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Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Commuters and beginners often don’t want to spend too much on their electric scooters. Entry-level and mid-end devices can have some limitations, but there are some that, while maintaining an affordable price, can overcome those limitations and provide enhanced performances.

This is the case of the Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter, an electric scooter that comes at the price of an entry-level but that comes with premium features: big tires and removable battery are only a couple of them. Keep on reading our Sliding X8 Electric Scooter Review to find out anything you need to know about it!

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Quality and Design of Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter :

The Slidgo X8 features a classic electric scooter design: a monochromatic black frame with a slim deck and narrow handlebars. The peculiarities of this electric scooter are the visible battery pack located along the vertical stem tube and the green finish in the throttle button and cables.

The electric scooter features a foldable design with a folding mechanism that feels smooth, sturdy, and secure. This is also one of the most lightweight e-scooters on the market which makes it perfect for commuters. Anyone who needs to lift their electric scooter along the way – because they need to take the bus or climb some stairs – wouldn’t have to make too much effort: this means that the Slidgo X (can become an actual replacement for a conventional and polluting means of transport).

Despite the slim design and low weight, the Slidgo X8 is extremely strong and can carry a maximum load of 250 lbs, which makes it suitable for adults, big and heavy dudes, and additional loads.


The Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter features a narrow and straight handlebar with rubberized handgrips for a more comfortable and secure grip. The throttle small lever is well visible on the right side: it looks like a small button but it functions like a lever. When you push it down you’re accelerating the electric scooter, when you release the speed is decreased. On this green element, you can also find the power button.

On the left side, you’ll find the single brake lever while in the center there’s a small display.

The display is very well visible both at night and under direct sunlight and provides basic information about the riding.


This electric scooter features the biggest tires when compared to other devices in the same price range: they are 10-inch solid tires.

As you may know, solid tires have pros and cons. The pros are that they require zero maintenance and they aren’t subject to puncture or lack (or excess) pressure. The con is that with solid tires you can have a more rigid and less comfortable riding. However, bigger tires provide enhanced balance and comfort on the road, so the main con of solid tires is balanced by their big dimensions.


The Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter is provided with a set of lights that makes you well visible in the traffic: it includes a front LED light and rear LED brake light. While this is enough to make other people see you in the street, it doesn’t help improve your visibility from your electric scooter. If you happen to ride at night or with extremely poor light conditions, we recommend providing your electric scooter with an additional headlight.

Deck & Kickstand

The deck is tight but long enough to provide room for both your feet: it feels comfortable even if you’re a tall guy with long feet. The retractable kickstand is sturdy and it’s always useful when you need to leave your electric scooter standing.


The Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter features a double braking system. It consists of a front electronic brake plus a rear foot disc brake. The ABS is also available: it avoids the tires from locking when you use your brakes. This is particularly helpful when the terrain is wet and it enhances your safety on your electric scooter under any circumstances.

IP54 Waterproof Rating

The Slidgo X8’s frame has an IP54 Waterproof rating. This doesn’t exactly mean that you can ride under heavy rain. An IP54 waterproof rating ensures that the product is well protected against dust (enough to keep on functioning normally even though it isn’t dust-tight), fully protected against solid objects, and splashing of water from any angle.

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The Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter comes folded in its bow which also includes:

  • 12.8 Ah battery

  • Charging cable and adapter

  • Manual

  • 6-month warranty on the battery

  • 1-year warranty on the electric scooter

This electric scooter requires a little assembling even though it’s an easy process and anything you need is included in the box. The first thing you need to do is unfold the electric scooter and put it in its standing position thanks to its retractable kickstand. Now, it’s time to secure the handlebar in its place and then attach the brake. All the operations are well described in the user manual, and the entire process doesn’t require more than 10 minutes.

Since the Slidgo X8 comes with solid tires, which are already attached, you don’t need to perform further checks or operations over your electric scooter. Charge it and go for your first ride!

Performance for Slidgo X8:

The Slidgo X8’s 350W motor can provide a maximum speed of 19 mph which is in line with other electric scooters in the same price range. It’s also close to the maximum speed allowed for electric scooters in most city roads all around the world. When you’re searching for an affordable electric scooter for commuting or your small errands, a 19-mph top speed is more than enough.

The solid tires are a bit rigid but because they’re wide the ride on this electric scooter feels more comfortable and in-control compared to the experience you can have with other devices with small solid tires. The performance on wet terrain is good enough: thanks to the ABS, the tires don’t slip dangerously on the floor – however, riding under a heavy is not recommended. First of all, you’ll be damaging the electric scooter (it can resist splashes of water but you can’t immerse it in the water!); second, it won’t be safe.

Because of the big tires, the Slidgo X8 can carry you on more than only flat terrains. Small bumps or imperfections of the street aren’t a problem for this device, even though it is certainly not suitable for off-road ridings.

The brakes work well and the ABS, as we’ve mentioned, does a great job preventing the tires from locking.

The only difficulty we experienced with the Slidgo X8 during our tests was riding uphill. It can easily climb gentle uphills (up to 8-10 degrees) but it becomes extremely slow when you try to go up more pronounced slopes. This is a feature that mostly depends on your weight, so if you’re particularly light, you’ll have fewer difficulties climbing hills.

Battery life

The 12.8 Ah battery provides 16 to 20-mile mileage. However, speaking of the Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter, there’s a lot more to tell about its battery.

As you know already if you read so far, its battery is removable. This has so many advantages! Let’s speak about them one by one:

  • The first part of the electric scooter that deteriorates on an electric scooter is its battery. Usually, the time that you need to replace your electric scooter is when its battery dies. With a removable battery you can lengthen the lifespan of your electric scooter simply because, when the battery ends its charging cycles, you can replace only the battery instead of your entire electric scooter.

  • Having a removable battery means that you can have a spare one and bring it with you to double the electric scooter mileage.

  • You can charge the battery when it’s attached to the e-scooter or plug it directly. This means that you can go for your errands, while your spare battery is charging up at home. It also means that you can park your electric scooter outside your office or school and bring the battery with you to charge during your working or school hours.

Why we like about Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter:

  • Removable battery

The removable battery is our favorite feature in this electric scooter. We described all the advantages it brings up above.

  • Big tires

Electric scooters that feature solid tires usually have smaller tires than the Slidgo X8’s. But the 10-inch tires mounted on this one allow for enhanced balance and performance on the road.

  • Value for money

For an electric scooter in this price range, the Slidgo X8 has some premium features such as the removable battery, big tires, and IP54 Waterproof rating.

What we didn't like about Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter:

  • Performances uphill

The Slidgo X8 struggles uphill, especially if you’re a big and heavy person.

Our rating

Features 85%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


The Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter is one of the best value for money on the market these days. It’s pretty, affordable and it provides great performances. It’s perfect for commuters, beginners, and anyone in search of an alternative to their polluting and money-wasting means of transport.

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