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Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter honest review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Electric scooters have gained lots of popularity during these last years. They are considered sustainable, eco-friendly, and money-saving means of transport. While adults use them for commuting to work, school, or around college campuses, kids have fun on their e-scooters in the open air. But… who said fun is all for kids?

Turbowheel Lightning Electric Scooter, as you will see in this review has 40 mph top speed so you can have all the fun that you want from your electric scooter. But don’t think speed is the only amazing feature of this electric scooter. Speed is supported by stability, efficiency, and pretty impressive mileage.

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Quality and Design of Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter :

Just by looking at it, you can tell that the Turbowheel Lightning Electric Scooter is different from other electric scooters: it features a bulky deck and slim steam tube with visible front and rear suspensions. Also, instead of a straight handlebar, it has a fold-in one (see below for detailed description).

The design is quite attractive with its two-tone black and metallic red finish.

The frame is also foldable. It comes in handy when you need to store in your car trunk or in a narrow space during the winter; but with a weight of 77 lbs, it isn’t so comfortable to lift and carry on your shoulders when you can’t ride it.


Unlike most electric scooters, the Turbowheel Lightning doesn’t feature a straight handlebar. The Fold-in XTasy handlebar allows for more compact storage when the electric scooter is folded.

Hand Grips are ergonomic and rubberized for a more comfortable and firm grip on the handlebar.

Other than brake lever on both sides, you’ll find other controllers on your handlebar.

On the left you find two buttons:

  • ECO/TURBO: It allows you to engage the eco-mode which will reduce the low-end power.
  • SINGLE/DUAL: The Turbowheel Lightning features a dual motor and you can choose whether to engage one motor (and cut the power) or both of them.

On the right you find:

  • the keyed switch: you can insert your key here to turn your electric scooter on.
  • a large dashboard where you can check riding information other than setting some options. In particular, you can choose between 3 speed modes:

 MODE 1: It limits the top speed to 20 mph

 MODE 2: It puts the limit at 30 mph

 MODE 3: It lets you use the full Turbowheel Lightning power.


If you are familiar with our reviews, you probably have already heard us saying that the absolute best type of brakes you can have on an electric scooter is Hydraulic disc brake. They are the most efficient: they are able to guarantee excellent braking performance under both dry and wet conditions, and they provide excellent control over braking. They are also lightweight and don’t add too much weight to the electric scooter’s frame. They may require some maintenance and adjustment but these operations are extremely easy.

The Turbowheel Lighting electric scooter not only features front and red hydraulic disc brakes, but they are also regenerative: it means that, by converting the kinetic energy lost when decelerating back into stored energy in the battery, the braking system re-charge the battery when you operate the brakes.

The Turbowheel Lighting comes in a big and heavy box. It comes 90% assembled, with tires already inflated (but check the pressure in any case before you ride it for the first time). You need to mount the handlebars on the steam tube. The operation is very easy. Once mounted, the handlebar feels steady on its position: this electric scooter is really well-built.


The Turbowheel Lightning features extra-wide 10’’ tires. These combined with the front and rear suspension ensures excellent performance. Extra-wide tires always provide enhanced stability and comfort. You can ride rougher terrains and have better performance overall. With its dual suspensions absorbing bumps on the road, this electric scooter allows you to ride on all kinds of terrains and even uphills.


The Turbowheel Lightning features a retractable kickstand. We’d say that on such heavy electric scooters, a kickstand is necessary. It’s useful when you have to recharge the e-scooter when you need to leave it somewhere for your short errands, and if you have room enough you can store it without having to fold it. Although the folding system is easy to operate, the e-scooter is heavy in any case – having the option of leaving it standing is very appreciated.

Deck and lights

The Turbowheel Lightning’s deck looks a bit different from most of the other electric scooters. While most of them feature a longer and slimmer deck, this one is shorter but wider: it guarantees stability and balance over the electric scooter.

The Turbowheel Lightning Electric Scooter is equipped with integrated front and rear deck lights. A rear brake light pulsates as you use the brakes to alert anyone behind you that you are slowing down. Yet, this set of lights isn’t meant to improve your vision at night. You can always install a bright headlight on the handlebar to enlighten the road ahead when riding with poor light conditions.

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Performance for Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter:

For its excellent features, this electric scooter can be suitable for different needs: commuting, bike park, jumping bumps, having fun…

The extra-wide tires and front and rear suspensions will allow you to ride on any type of terrain. You can actually jump on your electric scooter without losing balance. The speed is impressive. Speed Mode 1, which is the slowest option on the e-scooter, is already enough for daily commuting! The extra speed that this electric scooter provides you with makes you feel safer on the road, other than providing a lot of fun on other occasions. Whenever you need to avoid sudden obstacles the scooter is provided with the power to do so safely.

The motor is extremely powerful. It’s a dual-motor system (that can provide up to 1200 Watts of power), and you can choose whether to use one or both of them.

Brakes are just as awesome as the rest of the features we’ve described so far: it seems to use those hydraulic disc brakes mounted on those expensive bicycles. Whether you need to slow down or completely stop your electric scooter, they provide a smooth and efficient braking performance.

Battery life and charging time

The Turbo wheel Lightning Electric Scooter features a 52V 18.2Ah 957 Wh Li-ion battery that provides a mile-range old 44 miles. This is quite impressive. Super-fast electric scooters usually have a short or just average mileage. This is because speed requires energy so most of the times the cost of having a fast electric scooter is its short mile-range. This is not the case though! Thanks to a powerful battery and the regenerative brakes, the battery has an impressive life span and you are able to ride your electric scooter for up to 40 (and more) miles.

Speaking of charging time, this is another excellent feature that the Turbowheel Lightning is equipped with: dual charging ports. Two charging ports are meant to plug two chargers and halve the charging time. SO, if you charge your Turbowheel Lightning with a single standard charger, it’ll take 9 hours to fully charge. If you plug two chargers (one for each port) 4.5 hours will be enough to have your electric scooter fully charged. Rapid chargers are also available. With them, you’ll be able to charge the electric scooter in 4 hours.

Why we like aboutTurbowheel Lightning electric scooter:

       Outstanding performance on every type of terrain

The extremely powerful dual motor and the extra-wide tires provide the Turbowheel Lightning with the necessary power and stability to dealt with any type of terrain: asphalt, grass, and even bumps. The suspensions are extremely efficient: they’ll provide comfort while riding on smooth surfaces and they won’t make you lose balance on rough terrains.

        3 actually useful speed modes

There are other scooters on the market with more than one-speed mode. Not always they are exactly useful. In particular, you often find yourself never using the slowest options – it’s simply too slow. The Turbowheel Lightning is the only electric scooter where speed mode 1 – the slowest – is actually enough for daily commuting. Also, the electric scooter is so powerful that there are situations in which you want to limit its power for your own safety.

        Keyed start switch

To start your electric scooter you need to insert and turn your key, just like you’d do on a motorbike. We have found this simple feature extremely useful: you can leave your electric scooter standing – thanks to the retractable kickstand – outside a shop while you run your errands without worrying anyone could steal. Keep in mind that this electric scooter is more expensive than the average ones, so some extra security is well appreciated (read more about how to secure your electric scooter here).

        Extra-wide pneumatic tires

Extra-wide tires always provide enhanced stability and overall performances. The Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter also features pneumatic tires that, despite having the disadvantage of being subject to puncture and requiring some maintenance, provide enhanced speed and stability as well.

         Impressive mileage

Other than being impressively fast, the Turbowheel Lightning e-scooter also allows you to ride for miles and miles. The 44 miles mileage is above average for electric scooters that can reach such speed.

         Load capacity

Whether you are a heavy person or you carry some load with like a gym or school bag, you will be certainly able to ride your Turbowheel LIghtning in safety, since it features a maximum load of 330 lbs.

What we didn't like about Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter:

         It’s heavy.

With a weight of 77 lbs, lifting and carrying your Turbowheel Lighting around would require a lot of effort. Such a weight provides stability but it’s not ideal in terms of portability.

        LED lights don’t improve your night vision.

The Turbowheel Lighting Electric Scooter is provided with a set of LED lights that is very useful to signal your presence on the road, but they can’t enlighten the road properly if you ride in poor light condition.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 95%
Top speed 100%
Quality 90%
Value for money 95%


As you may have guessed in the course of this review, we find Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter quite impressive. Its performances are outstanding. You can ride it for fun or for commuting, and in both cases, it provides comfort, stability, and safety. The enhanced speed and brake efficiency make the Turbowheel Lightning extremely responsive and this is what makes you feel safe on the road. Our final verdict is that the Turbowheel Lighting is totally worth the extra money you might need to spend on it.

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