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Top Best Off-Road Electric Scooter in 2020 Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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I remember the good old days when you pushed your scooter through the neighborhood. No electric engines, no motors, no LED displays, it was just your scooter and your stamina.

Looking at scooters these days I can’t help but wonder how far they have come. From simple pushing mechanics to smartphone-controlled cruise modes, electric scooters have evolved a lot and this article aims to focus on some of the best off-road electric scooters that are available in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the beasts that dominate the off-road “scooter sports”.

Table of Contents

1. Dualtron Ultra V2

General Specs of Dualtron Ultra V2 off-road electric scooter:

Each Dualtron model comes with the following features and the Ultra V2 is no exception.

  • BLDC Dual hub motor, 5400W
  • 3 hours of battery with quick charge, and up to 20 hours on a standard charges
  • Mileage is 75 miles(depending on load and road conditions) with a speed of 50miles/hour
  • 32Ah- 60V- LG 3200 Cells
  • Can climb terrains up to 45 degrees(depending on road conditions and load)
  • 160mm disc brakes both at the back and the front(ABS standards)
  • Maximum load of 265lbs
  • The scooter comes with an SCM440 steel shaft, aviation-grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy for the frames and handle and plastic covers
  • Heatsinks
  • Eye LCD Display
  • Adjustable rubber cartridge suspension
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What we liked about Dualtron Ultra V2 electric scooter

  • Spare parts easily available and good service and tech support
  • LG lithium cells for better and long-lasting batteries
  • Reliable motors that cut through rough terrain like butter
  • Sturdy build
  • Top speed of 70 miles/hour
  • Good balance and easy to steer around close and tricky corners

What we didn't like about Dualtron Ultra V2 electric scooter

  • Like all dual motor Electric scooters, it’s quite heavy
  • A handful of cases reported the handle to break under extreme pressure

Our rating

Off-road ability 100%
Battery range 100%
Top speed 100%
Quality 90%
Value for money 95%

Buy Dualtron Ultra V2 electric scooter:

You can buy Dualtron Ultra V2 Electric Scooter here:

2. Nanrobot RS4

The S4 is the most powerful electric scooter in Nanrobot’s roster. Thought the specs are slightly inferior to the Ultra V2, the RS4 is a bit cheaper and is a great option for those who are entering the realm of off-road sports.
The scooter comes with a dual motor setup, dishing out a total of 3200W of juice in extreme situations. It has a highest speed of 45miles/hour and is capable of climbing hills as steep as 65 degrees.

We were a bit skeptic of elevation, so we gave it a shot. The scooter performed well on full charge but struggled on rocky terrain.
The off-road mileage is 55 miles but it can bow down to 30 on rocky and unforgiving roads.
However, I had a complaint about charger quality. For an off-road electric scooter, the charger is quite flimsy. It appears to not have received a lot of attention and is very poorly made.

The RS4 is a great choice for casual the commuter. It’s fast, sturdy, and is recommended to anyone who’s looking to get a whiff of off-road adventures.

General Specs of Nanrobot RS4 off-road electric scooter

  • 11-inch pneumatic tires for better grip and safety
  • Hydraulic brakes both at the front and rear tires
  • Two 1600W motors to get you adrenaline pumping
  • The load capacity of 397lbs
  • 60V lithium battery
  • Total travel distance is 55miles(depending on road conditions and load capacity)
  • Lighting system and USB charging
  • C-type suspension

What we liked about Nanrobot RS4 electric scooter

  • Is way better at handling off-road obstacles(stones, loose roots, bumps)
  • Available seat add-ons
  • Quick fold design that’s also easily transportable  
  • Sports a sturdy framework
  • Bright LED headlamp helping you navigate through rough roads
  • One of the fastest scooters in the market

What we didn't like about Nanrobot RS4 electric scooter

  • Is quite heavy compared to its competitors
  • Long charge time poses a problem if you forget to plug it in during the night

Our rating

off-road ability 85%
Battery range 100%
Top speed 90%
Quality 80%
Value for money 90%

3. Razor RX200 off-road electric scooter

The Razor RX200 is one of the most popular electric scooters available in the market. Thanks to its simplicity, it is recommended choice for everyone, including kids.

We have certainly had our fun with this bad boy. Off-road adventures have become a regular thing for electric scooters, and the RX200 manages to handle that stuff with ease. The greatest selling point of the RX200 is the ramped-up torque which provides the extra force to navigate those tricky stone laden bends.

Coupled with the 60psi tires, the electric scooter provides a balanced combination of control and speed(of up to 12mph).

The two 12V lead-acid batteries also dish out a generous runtime of 40 minutes(varies slightly with terrain), but make sure to charge the scooter before setting off to ensure the best possible mileage.

The RX200 gets a solid 10/10 in terms of build quality and reliability. However it’s not the fastest or the long-lasting kid on the block, and given the price you shouldn’t expect as much.

General Specs of Razor RX200 off-road electric scooter:

  • Weighs 46.4 pounds
  • Dimensions measure at 37.7 x 16.8 x 40 inches
  • The outer layer coated with powered steel to ensure longevity
  • 8-inch air-filled rubber tires allow for superior control and speeds
  • Load capacity is 154 pounds
  • Chain driven motor with high speed of 12mph
  • Approximately 40 minutes of runtime
  • Lithium-ion(lead-acid batteries)
  • Up to 12+ hours of charge time
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What we liked about Razor RX200 electric scooter

What we didn't like about Razor RX200 electric scooter

  • Low ground clearance, compared to the competition
  • Long recharge time (12+ hours)
  • Comparatively short mileage
  • Load capacity is also quite low compared to other scooters

Our rating

off-road ability 75%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 85%
Quality 100%
Value for money 85%
Get the best price for Razor RX200 off-road electric scooter on Amazon

Razor RX200 electric scooter

4. Super Turbo 1000W off-road electric scooter

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! The Super Turbo 1000W ruled the off-road electric scooter industry once. It used to be one of the go-to options for off-road adventures. Though there are better options available, the Turbo is still is a great option if you’re looking for a small powerhouse.

Right from the get-go, the scooter is powered by a 1000W motor, which can reach the highest speed of 26 miles/hour, which is impressive compared to some of the contemporary electric scooters.

The chain-driven motor is also pretty outdated and creates a lot of noise. Hence it’s not used anymore.

The scooter is powered by 3 12V/12Ah lead-acid batteries, dishing out a total travel distance of 18 miles on a single charge.

Though the model is a bit outdated, compared to the price, it can compete quite effectively with some of the other beasts on the list.

Finally, it has load capacity of 250lbs and a power-saving mode for long commutes.

The Turbo 1000W is a perfect choice if you want to buy a premium quality ride on a non-premium budget.

General Specs of Super Turbo 1000W electric scooter

  • Maximum speed 26mph
  • Chain drove 1000W motor
  • Load capacity 250lbs
  • 36V lead-acid batteries (3x12V)
  • 18 miles of mileage on full charge(may vary on load and terrain)
  • Dimensions: 46 x 13 x 18 inches
  • Weighs at 79lbs
  • Quite efficient on off-road commutes

What we liked about Super Turbo 1000W electric scooter

  • The model is quite cheap
  • Spare parts easily available
  • Economy mode for efficient and long-lasting commutes
  • Moderately powered
  • Seat-add-ons available
  • Impressive spring suspension for relatively smooth and bump free rides
  • Ample legroom for allowing for better balance
  • Good ground clearance

What we didn't like about Super Turbo 1000W electric scooter

  • Lead-acid batteries, not the most long-lasting ones in the lot
  • Outdated model
  • The chain drive is noisy

Our rating

off-road ability 80%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 85%
Quality 80%
Value for money 80%
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Super Turbo 1000W electric scooter

5. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 off-road electric scooter

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the Wolf Warrior 11 was indeed meant for warriors.

The Wolf is as close to a mountain bike as Avatar to the best 3D movie ever created.

The monstrous abomination appears to be a hulk of a scooter accelerating from 0 to 15mph in about 1.9 seconds. Just to get things into perspective, only one or two other electric scooters are able to dish such performance in the world.

It can scale a 200ft climb(at 15-degree inclination ) in about 7.2 seconds.

Kaabo, the manufacturer of the scooter claims that it can travel a whopping 62 miles on a single charge. However, during testing, we’ve found that most scooters can deliver only 70% of the claimed range, which is 44 miles in Wolf’s case. However that’s the longest range we have gotten on any electric scooter so far, and we have tested a lot of scooters.  Interesting fact, the controller, motors and EYE3 display are taken from MiniMotors  Dualtron Thunder.

Performance-wise, the Wolf is a beast. Even during long commutes we faced no discomfort whatsoever, so that’s a pass on terms of comfort. However, it’s not portable and possibly won’t fit in the trunks of small cars when its folded down.

General Specs of Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 off-road electric scooter

  • Weighs at 101lbs
  • Dual 1200W motors with a peak performance of 5400W
  • Top speed of 50mph
  • Travel distance advertised 62 miles(44 miles after testing)
  • Battery capacity is 2100 watt-hours
  • Folded dimensions measures at 59 x 11 x 19 inches
  • Charge time 7 hours
  • Load capacity 330lbs
  • 11-inch tires
  • Dual hydraulic brakes with ABS
  • Lights at the front and rear
  • Horn included
  • IPX5 water-resistant rating
See Also:

What we liked about Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter

  • Best performer
  • Value for money(1000 dollars cheaper from the nearest competitor)
  • Superb build quality
  • Super-fast acceleration
  • The electronic anti-lock braking system

What we didn't like about Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter

  • Not the most portable scooter in the block

Our rating

off-road ability 100%
Battery range 100%
Top speed 100%
Quality 95%
Value for money 100%

6. UberScoot 1600W off-road electric scooter

The UberScoot 1600W is like the Terminator version of scooters. The bare minimalistic design is definitely an eye-grabber and doesn’t compromise the durability at the least.

During our test, we found the UberScoot to be one of the most stable and heavy-duty electric scooters in the market.

One thing that sticks out is the ample legroom. It is done on purpose to accommodate two riders at the same time and affects very little on phenomenal performance of the scooter. However, the maximum weight limit is still 256lbs.

The relatively short charge time makes it a viable choice for many scooter enthusiasts out there. The 1600W 48V motor delivers a total mileage of 12 miles which may seem quite less, but given the price tag, you can’t complain. Especially when the competitors are nowhere near UberScoot’s mileage.

It fits in nicely in the trunk of your car and weighs at only 89 pounds. However, we don’t recommend the UberScoot for off-road journeys. Slight elevations won’t be a problem for the electric scooter, but unforgiving roads filled with stones and bumps will slightly affect the mileage, more so if you have a passenger in the back.  

General Specs of UberScoot 1600W off-road electric scooter:

  • 1600W brushless motor
  • Four 12V/12AH, sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Includes front and rear lights
  • Charging time 6-8 hours
  • Batter life- 250 cycles
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 12 miles per charge
  • Top speed of 30mph
  • Economy mode for longer battery life
  • Loading capacity 256lbs
  • Folded dimensions measures at 46 x 25 x 21 inches
  • Comes with a stock Posi lock
  • Seat add-on

What we liked about UberScoot 1600W electric scooter

  • Extra leg space and room for a second rider
  • Bigger battery compared to the competition
  • Portable
  • Spare parts readily available
  • Low charge time
  • Value for money

What we didn't like about UberScoot 1600W electric scooter

  • The low mileage
  • Not the best option for off-road adventures

Our rating

Features 80%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 85%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%
Get the best price for UberScoot 1600W off-road electric scooter on Amazon

UberScoot 1600W  electric scooter

7. QIEWA QPOWER electric scooter

The QIEWA QPOWER is the new kid on the block. We were a bit skeptic to try it out but a few users reported a rather remarkable experience, so we gave it a shot. It certainly exceeded our expectations.

The spec list is impressive and after testing it you for a while we highly recommend it if you want a low budget and robust scooter that also supports two riders.

The QPOWER has a top speed of 52mph which is surprising. Other electric scooters at this range offer less than half its top speed.  

The QPOWER runs 2 x 1600W motors, powered by a 26Ah. The total mileage on the scooter is about 50 miles which is great. However, it depends on terrain and on the load(maximum loading capacity 273 pounds).

City travels aren’t a problem and QPOWER even does short work of-road obstacles as well.

The final verdict, although it’s a relatively new brand, it met our expectations and earned our recommendation the hard way.

General Specs of QIEWA QPOWER electric scooter

  • 3200W motor (2x1600W)
  • Top speed of 55mph
  • Effective mileage 50 miles
  • Weighs at 81lbs, relatively lighter
  • Ability to switch between single/double motor
  • 11-inch pneumatic tires that eat through unforgivable roads
  • Double hydraulic brakes
  • Cruise mode
  • 48V battery
  • IP5 waterproof rating
  • Double brake light (might affect performance)
See Also:

What we liked about QIEWA QPOWER electric scooter

  • Powerful motor
  • Superior performance and mileage
  • non-pneumatic tires offer better control
  • Waterproof

What we didn't like about QIEWA QPOWER electric scooter

  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Long charge time

Our rating

off-road ability 90%
Battery range 90%
Top speed 95%
Quality 90%
Value for money 95%
Get the best price for QIEWA Q-Power Electric Scooter on Amazon

QIEWA Q-Power Electric Scooter

Guide to choosing the best off-road Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have been with us for a while now. They have redefined the way people travel to work, school parks and so on. The off-road scooters are a rather fresh concept and one that attracted quite a lot of attention.

There is a significant gap between normal electric scooters both from a spec and price point of view. Off-road scooters can be expensive and is an investment that requires due consideration of certain aspects.

This buying guide aims to highlight the points you must focus on while choosing an off-road electric scooter. Usually they are all similar with minor variations and upgrades. A wide variety of scooters makes it extremely difficult to choose from, so here are a few things you must consider when choosing your adrenaline boosters.

1. Power

The one thing that separates normal scooters from off-road electric scooter is the motor. Some are chain driven while others have a fan mechanic to propel the rides.

Off-road electric scooters usualy also pack two engines, letting you choose between two performance modes. One engine for normal journeys and two when you’re feeling adventuristic.

The ideal power rating for an off-road electric scooter should be in the vicinity of 2400-5400W. The Wolf Warrior 11 is a shining example of a powerhouse scooter.

The scooters themselves are quite heavy so they require all that juice to navigate effortlessly. Anything less, and you might have difficulty riding through rough terrains.

2. Price

You will find a plethora of prices being thrown around the market. The good ones start from $2,000 and move to as high as $4,000. You can also get a few good ones at $1,800 as well.

The UberScoot 1600 is a decent buy. It’s cheap and can afford some lightweight off-road commutes. But if you’re serious sports, the starting mark for decent off-road electric scooter start from 2,200-2,400 dollars.

3. Speed

Ah, the Speed! This is yet another aspect where the numbers are all over the place. While choosing a scooter you might want to do a bit of research on the terrain you wish to ride the vehicle.

Usually, off-road scooters boast a speed of 26mph to 55mph depending upon the motor you’re running under the hood.

It’s a bit of personal preference, so pick one you’re most comfortable with and upgrade to a higher model once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

We would recommend the Super Turbo 1000 for starters and the Wolf or the QIEWA QPOWER for veteran riders.

4. Mileage

Mileage is also a matter of personal preference. It depends on two factors, the motor, and the battery.

If you’re keen on long journeys then anything from the Dualtron V2 to the Wolf is a great choice. You can switch to the single-engine mode to get the maximum mileage out of the scooters. However, racing your friends on rough and bumpy terrain will affect your travel distance.

It comes down to your preference really. It doesn’t matter one you choose they are all quite efficient either way.


Kudos to you if you have reached the bottom of the guide. Choosing an electric scooter is no different from choosing a car. The ones that I have mentioned on the list aren’t the only off-road electric scooters out there.

However, in my personal experience, I have found them to be extremely efficient at what they do.  Whatever the reason you buy an off-road electric scooter, wether is for offroad adventures, for hunting or just for fun, if you’re looking for something more robust that doesn’t cave in at the first sight of stress, I have also included a few budget ones that are not so suited for long off-road travels.

This is a simple guide. Feel free to compare your own notes with mine and see which one suits your fancy. Happy Riding!

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