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Segway Ninebot Es3 kickscooter with dual battery review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Commuting, shopping, trips downtown will all become funnier and easier with the Segway ES3. The company had already released a couple of top-quality models, the ES1 and the ES2, but wanted to improve the battery compartment to make the ES3 electric scooter an alternative and sustainable means of transport for intents and purposes. The price is a bit higher than the previous models, but the improvement is considerable. Without further delay, let’s move on to find out all the Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickscooter’s features in our review.

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Quality and Design of Segway Ninebot ES3 electric scooter :

The Segway Ninebot Es3 kickscooter with dual battery has a simple monochrome design, suitable for the adult rider. The side and rear reflectors, which provides enhanced safety on the road, also add a touch of color to the frame. This Kickscooter is designed to be lightweight and durable at the same time. All the materials utilized have been chosen with this aim. So we have a strong and sturdy frame, solid tires, anti-slip rubber on the deck, and hand grips. What strikes the eye is the additional battery compartment visible on the steam tube. That’s a removable battery: it can provide enhanced mileage, but it can also be removed to have a more lightweight e-scooter. The main, non-removable, battery is located inside the steam tube and this is why it looks so thick.

The Segway Ninebot ES3 also features enhanced portability: not only it’s foldable but it is also lightweight, even with the mounted additional battery. The electric scooter measures 45’’ x 17’’ x 16’’, and with a weight of 30.0 lbs, it won’t be that complicated to lift and carry it whenever you need to. The foldable frame also makes it ideal to be stored and carried in a car trunk, on the bus, on the train, or any narrow space.

The Ninebot ES3 also features an IP54 water-resistant rating. It doesn’t make it completely waterproof under heavy rain, but splashes and light rain wouldn’t compromise its performances.


The Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickscooter features a straight handlebar with button controllers, one for the acceleration and the other to operate the electric brake. On the center, you’ll find the LED display that provides useful information about speed and battery percentage. As already mentioned, the hand-grips have a rubber anti-slip surface that allows a solid and comfortable grip.

With a single click of the power button, you can turn the headlight on. It’s quite a powerful headlight that can enlighten the road up ahead and improve your visibility on the road.


The Ninebot ES3 is provided with a dual braking system. It has a mechanical foot rear brake, plus an electric brake that you can operate with the left button controller on the handlebar. The electric brake is also regenerative, so it can charge the battery while braking for enhanced mileage.


We’ve already mentioned that the Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickscooter features solid tires. This is made in an effort of providing enhanced durability for this electric scooter. Although pneumatic tires can offer a smoother riding and enhanced speed, solid tires have other advantages: they require no maintenance and they are not subject to puncture. Furthermore, to compensate for the rigidity given by the solid tires, Segway provided this model with a front shock absorber. This way, the main disadvantage of having solid tires is canceled.


Other than being foldable and lightweight, this electric scooter also features a retractable kickstand. Almost any electric scooter on the market today features a retractable kickstand because it is quite an essential feature. Any time you need to leave your e-scooter somewhere, or when you need to charge, having the chance of using a kickstand that keeps it standing can come really in handy.


The ES3’s deck is particularly thin. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t host the battery which is instead located inside the steam tube. The deck is wide enough to be comfortable for adults’ feet and it also features an anti-slip rubber surface that keeps the feet firm even when wet.

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The Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickscooter comes in a box and every element of the electric scooters is well packaged and protected from abrasion inside it. The additional battery and charger are included.

The electric scooter comes pretty much assembled. You will only be required to install the handlebar. Wich is extremely easy: you need to plug a wire, attach the handlebar to the steam tube and secure it with 4 screws (also included). Tires are also already mounted, and being solid they don’t need any check of any sort. Once you’ve charged your brand new Ninebot ES3 you are ready to go.

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Performance for Segway Ninebot ES3 electric scooter:

The 600W motor of the Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickscooter can propel a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. This is the same top speed featured on the ES2 and the manufacturer left it unchanged probably because the ES3 is also aimed at commuting and 15.5 mph is the ideal speed for this purpose. A faster electric scooter would be dangerous on the busy streets and will consume a lot of battery. When you want an electric scooter for commuting, mileage is certainly more important than speed.

The ES3 allows you to choose from several riding options: standard, speed limit, and sport mode, and cruise control. The sport mode is the one that unleashes all the ES3’s power. The cruise control mode is certainly the most interesting: it is aimed at lengthening the mileage as much as possible. It sets the speed automatically so that you don’t use too much power when not needed. Also, this mode allows you to forget about the accelerator button.

The ride is pretty smooth despite the fact of having solid tires. They are wide and combined with a front shock absorption system so that you can have a smooth and comfortable ride on any street. Small hills aren’t a big problem for this electric scooter: you won’t experience any struggle for hill grades lower than 15%. Puddles and light rain won’t be a problem for this e-scooter and it will also be highly visible with poor light conditions thanks to its side and rear reflectors and front light.

The Ninebot ES3’s forte is certainly its mileage and the possibility of removing the additional battery. First of all, the mileage – with the mounted additional battery – is 28 miles, which is a big improvement compared to the 10-15 miles of other brand’s models. Plus, having a removable battery means that you can carry a spare fully charged one, to be able to ride for even a longer distance.

Battery life and charging time

The ES3 comes with two batteries (read more about electric scooter batteries here), as we’ve mentioned multiple times in the course of this review. The built-in one is located inside the steam tube, and the additional one is also located on the steam tube but externally. The additional external battery is well protected with a solid case.

The Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickscooter also features one of the fastest charging times in the market: it can be fully charged in 3.5 hours.

The 28 miles mileage, with the possibility of increasing it carrying a spare fully charged battery to replace the external one when it is expired, makes this electric scooter ideal not only for commuting but also for longer Sunday trips visiting cities, green places, and more.

Why we like about Segway Ninebot ES3 electric scooter:

  •  Mileage
  • This is undoubtedly the Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickscooter’s main forte. You can ride for up to 28 miles on a single charge, and lengthen the distance carrying a spare battery with you.
  •  Portability
  •  Foldable and lightweight to be carried and stored in any narrow space
  •  Shock absorber
  • Ideal for compensating for the rigidity provided by the solid tires

What we didn't like about Segway Ninebot ES3 electric scooter:


            We are not considering the Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickscooter’s top speed as a drawback because the electric scooter is too slow or anything. However, a 15.5 mph is the same top speed featured by the previous model ES2. With an increased price, we kind of expected improvement in speed too.

Our rating

Features 85%
Battery range 100%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 90%


If you are searching for an electric scooter for commuting on long distances and you won’t mind riding it for long Sunday Trips visiting unknown places, the Segway Ninebot Es3 kickscooter with dual battery is certainly the ideal option. You can easily carry it inside your car trunk or on the train, you can ride it for 28 miles, and it can provide comfort and safety. The Ninebot ES3’s price a bit higher than the other Ninebot models ES1 and ES2, but the enhanced mileage is totally worth the price!

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