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Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Electric scooters are very versatile devices. They could be the perfect toy to give to a teenager as a present for their birthday, they could be the perfect alternative and sustainable means of transport for commuters, they could be fun, and in some cases, they are just extraordinary! The Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter is not cheap, but it is amazing. It allows great performance and mileage just as impressive. This is how the development in electric scooters’ technology has brought: a fast scooter that can run for more than 35 miles on a single charge. Sturdy, fun, and secure. Without further delay, let’s find out anything you need to know about the Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter in this review.

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Quality and Design of Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter :

The Qiewa Q-mini electric scooter stands out from the crowd even when it comes to design. Most electric scooters don’t look like this one. This is rugged and tough, with large tires, thick deck, and visible suspensions. It takes one look to guess that this isn’t the usual electric scooter.

The design is foldable, however, the frame’s weight (48 lbs) doesn’t make the electric scooter much easy to handle. This is an e-scooter design and aimed at adults so it’s large and tall, but when folded it can fit car trunks comfortably. It can carry an impressive load ( up to 440 lbs) so, again, this is the perfect scooter for adults.


The Qiewa Q-mini’s handlebar features the thick style of the electric scooter. The handgrip is ergonomic and rubberized so that they can be comfortable and anti-slip. With their left hand, the riders can operate the brake through a brake handle. On the left side of the handlebar, you can also find the On/Off light button and the horn red button.

On the right side, you have the button accelerator that you can comfortably operate with your thumb without losing your grip on the handlebar and the LCD display which gives useful information about battery, speed, speed modes, and more. You can select between speed modes through the buttons on the LCD display itself.

The Qmini’s handlebar is adjustable in height and it is provided with a couple of headlights. The headlights are also adjustable so that you can choose how to point the light.

Last but not least, the handlebar is foldable. The handgrip can be folded down so that the e-scooter can occupy less room when you need to store it.

Remote and Alarm

The Qiewa Qmini is provided with a remote through which you can set the alarm when you leave your electric scooter unattended. Anyone should try to bring it away it would play a loud alarm.


Being able to reach a speed of 38mph, the Qmini must be provided with an efficient brake system. This electric scooter has both mechanical and drum brakes to provide with the best braking capabilities. When you are riding fast, you can slow down the e-scooter smoothly and when you need to stop abruptly these brakes allow you to do it efficiently and safely.


The Qiewa Qmini features thick solid tires. On other scooters, this type of tires would provide a rigid and uncomfortable, but with its 4 spring shocks (2 mounted on the front and two on the rear) the Qmini is perfectly able to provide stability and comfort during riding. Thanks to this such an efficient shock absorption system you can enjoy all the advantages of solid tires without suffering the disadvantage: zero maintenance on the tires, no worries about puncture, ready for the ride as soon as you take them off the box or the closet after winter.


The Qmini is provided with a retractable kickstand. This is extremely convenient for an electric scooter that is this heavy. This is an e-scooter that you can use just like a means of transport: go to work, go shopping, do your errands. With the kickstand and the anti-steal system, you can park it outside the building just like you would do with a motorcycle or a bike.


The deck features a thick style, just like the overall look of the electric scooter. It features colored lights on both sides; these aren’t only pretty, but they are actually very helpful in signaling your presence on the road, especially with poor light conditions. Another red light is located on the rear footrest with the same aim of signaling your presence to vehicles behind you.

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If you have not fallen in love with the Qmini by Qiewa so far, you are going to love it now: this electric scooter comes out of the box already assembled! You have it folded and all you need to do is unfold it through the big lever (once unfolded the lever disappears within the frame) and that’s all. The handlebar, as we’ve mentioned, is also foldable so you’ll need to unfold that too and place the handgrips on their appropriate places and that’s all. Tires are already in place, they no need checks or inflation so you are ready to go!

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Performance for Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter:

The Qiewa Qmini electric scooter is extremely fun to ride, but it’s also safe. It’s thick and sturdy frame combined with the extra-thick tires and shock absorption system provide great stability even when riding at top speed. Speed is what is most impressive about this electric scooter: it can reach 38 mph thanks to a 500-watt brushless motor. There are three-speed modes available: each of them can limit the speed to certain mph, so that you can be safer on busy roads, save the battery for longer rides, and unleash the full Qmini’s power only when you want to.

Such an impressive speed is compensated by an efficient braking system that can bring the electric scooter to a sudden stop in full safety.

The 38-mile mileage allows you to use the Qmini for any purpose: not only errands and commuting but also Sunday rides or trips visiting entire cities or parks. The frame is also IP5X waterproof so puddles or rain won’t be able to stop you.

Battery life and charging time

The Qiewa Qmini features an impressive battery: a 16AH 48V Lithium battery that allows for mileage of up to 38 miles. You can charge the electric scooter through a USB port located on the handlebar (left side) and it will take 8 to 12 hours to fully recharge. This is a long time, but after that, you have great autonomy to use your electric scooter all day long, and even more.

Even though the nominal mileage is 38 miles, keep in mind that it could be shorter depending on riding conditions. This is a fast electric scooter, so know that if you are riding at top speed all the time you won’t be able to run for so long. The same would happen if you ride up hills or on rough terrains.

Why we like about Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter:

  • It’s fast. 38 mph is an impressive top speed for an electric scooter. You will find yourself using the limited speed mode on many occasions because sometimes this e-scooter is just too fast!
  • It’s secure. The frame, the brakes, the lights, the suspensions all work together to provide safety and comfort
  • Ip5x waterproof. Rain or puddles won’t damage the frame or any function of your electric scooter.
  • Impressive mileage. You can use the mini as an alternative means of transport for many purposes. A low battery will no longer be something to worry about.

What we didn't like about Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter:

  • It’s a bit expensive. However, you won’t find an electric scooter with these features for cheaper prices.
  • It’s a bit heavy. However, such a bulky frame provides stability at high speed. The kickstand and alarm-system also allow you to park the electric scooter as you would do with a motorbike.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


  The Qiewa Q-mini Electric Scooter isn’t the most affordable electric scooter on the market. But if you take it for what it actually is – a means of transport 100% sustainable and eco-friendly – it is actually cheaper than other means of transport you may consider purchasing. It is definitely cheaper than a motorbike or a car, for example. And yes, you can totally use your Qmini as an alternative to your motorbike or car: the battery life allows for long distances, the speed is suitable to ride roads and handle the traffic safely, the alarm system will ensure you are going to find it exactly where you left it. The Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter is one of the best options for anyone searching for a reliable and performing electric scooter.

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Kerry Washington

I like this scooter, i saw my neighbor riding on grass smoothly in his garden, it can be folded, but from mere looking it’s somewhat heavy the way he carries it around.

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