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How to lock your Electric Scooter

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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You’re standing at a scooter shop ogling one you’ve been dying to buy for quite a while now. You’re tired of commuting in that crowded bus every day and that woman stepping on your toes with her heels was the last straw.

Standing outside a shop(or scrolling through Amazon) in anticipation of making your purchase to freedom, the month’s paycheck feels solid and crisp in the palm of your hands and you’re almost ready to walk in(or press the buy button).

Suddenly you remember that dreadful incident when your co-worker’s electric scooter was stolen last month. The envelope suddenly feels heavy in the palms of your hand and you feel the anxiety creep in of something similar happening to you.

You start having second thoughts about spending your hard-earned money on something that comes with a high probability of theft. Now this is the right time to get a lock solution for your electric scooter. Usually some companies provide stock ones but they don’t do a great job against oncoming intruders.

Electric scooters are a new concept and people who steal them usually do to sell them for parts, sometimes whole as well. Yes, you can carry your scooter alongside you once you’ve folded it down or put it in your bag pack, but most scooters aren’t that light and most people aren’t that strong and most places aren’t that welcoming.

Riding them inside stores and parks isn’t a viable option as some those places don’t take lightly to scooter enthusiasts. Hence your only reliable solution are locks and we happen to have a few suggestions to help you choose the correct one. The flimsy bicycle restraints won’t cut it. They can easily be dismantled in a matter of minutes. So, let’s take a look at other viable alternatives on how to lock your Electric Scooter:

1. U-Lock or D-Locks

These locks have been the guardian angles for bicycles since the 1970s and were naturally adopted by the electric scooter community as well. They are sturdy and pack a challenge for those go-getters who are after your precious ride.

Firstly, they vary in strength, so don’t go for cheaper options. As a rule of thumb always consider spending 10% of the cost of your scooter on a lock. It’s no science but statistics show that locks at that range are both cost-effective and decrease the theft of scooters by 93%.

To use a U-lock (D-Lock) you have to attach your bike to a stationary object, probably a pole. They are resilient against picking, bolt cutters, drilling and leverage attacks.

However, the perpetrator can pry open the lock if they manage to get in too deep through the U – Lock. Ensure you leave the minimum space possible between the U, your scooter and the post you’re attaching it to increase your odds.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Offers superior security
  • Hard to crack
  • Available in different sizes


  • Requires a rigid stationary object for attachment

You can check these great deals for U - Locks from Amazon:

BILLCONCH Fingerprint U Lock

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

USHAKE Bicycles U Lock

2. Chain Locks

The good old chain locks! How to lock your Electric Scooter with chain locks?
It’s one of the cheapest and easily available ways of securing your electric scooter. Look around your basement or the garage and 9 out of 10 times you will discover a chain lying about collecting rust. Add a plastic cover/sleeves and you’re good to go.

The great thing about chains is that it is not subtle in its appearance. It’s huge, bulky and oftentimes can be a bit heavy to carry around. But its visual prowess is second to none. Especially if you manage to procure a huge padlock to go along.

The lock you attach at the end is as important as the chain itself. Most thieves wouldn’t dare touch your electric scooter and if they do they would require nothing less than bolt croppers. Even if they did, the chains will make substantial noise, giving you more than enough time to catch the scooter snatchers.

Like the U-Locks make sure to leave no space in between the chains and the object you’re tying it to.


  • Sturdy
  • Hard to go through with power tools
  • Visual deterrent


  • Heavier ones are not portable
  • Requires plastic sleeves or chains might damage the scooter’s surface

You can check these great Chain Locks deals from Amazon:

Kryptonite Keeper 785

Kryptonite Keeper Combination

Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

3. Folding Locks

Folding locks are almost identical to U-locks, the only difference being their flexibility. U-locks are sturdy, hard and not as malleable as folding locks.

Folding locks are also lighter and longer making it easier to lock electric scooters with narrow gaps through the tires, ones that cannot be penetrated by a standard U-lock.

Flexibility doesn’t mean that the folding ones are in any way inferior or less stronger than U-locks. The good ones offer the same level of security with the added benefit of flexibility.

Many budget scooters save costs by dialing down on space, making it hard for chains and other traditional locks to secure it firmly. Folding locks are a great option if you happen to possess one such scooter.


  • Flexible and long
  • Secure electric scooters more firmly
  • A great option for cheaper and smaller electric scooters


  • Cheaper locks can be broken down easily
  • Hard to find high-quality locks

You can check these great Folding Locks deals from Amazon:

SIGTUNA Folding Bike Lock

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock

ABUS Chain Lock Bordo 6000

See Also:

4. Smart Locks

We live in a world where technology that’s constantly evolving and smart locks are the locks of the future. So how to lock your Electric Scooter with a smart lock?

Even with traditional locking solutions such as padlocks, U-locks, folding locks your scooter is never truly safe. It takes one good cutter and your pal is off to the winds.

Smart locks offer end to end security protocols with a surefire way of finding your ride.

For instance, one such lock embeds a small chip the size of a biscuit on your scooter. The chip is fitted with a GPS that sends period signals about its location to the app installed on your phone. Even if your scooter got stolen you can track the perpetrator down.

Some of these devices also have a community feature. Once activated, every phone running the app can help you find your lost scooter.

Any effort to detect and getting rid of the chip far outweighs the profit the perpetrator expects by selling the scooter.

Smart locks may be the most expensive of the bunch but for what it’s offering, I don’t think the price will be an issue.


  • Best security feature
  • Can be well-hidden
  • Traceable anywhere anytime


  • A bit expensive

You can check these great Smart Locks deals from Amazon:

TURBOLOCK TL113 Bluetooth

ULAC TRON-XD Fingerprint U-Lock

Solebe Bluetooth Smart Lock

5. Ground Anchors

A new concept but one which lacks any semblance of mobility. These are solid platforms that are embedded in the ground. They have a locking mechanism that clamps shut once you link your electric scooter.

You cannot carry them around but have them installed at your home, if you intend to leave your scooter out in the open. Many cities have also put up such anchors, making itself a safe place for electric scooter commuters.


  • Resilient and tough


  • Not portable
  • Is limited to specific pre-determined regions

6. Cable locks

How to lock your Electric Scooter with cable locks?
Cable locks and chain locks go hand in hand. The only difference is that they are lighter, have their own locking mechanism and are not as durable as chain locks. They aren’t also as heavy as chain ones making them easy to transport.


  • Lightweight
  • Permanent locking mechanism
  • Comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and builds


  • Some of the locks are of poor quality.

You can check these great Cable Locks deals from Amazon:

Kryptonite KryptoFlex

BMW spiral cable lock system

ONGUARD Rottweiler Armored

7. Wheel locks

Although they are a decent option for bikes, wheel locks or O-locks aren’t the most viable option for electric scooters.

Wheel locks restrict mobility, which works for bicycles because they are heavy and bulky.

However, attaching an O-lock to a scooter is a no-brainer. Most riders use it in conjunction with another lock such as a chain or U-lock.

The added lock acts as a visual deterrent for any oncoming thieves.


  • Portability


  • Offers the least protection among all lockers

You can check these great Wheel Locks deals from Amazon:

Festnight Scooter Disc Brake Lock

Electric Scooter Anti-Theft for Xiaomi M365



This may be hard to swallow, but buying an electric scooter depends on the are you’re living. Scooters aren’t safe in a region of scooter thefts and low-security measures, especially because they are super easy to steal.

If you intend to buy one find out if:

  • Local shops allow people to enter with scooters
  • There are enough ground anchors present throughout the city
  • Parks and other public areas allow scooters in them
  • You have a community of people using tiles(smart lock technology) in that region
  • Your neighborhood is open-minded about scooters
  • There has been an increased number of thefts in the locality/city

You should rethink about buying a scooter if you have 3 red flags out of the 6 in the above list.

The one and only great thing about scooters is the foldability. However, it’s only a matter of time before workplaces and other institutions(restaurants, schools, etc.) prohibit the entry of scooters into their premises. Most of these places aren’t equipped to house scooters and external docking stations become a necessity.

Therefore, if you intend to buy them, make sure your community is welcoming to the idea of scooters and provide ample security measures. The manufacturers should also double down on providing better security services as they have done little to nothing to improve the security of their products so far. You can always buy locks, but as far as scooters are concerned, they are only half-measures. What you need is a community that embraces scooters as a viable transport option.

And locks, lots and lots of locks for sure!

Some of our top picks from Amazon

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