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Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Considered now real and sustainable means of transport, electric scooters were actually born as kids’ toys. With time, they’ve been improved and developed to become the alternative and eco-friendly means of transport for adults and teenagers alike, but the first e-scooters on the market were small, colored, and slow.

This doesn’t mean that the market of kids’ electric scooter has stopped developing and evolving. A company like Razor – probably the most well-known brand of electric scooters for kids and teenagers – is releasing new models every year, and these models are always more advanced and original. A good example of that is the Razor Trikke E2, a three wheels electric scooter with a unique design and aimed at children. It’s small, it looks unique, but it’s also great performing, fun, and extremely stable. Let’s take a detailed look at it with this Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter Review.

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Quality and Design of Razor Trikke E2 electric scooter :

With its three wheels instead of the traditional two, the Razor Trikke E2 has a unique look. As all Razor’s electric scooters it comes with a colored frame. Unique other models, though, this one is only available in one color option (blue). The frame feels extremely solid; the double-deck adds a bit of weight to it, but the e-scooter isn’t exactly heavy (it weighs 32 lbs). However smaller kids could still have difficulties lifting it and they may require an adult’s help.


Being aimed at kids, the Trikke E2 is very small. It measures 35’’ x 35.5’’ x 19’’ so, although the manufacturer recommends this electric scooter for an age range of 8 – 18 years old, we think that it would be actually uncomfortable for older teenagers, while kids younger than 8 could have a lot of fun on it. We think that kids between 6 and 12 can enjoy the Razor Trikke E2 at its best.

The Trikke E2 can carry a maximum of 119 lbs, so unless you are a very lightweight adult, avoid jumping on it and trying it because you’d almost certainly damage it.

Being a scooter for kids, it’s also worth mentioning that the Razor Trikke E2 is not foldable. Most parents use to carry their kids’ electric scooters in the car trunk and bring them riding to the park, in this case, the Trikke E2 wouldn’t be the most comfortable option. Yet, its small dimensions allow parents to find some kind of accommodation in most cases


Two main controllers are located in the handlebar, just like most of electric scooters in the market. On the right, there’s a twist-grip accelerator, while on the left the rider will find the brake lever. It’s a shame that the handlebar is not adjustable. This is another reason why this electric scooter is only suitable for small kids. Even taller kids, even though they are in the exact age range for this electric scooter, may find it uncomfortable.


The Razor Trikke E2 features a rear brake that the rider can operate through the brake lever on the handlebar. It works efficiently in gently slowing down the electric scooter, but it can also stop it very quickly when you, for whatever reason, squeeze the lever abruptly. Being able to slow down and stop the electric scooter efficiently is the number 1 safety feature in any electric scooter whether is it with two or three wheels, whether is it for adults or kids. Razor is never disappointing under this aspect


All the three wheels that come with the Razor Trikke E2 are 6’’ urethane solid tires. While we all know that pneumatic tires allow higher speed, we also know that almost any electric scooter for kids features solid ones. Why? First of all, kids don’t need to go fast on their electric scooters. Most electric scooters for kids feature a moderate top speed (and this one is one exception) so solid tires are ideal because they require no maintenance and are more durable.


The Razor Trikke E2 doesn’t need a kickstand and it doesn’t feature any. It stays standing on its own without the need for any support. It is also easier for kids to jump on it and find balance, another reason why it is specifically aimed at young children.


The Trikke E2 doesn’t have a real deck. Two cambering platforms branch off the base of the stem tube. At the end of each of them, there’s a small footrest platform where the young rider’s feet find accommodation. Two big boxes are visible under these two cambering platforms: it’s where the batteries are located. Even the battery compartments are decorated with colors in the perfect Razor’s style.

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The Razor Trikke E2 arrives in a big box and requires a bit of assembling. There is no chance that a kid can make it on their own: the assembly must be performed by an adult. You need to follow the instruction carefully because when you open the box it looks all very complicated. The horizontal part comes pretty much assembled. You need to attach the steam tube to it, and then the handle to the steam tube. All the tools you need are in the box, so by following the instruction anyone should be able to assemble the Trikke E2 without asking for help. Razor also provides video tutorials that show the assembly process so it can be even easier to follow the instructions

Performance for Razor Trikke E2 scooter:

The Razor Trikke E2 allows a more stable and intuitive ride compared with traditional two-wheel electric scooters. It makes it easier for younger children to find balance, and they could also feel more secure riding this electric scooter rather than a two-wheel one. Once again, this makes this electric scooter perfect as a first electric scooter for a little child.

The high torque motor provides power for a top speed of up to 9 mph. This is the moderate top speed typical of electric scooters aimed at children. With such a moderate speed, the single rear brake is more than enough for providing safety and efficiency. The dual cambering platforms featured by this electric scooter result in different steering technique in which the rider can utilize a lean-to-steer carving motion.

The Trikke E2 utilizes a può start system: you need to get it going to around 3 mph before the motor kicks in. Smaller children may need an actual push from an adult to reach that speed and let the motor begin its work.


Battery life and charging time

The Trikke E2 by Razor features a dual battery: the two batteries are located in the two boxes visible between the “splitter deck” we’ve mentioned above. They are 2 x 12-volt batteries that allow for a 40-minute ride on a single charge. This is an excellent mileage for an electric scooter for kids, probably made possible by the moderate speed and the light weight of the average rider. The charger is included in the box.

Why we like about Razor Trikke E2 electric scooter:

  • Unique design

Not only because it features three wheels instead of two. Razor always provides colorful and carefully designed devices for teenagers and children.

  • Safe

Moderate speed, efficient brake system, and improved balance: these features make this electric scooter extremely safe and ideal as a child’s first electric scooter.

  • Excellent mileage

A 40-minute ride on a single charge is impressive for electric scooters aimed at kids.

What we didn't like about Razor Trikke E2 electric scooter:

  •  Assembly
  • The assembly process requires time and patience. Parents or adults that have never assembled an electric scooter before may require some external help.
  •  The three-wheel system can sacrifice a bit of maneuverability.
  • Children may not be able to make certain moves that they usually do when using a two-wheel traditional e-scooter.
  • The handlebar is not adjustable
  • This makes the e-scooter uncomfortable for taller kids.
  • Not the easiest storage
  • The Trikke E2 is small but large than other electric scooters. So if you need to store it in a narrow space, check its dimensions before purchasing.

Our rating

Features 70%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 70%
Quality 80%
Value for money 80%


The Razor Trikke E2 is the ideal gift for children who are just starting to learn e-scooter riding. It also quite an affordable electric scooter compared to other brands and models. Performance, safety features, and look are ideal for children. Especially if you had small children at their first experience with electric scooters, this Razor Trikke E2 is the best e-scooter for them.

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