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Pure Air Pro, mid-range stylish electric scooter review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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As electric scooters are becoming more and more popular and common on the city streets all around the world, they are also becoming more comfortable, stylish, and affordable. The Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter is all this: a mid-range electric scooter, with features suitable for commuters, good portability, and a good-looking elegant design.

But let’s dig deeper into details. Here is our Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter review.

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Quality and Design of Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter :

The Pure Air Pro features a conventional design, with a slim stem and handlebar and a deck only slightly wider than the average. The gray matt color, dark grey handgrips, and white logo on the stem, however, give a particular and original look that makes this electric scooter highly recognizable among the dozens of look-alike models on the market.

The Pure Air Pro is also available in black: it may be less distinguishable than they gray option, but it’s still pretty and elegant.

This electric scooter is excellent for city commuting for many reasons, one above all, its dimensions and portability. The Pure Air Pro measures 115 cm x 50 cm x 120 cm: larger enough to be comfortable and safe, but still compact. The design is foldable thanks to a convenient catch on the front. With a weight of 14 kg, it is also easily portable. It’s true that there are lighter electric scooters on the market, but 14 kg and the dimensions we’ve mentioned above are the minima required for an electric scooter to be performant and safe other than portable.

Last but not least, the Pure Air Pro comes with an IP65 water resistance certification: riding under the rain isn’t exactly safe, but at least with this electric scooter you don’t need to worry about puddles or splashes.


The handlebar of the Pure Air Pro electric scooter is a simple straight bar, as gray as the main body, with dark gray handgrips. The handgrips also have an anti-slip cover for enhanced comfort and a firmer grip. You can control both acceleration and brakes from the handlebar: on the right side, the rider can push the accelerator button with his or her thumb without loosening their grip; in the same way, a convenient brake lever (also gray) is located on the left handgrip.

The LCD multi-function display is very advanced for an electric scooter of this price range: it provides detailed information about the riding and battery life, and it allows you to turn the lights on and off. Being designed for commuting, the Pure Air Pro is also provided with a small bell that can help you signal your presence on the road, just like you would do while riding your bike.


A feature that makes this electric scooter better than its middle-range competitors is the tire quality. The Pure Air Pro comes with 10’’ air-filled tires. These are excellent for a couple of reasons: (1) they are large. Large tires provide enhanced comfort and stability for the rider, and better overall performance on different sorts of terrains; (2) they are air-filled. Inflated tires are considered better than solid ones because – despite requiring some maintenance and being subject to puncture – they allow faster speed and enhanced comfort. Inflated tires work as sort of suspensions, absorbing the bumps and irregularities of the road.


The Pue Air Pro Electric Scooter features a white headlight located high on the stem. The rider can easily turn it on and off through the LCD display on the handlebar. It’s powerful enough for signaling your presence on the road and improving your visibility with pure light conditions. It is still not suitable, though, to guarantee proper visibility at night.

There is also a rear red reflecting light located on the rear fender. It helps you be visible on the road, but again, it’s not enough to make you 100% safe at night. If you want to ride your Pure Air Pro at night you’d better provide yourself with an additional headlight and a reflector jacket.


When compared to other electric scooters with a similar conventional design, the Pure Air Pro features a wider deck. Not everyone enjoys larger decks even though they provide some extra comfort and room for your feet.

The main reason why someone may not like the wide deck is that the electric scooter can become a little less agile and responsive especially in tight curves. The Pure Air Pro didn’t show any particular agility issue during our tests, however, this aspect can be considered a matter of personal taste.


The brake lever on the Pure Air Pro activates a drum brake and an electric brake simultaneously. The electric brake is also regenerative, which means that it charges the battery a little bit while you use the brake helping lengthen the e-scooter mile-range.

The brake power suits the electric scooter’s speed and power. It’s very responsive and it can stop the electric scooter in just a few feet. While this type of brake is often jerky, this one is quite gentle and responds precisely to the gentle pull of the brake lever.


All electric scooters on the market today feature retractable kickstands. As e-scooter are replacing traditional means of transport, being able to comfortably park your device is more and more important. One small detail worth noticing: on the gray version, the kickstand is also dark gray, in line with the originality of the look.

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Other than the electric scooter itself, when you order your Pure Air Pro, you’re also going to receive a user manual, the e-scooter charger, and every tool and screw you need to finish assembling the device. We’ve just said “finish assembling” because the great part of the assembling process is already done when it reaches your home. Tires, stem, brakes are already attached. All you need to do is secure the handlebar in its position. The operation is very easy and you have all the information and equipment you need for the operation included in the box.

Performance for Pure Air Pro:

The Pure Air Pro is powered by a 350W motor that provides a top speed of 15.5 mph. Of course, there are electric scooters faster than this and you may consider this one slow, but the hard truth is that a higher speed than 15 mph is illegal for electric scooters in most towns and countries all around the world.

With the buttons on the LCD display you can also easily switch between 3 speed modes:

  • Eco Mode: it limits the speed at about 9 mph. This is useful if you want to lengthen your battery life and mileage.
  • Mid: it limits the speed at about 12.5 mph. We couldn’t find any utility for this speed mode, even because the top speed is only 15.5 mph. Why should I limit the speed of only 3 mph?
  • High: this is the speed mode that puts no limits on the electric scooter’s speed. When you switch into this you can reach the top speed of 15.5 mph.

Battery life

The nominal mile-range of the Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter is 18.6 miles. This is actually calculated on the Eco Mode, so if you often ride at top speed you can expect the mileage to shorten. However, our tests showed that you can easily ride this electric scooter for 15-16 miles at top-speed. Always keep in mind, though, that mileage depends on other factors other than speed: ride style, rider’s weight, types of the terrains…

Why we like about Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter:

Design and Quality Built

The Pure Air Pro stands out among its competitors for its simple and elegant style. Those couple of extra pounds are a sign of the quality and strength of the frame and its construction.

Excellent for commuters

Performance, design and price are excellent for commuters.


other than being comfortable and fun – fun is a must-have requirement for electric scooters! – the Pure Air Pro feels also safe: stable and well balanced, it’s also provided with good-performing brakes.

What we didn't like about Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter:


18 miles is good mileage for a mid-range electric scooter like the Pure Air Pro, however, we’re aware that this might not be enough for some commuters.

3 speed modes

For electric scooters with a 15.5 mph maximum speed, 3 modes are quite useless. The Eco mode can still be helpful when you need to lengthen your battery as much as possible, but the Mid Speed Mode is quite pointless.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


Anyone who’s looking for an affordable alternative for their traditional means of transport will find in the Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter exactly what they’re searching for. This is exactly what it was designed for and it seems that the manufacturer was perfectly capable of providing the perfect device for this aim.

Lightweight – and therefore suitable for mixed paths (for example, riding + bus; or riding + climbing some stairs) – with the maximum speed that is legal in most towns, and good mileage that allow most commuters to reach their destination and come back home every day with a single charge.

Check out the best price for Pure Air Pro(Link)

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