folding Electric Scooter. It’s an electric scooter made for commuters and optimized for a low budget. This is why the e-scooter is pretty and safe but it’s far from being fast or having a great mile range.

Let’s start with speed and performance. The Hover-1 Rally is powered by a 300-watt motor that can push the scooter up to 12 mph. This isn’t extremely fast, but it’s certainly faster and more fun than walking. When riding uphill the speed is even slower and if you’re a bit heavy, or carrying a backpack to school, you may not be able to reach 12 mph either. However, this is what we expected from an electric scooter that comes at this price and has a slim structure as the Hover-1.

The riding on the asphalt feels comfortable enough. This isn’t an electric scooter for off-road paths: the small tires won’t allow it. The brakes feel safe: when you want to bring the scooter to a full stop immediately, however, you want to make sure you use both the brakes (the electric one and the rear foot one). Since the speed is so low, however, the riding can be considered very safe and that’s why the Hover-1 is suitable for teens and beginners.

Battery life

If there’s one aspect we were disappointed by is the battery life: you can only ride for 7 miles with a full charge. This is maybe due to the electric scooter slim and lightweight design (batteries are the heaviest component of the device). The deck is so thin because there’s no battery in it. Most electric scooters have their batteries inside the deck, and that’s why many electric scooters have thicker and heavier decks.

WIth the Hover-1 Rally the manufacturer chose to build a lightweight electric scooter, therefore they located the battery on the stem. To avoid overloading the structure they couldn’t put a heavy battery in it, and as a result, the Hover-1 has only a 7-mile miles range. The Hover-1’s mileage can still be suitable for kids riding to school, those who have their workplace very close to home, or those who want an eco-friendly means of transport for their small errands in their home whereabouts, but we also understand that 7 miles are too short of a distance for many commuters.

Speaking of charging time, this is also disappointing: 4 to 6 hours to charge a battery that can only carry you for 7 miles is too long.

The positive aspect of the battery pack is that the 36V Lithium-Ion battery is removable. This means that you can always purchase a second one and carry it with you as a spare battery to replace the first when it’s drained out.

Why we like about Hover-1 Rally Electric Scooter:


This is one of the best-looking electric scooters on the market. The same design and extract fan deck give a unique style to this device.


If portability is your priority, this is the electric scooter for you: it’s one, if not the lightest E scooters available today; easy to fold and lift. When you need to fold and unfold the device several times throughout the day (for example because you need to bring it with you on the train) do you want an electric scooter as possible as the Hover-1.

Easy assembly

Electric scooters aren’t usually complicated to assemble, but the Hover- 1 Rally could be assembled even by a child. The procedure is easy and can’t be made wrong.

What we didn't like about Hover-1 Rally Electric Scooter:


Having a small battery can give you some advantages such as lower weight, but a 7-mile mileage Can be too short for many commuters. On the other hand, those who need nothing more than 7 miles per charge can find the Hover-1 Rally the most affordable option on the market.


The small tires contribute to creating the slim style of the electric scooter but they can make the riding uncomfortable at the smallest irregularity of the street.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


The Hover-1 Rally Foldable Electric Scooter is one of the best and cheapest options for short-distance commuters and kids. It’s not an electric scooter for extreme performance, but an affordable well-built option that will not break your budget.

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