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Qiewa QPower Electric Scooter honest review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Call it a beast, monster, or was electric scooter… the Qiewa QPower looks just like the electric scooter it is: a vehicle capable of impressive performances even on the roughest terrain; fast, solid, unbreakable. It may not be the cheapest around but it’s totally worth the money: with the Qiewa QPower you can ride any road, climb any hill, having fun, having adventures… but careful, this electric scooter is so powerful that you may want to wear some protective gear! Without further delay, let’s find out all the features that provide the Qiewa QPower with this impressive performance that it is capable of in this cool review.

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Quality and Design of Qiewa QPower Electric Scooter :

If you are searching for a slim and elegant designed electric scooter, The Qiewa QPower is not for you. This electric scooter is bulky and has squared shapes. The deck is very large and thick, the tires are wide and large, big and visible wires connect the brakes and the lights, the suspensions are two big a bulky with springs located beside the wheels.

Some users may even find this electric scooter ugly, but the truth is that such a strong design will allow you to ride the e-scooter on any terrain, asphalt or dirt, flat or uphill.

The Qiewa QPower is a bit heavy: it weighs 81lbs. It’s hard for anyone to lift it comfortably but not impossible. The design is also foldable, so if you need to put in your car trunk, you may struggle a little but it will fit the narrow space with no problems. Such a strong frame, also, allows the electric scooter to carry some impressive load: it features a maximum load of 600 lbs. Don’t try it because it would be too dangerous, but this electric scooter could carry two people and still be riding pretty fast.


The handlebar has a straight design with rubber handgrips for a firmer and more comfortable grip. Since the e-scooter features rear and front brakes, there are two brake levers located in front of each handgrip through which you can comfortably operate the brakes without losing your grip on the handlebar.

There are several controls located on the handlebar both on the left and on the right side.

On the left side, you have a couple of bottoms, a red one and a green one, through which you can turn your electric scooter on and off and control the lights.

On the right you have several buttons, controls, and an LCD display:

  • The LCD display is highly visible even under the sun. It provides useful information about riding (such as speed, and battery percentage). Through the buttons beside the display, you can also choose between the available speed modes.
  • There is a small but sturdy lever next to the display. That’s the accelerator. You can pull it with your index finger without losing grip on the handlebars and without moving your hands. The lever-accelerator also allows for more precise control over this powerful electric scooter.
  • Below the handlebar and reachable with your thumbs there are two more buttons: a yellow one to activate the energy-saving mode, and a red one to activate or deactivate the dual moto mode.

The handlebar is foldable: both handgrips can be bent down so that the electric scooter occupies less space when stored.


The Qiewa QPower electric scooter features a double hydraulic brake design. You can hardly find a better brake system than this on other electric scooters. You have two brake levers through which you can operate the brakes that work on both tires. Hydraulic brakes, other than being the best quality and most effective brakes you can have on an electric scooter, have also the advantage of requiring low maintenance.

These brakes can not only stop the electric scooter abruptly but safely whenever is required, but they can also provide the ability to gently slowing it down during the ride.


This electric scooter is provided with a rear brake light to signal your presence on the road. There are also two very powerful headlights. They are located low on the stem, while most models have headlight located on top of the stem, just in front of the handlebars. In this low position, the lights can illuminate the road ahead more efficiently. So, with this electric scooter, you can ride on any terrain and with every light condition, even at night.


This electric scooter features wide and extra-large pneumatic tires. Even though pneumatic tires have the disadvantages of being subject to puncture and requiring a little maintenance (you need to check the pressure every once in a while and inflate them when needed), pneumatic tires allow for enhanced performance on an electric scooter: they provide enhanced speed, comfort, and stability during riding. It would have just been a shame to have solid tires on such a performing electric scooter.


For an electric scooter that is this heavy, a kickstand is strictly necessary. The Qiewa QPower electric scooter features a bulky retractable kickstand in line with the overall design of the electric scooter. You can park this electric scooter as it was a motorcycle. The kickstand is also very useful when you charge the scooter.


Although the Qiewa QPower features pneumatic tires that are able to absorb the shocks and providing a comfortable riding, this electric scooter is also provided with front and rear suspensions. Such a shock absorption system is able to provide balance even off-road. You can consider the Qiewa QPower a sort of cross electric scooter because you’ll be able to ride on grass, hills, beaches, and any kind of rough terrains.


The deck on this electric scooter is wide and thick. Having a wide deck is always comfortable because it allows you to rest both your feet on it. The thickness is due to the powerful battery located inside the deck.

IP 5 Waterproof Standard

Puddles, rain… not even water is able to stop this electric scooter that comes with a waterproof frame.

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The Qiewa QPower comes pretty much assembled which is always appreciated. You need to unfold it (also unfold the handlebar), charge the battery, check the tires pressure, and you are ready to go.


The electric scooter comes with a detailed user manual. We suggest taking a look at it. You don’t need a guide to assemble the scooter (because it’s already assembled) but it has a lot of features, and you may want to learn how to handle this vehicle that can provide impressive performance.

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Performance for Qiewa QPower Electric Scooter:

The electric scooter’s performance is the Qpower’s main forte.

The e-scooter features a 3200 watts dual motor. It’s so powerful that you can choose to only use one. There’s a button on the handlebar that we’ve mentioned above to do so. To unleash the full electric scooter’s power, you can engage both motors and reach an impressive top speed of 56 miles per hour! Since this is really fast, you can also limit the speed by selecting speed modes through the LCD display. When you ride on a busy road, it’s necessary to limit this electric scooter’s speed, it’d be unsafe otherwise (and also illegal in most cities).

The pneumatic tires and suspensions make this electric scooter very stable. You’ll have no difficulties finding your balance even on the roughest terrains. Thanks to the powerful motor, it won’t struggle uphills: you can really ride this electric scooter anywhere. With the powerful headlights, you can ride after sunset (or before sundown), since they are very effective in enlightening a wide portion of the road up ahead. Last but not least, the frame is waterproof so that not even the rain will able to stop it.

When you leave your electric scooter, you have no chance other than parking it and leaving it standing thanks to the retractable kickstand. For these occasions, the QPower features remote control to turn on and off a lock system so that anyone would be able to turn the electric scooter on and stealing it from you. The lock system can also activate the alarm if someone tries to steal your electric scooter. If someone should try to lift it and run, it weighs 40 kg so you have good chances of running and reaching the bad guy!

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Battery life and charging time

The Qiewa QPower features an impressive mileage: up to 50 miles with a single charge. This isn’t only due to the powerful battery – a 26 Ah 18650 lithium battery – but also to the various ways the electric scooter allows for saving power: eco modes, speed limits, etc…

Keep in mind, though, that if your using the QPOer’s full power, and riding at full speed all time, the mileage will be a lot shorter than the nominal 50 miles.

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Why we like about Qiewa QPower Electric Scooter:

  • This electric scooter may be heavy but you’ll hardly find a stronger frame than this. Just look at it! This is a war electric scooter!
  • 56 miles per hour is an impressive speed. Don’t forget your protective gear when riding this electric scooter.
  • Brake system. When an electric scooter goes this fast, it needs to feature top-grade brakes. The QPower features the best available: front and rear hydraulic brakes.
  • Double suspension. Even if it has pneumatic tires, the QPower is provided with front and rear suspension for enhanced stability on the roughest terrains.
  • You can ride for long distances with this electric scooter. And if you use the eco mode and limit the speed, you can really go whenever you like with a single charge.

What we didn't like about Qiewa QPower Electric Scooter:

The Qiewa QPower has just a couple of drawbacks:

  • it’s not cheap. However, you’ll hardly find an electric scooter with such impressive features at a lower price.
  • It’s heavy. We wouldn’t recommend this electric scooter for commuting. First of all, it’d be too expensive and you won’t be using all these features. Second, if you need to fold it and carry it with you on the train or bus, the Qiewa QPower would be just too heavy.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


The Qiewa QPower doesn’t come at a low price. But if you are searching for an electric scooter with top-grade performance to have adventures off-road and ride for long distances, you can’t expect of spending less. If it fits your budget, you won’t be disappointed by this electric scooter. It has anything you’d want from an e-scooter: speed, efficiency, long mileage, sturdiness, durability… this electric scooter is built for allowing riders to go on any type of terrain, no matter the conditions.

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