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Razor E300 Electric Scooter review (2020)

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Although Electric Scooters have been around since 1996, they’ve just recently seen a massive uptick in popularity, especially in larger American cities and college campuses. This is probably due to the growing number of electric scooters rental companies such as Bird and, more recently announced, Uber. With may rental scooters hitting the market, more and more people are considering purchasing their own.

Electric Scooters aren’t just eco-friendly (no emissions to worry about and little electricity consumed) – there are also other reasons why you may consider buying one. First of all, traffic sucks! And what about parking? With an electric scooter, you’ll be able to take all the shortcuts you want, avoid traffic and stop worrying about parking. And while enjoying the wind on your face and getting some vitamin D under the sun, you’ll be also saving a lot of money: electric scooters don’t require fuel, or maintenance, or a special license you have to pay for.

If the electric scooter rides have become part of your daily routine, buying your own one would be definitely more convenient than keep renting it.

Buying an electric scooter can feel a little like buying a car, you want to do the best choice, for it’s going to stay with you very often and for a long time. There are dozen of valid choices on the market – for this article we chose to review the Razor E300 Electric Scooter, which is suitable for both adults and teens. After all, an electric scooter could be a healthy, environmental-friendly, and money-saving choice even for kids to commute to school!

Razor brand

Razor is a company founded in 2000 with the purpose of making the good old, ordinary and uninspired scooters more fun and… fast! Over the following two decades, as electric scooters’ popularity increased, they continued to build quality and innovative scooters that kids love, parents trust and young adults enjoy riding.


With their E300 Adult & Kids Electric Scooter, Razor wanted to provide the public with a scooter with a super-sized deck and frame suitable for carrying both adults and teens, with a top speed that is fast enough for adults not to be late wherever they’re going, and for kids to ride and enjoy the open-air while they stay safe. Given its design, this Razor E300 is probably more suitable for teenagers than adults, but what’s important to know is that it won’t break under an adult’s weight.

Let’s move on to the details so you can truly understand if the Razor E300 Electric Scooter is suitable for you.

General Specs of Razor E300 Electric Scooter:

  • Max Speed 15 mph
  • Ages: 13 and up
  • Battery: 24V
  • Battery Life: Up to 40 mins
  • Max Weight: 220 lbs
  • Motor: 250 watt – High-torque, Chain-driven
  • Dimension: deck 26.2’’ x 8’’; handlebar 25’’ high x 16’’ wide; tires 9’’ pneumatic.

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Quality and Design :

The Razor E300 Adult & Teen Electric Scooter features a colored design available in red, black, blue and white options. This is down to personal preference, but, as we’ve already mentioned, such a bright and colorful design may be more attractive to kids and teens rather than adults.

The Razor E300 is called a “chunky” scooter for its wide sized deck, frame and tires.


The Razor E300’s handlebar is 25’’ high and 16’’ wide which is enough for offering comfortable riding and control to both teens and adults. Whatever color you choose, the handlebar would feature black rubber handgrips and a big brake lever also black. With their right hand, the rider can operate the twist-grip throttle acceleration control which works similar to motorcycles’ acceleration control.


The Razor E300 Adults & Teen Electric Scooter features a hand-operated rear brake. The braking system works like a regular bike’s one, with a brake lever on the left handgrip. Just like it works for bicycles, the riders can operate the brake by pulling the lever with their left hand.

Also, when the brake is activated, the power to the motor is cut. This helps bring the scooter to a safe stop and it’s an extra safety precaution that Razor provided its E300 with.

Overall, the brake system is very efficient, ensuring safety for kids but also adults that may use it along busy roads.


The E300 Electric Scooter features a retractable kickstand so that you will able to leave your scooter standing. Anywhere you stop, anytime you stop with your scooter, you won’t have to leave it laying down on the floor – you can leave it nice and standing. And this is useful even while charging it.

A retractable kickstand is super useful in non-foldable scooters like the Razor E300. Since you can’t fold it and carry with you inside to store it somewhere, it’s very helpful to be able to sort of parking it. This particular model is also quite heavy (42lbs), so parking it while not using is probably the best option.


The deck of the E300 Scooter is wide enough to allow any adult or teenager to comfortably stand on it while riding


Accordingly to the “chunky” design of the scooter, the tires are also extra wide: they’re 9 inches pneumatics that allow a smooth ride even at top speed.

Weight and Weight Limit

Razor stated that the E300 is suitable for both teens and adults, even though the handlebar is easily reachable to younger children. It would be also easy for them to find the balance thanks to the wide deck and tires. On the other hand, because of its sturdy frame, the Razor E300 Teen & Adult Electric Scooter is quite heavy, and the youngest can find it difficult to handle it – the scooter could fall and damage itself or harm the child. If you’re planning to buy the E300 for your kid, consider if he or she would be able to handle a weight of 42 lbs.

The scooter supports people that weigh up to 220 lbs, which makes it suitable for both adults and teens. If you purchase one, basically every member of the family could use it.

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Assembly Razor E300 Electric Scooter:

The Razor E300 Kids & Adults Electric Scooter comes in a box that weighs about 30 pounds and it will require assembly.

The process is simple and it only requires 10 minutes of your time: all you’ll need to do is slide the handlebar post into the hollow post that you’ll find above the front wheel. Tighten the clamp with an allen wrench to secure the bar in this place.

Razor used to include the tools you’d need for the assembly within the scooter package, but this seems to be no longer the case – when you order your E300, you need to provide yourself of at least a Phillips screwdriver and a bicycle-like tire pump. You may also need a 5mm wrench, a 4mm wrench, and a valve engender

Performance for Razor E300 Electric Scooter:

The Razor E300 can reach a maximum speed of 15 MPH – it is not the fastest scooter on the market, but still, it is considered a fast scooter, especially among kids and teens ones. The twist-grip throttle acceleration control feels very responsive and far more comfortable to use than buttons or lever that other scooters feature. It reminds motorcycles accelerator grips which is apparently really fun and imagination-stimulating for teens, so they’ll end up “racing against Valentino Rossi in a MotoGP around the house!”
The 2 x 12V battery system allows the Razor E300 to remain conspicuous even at top speed. The chain-driven motor is very quiet, so your neighbors will have nothing to complain about when your kids play down the street, or when you leave the house early in the morning – they wouldn’t even notice it.

The extra-wide tires and deck make the scooter very comfortable and stable, even on dirt lanes. The big frame also ensures that the scooter will be able to withstand the wear and tear of your or your kids’ everyday use. This electric scooter by Razor feels like a device that is built to last, even if such a sturdy structure makes it a bit heavy. On the other hand, the scooter is not foldable, so it’s not meant to be carried around – it is indeed provided with a kickstand, so the scooter’s meant to be “parked”.

The brake system is very effective when you need to slow down your scooter, but it feels also very responsive when you want to quickly stop it. Speaking of sudden stops, the cut of power that the electric motor is subject to when the brake is activated, ensure that the scooter won’t plant itself or skid making the rider lose their balance. With this system, the scooter is always brought to a smooth and safe stop.

The brake’s efficiency is one of the most important features in an electric scooter, especially if you’re planning to ride it along the streets, maybe to commute to school or work – and when you ride the Razor E300 Teens & Adults Electric Scooter you can count on a super effective brake system.


The E300 electric scooter is not foldable, but you can dismantle the handlebars. This should make the storing easier, even if you’re not going to save so much space. Also, even though it’s easy and it takes only a few minutes, it can be a pain to dismantle and re-attach the handlebars every time you want to use or store your scooter. The better option is to find a spot – possibly close to a socket – where you can leave your scooter standing (thanks to its kickstand) when you’re not using it or charging it, and maybe dismantle the handlebars and slip it in that unused space between the closet and the wall when you’re not using for long periods (during winter, for example).

In the manual that comes with the scooter, you can find the manufacturer’s for on how to properly store it. Just like your smartphone, the scooter’s battery is the first component that can lose efficiency – by storing the scooter in a dry place where it won’t be affected by humid or damp weather conditions, you can protect the battery’s circuiting and lengthen its life. Also, low temperatures can kill the battery: avoid storing your scooter in your garage.

Battery life and charging time

The Razor E300 Kids & Adults Electric Scooter features two 24-volt batteries that allow the scooter to be ridden for up to 45 minutes. This means that you’d be able to go around for about 9-10 miles which is within the mid-range of electric scooter mileage (top-of-the-line scooters have a mileage of 15 miles).

Considering its runtime – unless you’re planning of doing a marathon – you’d be able to use your Razor E300 for almost any activity you want, from playing in the park to commuting to school or work.

Razor recommends to charge the scooter for about 10-12 hours after every use – but don’t forget your scooter plugged in! The manufacturer advises not to leave it overnight and have it charged for too long since this could damage the battery. Also, it’s recommended to charge the scooter after every use, even if you have ridden for less than 45 minutes. This is a way to ensure that the battery gets its dose of electricity and would avoid it to start dying.

Another tip to lengthen your scooter’s battery life is to always turn it off when not using it. You should also avoid to exhaust your scooter each time you ride – be sure to always leave some battery charge before charging it again.

What we liked about Razor E300 Electric Scooter:

Great Value for Money
Considering that the scooter features a sturdy, built-to-last, construction and that you can purchase one for all the family, the Razor E300 Adults & Teens Electric Scooter is a great value for money – check its price on Amazon.
Trusted Company
Razor is one of the worldwide leading companies in the scooter industry. They have won multiple awards and always been consistent in the quality of their products.
With its 15 MPH top speed, this is a fast electric scooter, especially if compared to other Kids or Teens Electric Scooters. Both kids and adults love to feel that wind on their faces as they ride, and this Razor E300 can give that thrill.
Brake System
We’ve already said everything about the E300 brake system. It’s efficient, responsive and ensures the rider’s safety.
The E300 is built for both Adults and Teens. Even its colorful design is very versatile: blue and red versions are more suitable for kids, but the white and black ones are somber enough to be suitable for teenagers or adults alike.

What we didn't like about Razor E300 Electric Scooter:

The E300 has basically two main downfalls:

  • It’s not foldable: given to its big frame, storing it without the possibility to fold is a bit more complicated.
  • It’s heavy: because of its 42 lbs weight, it can be quite hard to carry, especially to young kids.

Our rating

Features 100%
Battery range 100%
Top speed 100%
Quality 90%
Value for money 90%


Razor E300 e-scooter is a top-quality Electric Scooter in his price range. In our opinion, it has a couple of downfalls, but the overall quality of the scooter remains very high. It’s fast and safe – versatile and durable – colorful but suitable to adults in its white or black options. With a Razor E300 Kids & Adults Electric Scooter, any child, teenager, and adult can have a great time outdoors!

You can buy Razor E300 Electric Scooter from Amazon:

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