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Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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I can recognize a skeptic when I see one. The electric scooter market has been saturated for a  while. I was really hoping for a breath of fresh air. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting one from the Macwheel Electric Scooter Lineup like MX1, but here we are.

I heard the rumors around the internet and thought to give it a spin myself!

Once I got my hands on the sweet ride, I put it through a lot of tests which was not only limited to daily activates but also some offshore stuff, that I don’t normally do with a scooter, just because I wanted to test the limits on this baby.

Now I also know that there is a lot of fuss regarding the new Xiaomi M365. Some of you claim it to be a superior choice and whatnot. Just don’t bother. If you’re not interested, you’re free to leave, but bear in mind that this is a Macwheel MX1 Scooter review. Not a comparison or a(air quotes)versus video between the MX1 and the M356. We may discuss the specs of the two different scooters, just to get a perspective and nothing else.

With that out of the way we can jump into the review, but first, a bit of backstory.

A scooter is a niche utility a craving created solely for convenience. Well, more on the utility side I suppose. The vehicle has no problems handling stuff like riding to your friend’s house, going across the neighborhood like a breeze.

It packs a punch and has the juice to support it. However, should the daredevil inside of you wants to kick things up a notch, the MX1 does a great job of hitting those oddballs quite effectively.

Well, enough blabbering. Let’s take a better look at the real star of the show.

You can buy Macwheel MX1 from Amazon:

General Specs of Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter :

  • The range on the Macwheel MX1 Electric scooter is 18.6 miles which is quite impressive at this range.
  • Max speed is 15.6 mph which is also quite impressive. It’s nowhere near Hulk but is surely  Captain America on a good day.
  • It comes with a loading capacity of 256 pounds which is also quite impressive, but that doesn’t mean you incentivize on those burgers. Get your butt to the gym, whenever you can.
  • A powerful 350W motor powered by a Lithium-ion 36/7.8Ah or 270WH to keep things running smoothly.
  • A decent ground clearance of 90mm with 8.5inch solid rubber tires that can climb hill’s angled at approximately 14degrees (just guess work, no instrument was involved).
  • 4 hours recharge which is, altering considering the price of the scooter looks like a great value for money.

I tried to push the Macwheel electric scooter to its limits, and every time it exceeded my expectations. Although it was just by a little, it felt like an enhanced experience nonetheless.

Quality and design of Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter

Aesthetically speaking, the  Macwheel MX1 is one of the better-looking scooters out there. The cool kids ride it, the smart kids ride it, every kid rides it, that’s how beautiful the ride is.

The handle and the stem are smooth to the touch and have a premium feel to them, one that you don’t usually find in scooters in this price range.

The texture on the platform is mesmerizing and provides a strong grip to your feet when you’re not busy staring at it of course.  

Although the wires sticking out of the side close to the base does tamper the looks, its nothing too bothersome. Some duct tape and matte black paint and you’re ride will be all pimped up.

Macwheel has also done a great job on the wheels(more later) as well. The premium looking isn’t Photoshop! It made a believer out of me when I laid eyes on the real thing.

Some might consider the stand an eyesore, but you’re going to fold it anyway and take it along with you, so it’s not that big of a deal.

The Macwheel is excellently designed and beautifully executed. The looks the glamour might not appeal to the normal eye, but it won’t escape the attention of some for someone who loves riding scooters and has a keen eye for craftsmanship.

- Handlebars

Firm and sturdy. The LCD display isn’t easily spottable in direct sunlight. It’s hard to get used with such a dim display, but that’s a relatively small price to pay for the rest of the specs.

The grip is well-textured and offers a comfortable grip. You can rest your hands for quite some time and without the imminent onset of fatigue.

The bar is also well-placed so as to minimize any sort of strain on your wrists and arms.

The bell placement is also quite impressive. easily accessible yet concealed in such a manner that it doesn’t interfere with the overall look of the scooter.

- Brakes

The brakes I will admit were not expected. They get the job done alright, feels kind of sluggish and wobbly when you check them out upfront and close.

On a few of my more challenging tests, the brakes didn’t appear as responsive as they should have been, but I was testing them in extreme conditions and in usual simulations.

Of course, they will have trouble when you’re coming down a slope at almost 30-40miles an hour. Just make sure to check once them every month [to check them once every month*]. Nothing special or effort worthy, just a look-over to check if anything is worn out or not, just to be on the safe side.

- Kickstand

The kickstand isn’t that useful. Yeah, you might end up using it now and then but most of the time you’re just going to carry the thing because it’s more convenient and safe that way.

But I went ahead and tested it out anyway. It does a good job of holding the bike stable, so if you need to stop for a quick drink or snack, the little devil will come in handy.

- Tires

The tires are great. When you ride the scooter you will feel that it’s not only the suspension that’s at work but the tires as well.

The 8.5-inch non-pneumatic tires have been around for some time. The inner foam lining is oft enough and gladly supports your weight without the assistance of air.

So go wild! There are no worries of puncture or anything that might harm your precious wheels.

- Deck

I remember the first day I laid my hands on a scooter. Before that, I always assumed how the hell can those flimsy decks support the weight of a human being?

I was a skeptic for most of my life until I rode one for myself. It remains a mystery to me, the sheer marvelous genius of it all, but I am blabbering.

The deck is sturdy, has good ground clearance, a lot of space for comfortable footing and a great grip. It well built and goes on to show the dedication and resources Macwheel invested in the project.

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The Macwheel MX1 is well-balanced and is well built. It comes with 2 wrenches so you don’t have to spend any extra cash on maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, the Macwheel MX1 electric scooter is awfully handy. Weighing at just about 28 pounds, it’s easy to travel with should you have to carry it somewhere.

Like all scooters, the stem gets a bit shaky after long rides, so remember to tighten those screws once in a while. The same goes for the disc brakes. The tune-up doesn’t take long but does ensure safety in rather changing roads.

During one of my stress runs, I had trouble stopping the scooter. I was testing the disc crakes to their limits and certainly wasn’t expecting them to hold their ground as long as they did.

Performance for Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter

The part you’ve all been waiting for. I have tried many scooters before and can testify that the time spent on the MX1 was truly remarkable.

- Speed

15.6 mph is fast. On a straight road, you’ll be breezing through the streets like a knife through butter. The suspension does a great job alleviating any bumps and cracks.

However, the speed does falter when you’re traveling on more challenging terrain. During my expedition on the mountains, I came across a path with 2-3 inch stones and the MX1 was still doing a decent job of plowing through it all, albeit under a lot of stress but it was doing it nonetheless.

However, note that the speed will falter as the charge drains from the battery capping the speed at ~12mph when you hit the 30% charge mark, lesser if you reach 10%.

- Resilience

The scooter is tough I’ll give you that. I was traveling through a stone-filled road. I could relate the physical stress the scooter was under, but it didn’t give up.

It’s true that the moto needs a little kick before it can climb mountains so to be fair I did two runs.

On my first run, it was all the scooter. I gave only one initial push and though it took effort on the scooter’s part to take me up the hill, it did it nonetheless.

On my second run, I assisted with additional pushes, at least whenever I noticed it was having a hard time scaling the slope.  

Not only it took less time, but the overall charge consumed was lowered by 4%.

Resilient, adaptable and optimized.

- Control

The sheer level of control on this bike is not what I expected. The brakes and the tires are well-crafted and installed so as to minimize any wobbliness. There are no loose gaps, at the start at least and will develop overuse, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Traversing through felt like a breeze. It’s not only a testament, to the superior engine, but also the efficient braking system and the non-pneumatic tires.

 During my ride, I never sensed any insecurity regarding the braking system and once that was out of the way, I found that I was a to enjoy myself more freely.

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The MX1 has been blessed with a generous battery. It packs a punch for both short and long journeys. There are 3-speed modes and you even have 5LED indicators showing you how much juice you have left.

The recharge time from scratch to 100% took about 4 hours which is quite commendable. So even if you forget to plug in the bike the previous night, you can do it when you get up to get a glass of water and still have the MX1 fully charged and ready for action the next day.

What we liked about Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter

  • The Macwheel MX1 feels sturdy and indestructible, at least after the tests I put it through.
  • It has a powerful moto and battery.
  • The remarkable braking system offering superior control on uneven roads and even on those that are filled with stones.
  • Three levels of adjustable speed
  • Good ground clearance and the availability of cheap accessories and parts, should you end up breaking this beast.

What we didn't like about Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter

  • The scooter has to be traveling at 3mph for the electric motors to kick, ergo, it needs a serious kick.
  • The LCD is not readily visible therefore making it hard to spot on sunny days.
  • The splash guard shakes a lot after riding the scooter for a couple of hours. You may have to install a stabilizer to offset the wobbliness.
  • The ‘cruise’ function cannot be turned off.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 85%
Quality 90%
Value for money 100%


After spending time with the MX1 I can confidently state that you get what you pay for and more.

I never felt any discomfort riding the vehicle and confidently state that it offers all the functionalities that are expected in every scooter.

Grocery shopping and errands are simple with lots of space to squeeze in on-road and off-road adventures without the worries of losing a few teeth.   

It offers the functionalities, features, and aesthetics of premium-level scooters at an affordable price range. You can even use parts from the Xiaomi M365 on the Macwheel MX1 which is great if the local shops are running low on dedicated Macwheel parts.

The Macwheel MX1 is built to withstand whatever you throw at it(within the safety parameters of a scooter) and a bit more. It’s a decent bang for your buck and will serve you well for the upcoming years.

You can buy Macwheel MX1 from Amazon:

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  1. Good Morning!!! Could you help me where I find technical assistance for the product ??? A few months after I bought it it stopped working there the seller doesn’t answer me anymore and much less the manufacturer.

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