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Turbowheel Swift T8+ Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Since electric scooters have become more and more popular, these compact and eco-friendly devices have also become more and more versatile. Commuters, acrobats, country-riders, fashion addict, anyone can find an electric scooter suitable for their particular needs. But what if you are searching for an electric scooter that has a comprehensive set of features? An electric scooter that’s pretty, elegant, fast, comfortable, secure and that has a decent mileage? In this case, your best option would be the Turbowheel Swift T8+, an improved version of the T8 with all the features we’ve just mentioned. Too good to be true? Not at all! Keep on reading to find out why the Turbowheel Swift T8+ could suit anyone’s needs.

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Quality and Design of Turbowheel Swift T8+ Electric Scooter :

The Turbowheel T8+ features a slim and monochrome design, a style that would be defined by the most as elegant. This electric scooter is very good looking, nothing to envy to other more expensive models.

The frame is foldable and, when folded, the T8+ becomes very compact: you can store it in any narrow space, behind a door, under the beat, under the seat on the train on inside your car trunk. On the other hand, it can be a little heavy for someone. It weight 39 lbs: it’s not impossible to lift it and carry it when you can’t ride it, but it may require too much effort for some people.

The frame might be a little heavy but it’s extremely strong and durable. It can carry up to 220 lbs so that this electric scooter is also suitable for big and heavy riders.


The Turbowheel Swift T8+ stem is adjustable in height and features a straight handlebar with two brake levers and an LCD display.

The LCD display is visible even under direct sunlight and provides information about the riding such a speed and battery percentage. The throttle lever is placed just beside the display: this throttle control unit appears on many electric scooters, and there’s a good reason for that. Such a unit allows you to operate the accelerator, brake lever, and the display buttons without moving your hand and maintaining a firm grip on the handlebar.


The Swift T8+ comes with red brake lights that start flashing when you pull the brake levers. The front light (bright white) is mounted very low to the ground. The front light is aimed at illuminating the road ahead of you, rather than signaling your presence on the road. Its low position is very effective in enlightening a portion of the road, however, this isn’t enough to ride in full dark. If you want to ride at night you may want to mount an additional light on the handlebar.


This electric scooter features a top-grade braking system, especially considering its price. It features a combination of dual drum brakes and electronic brake. This can provide excellent braking power for several reasons: first, you can operate the brakes on both the front and the rear tire. This will stop or slow down your electric scooter far more efficiently than single brakes (usually mounted on the rear tire) can do. Additionally, the rear wheel also has an electronic brake so that whenever you need to stop the electric scooter abruptly you can do it safely.

This type of dual braking system also provides enhance braking control: you can slow down smoothly whenever you need it, without bumps and jumps that are uncomfortable but that could also be dangerous.


This electric scooter has a pneumatic wheel on the front and a solid rear tire. Solid and pneumatic tires have their advantages and disadvantages, and by providing the T8+ with such a combination of tires, the manufacturer wanted to combine the advantages of both.

Solid tires have strong advantages of not being subject to flats or puncture. On the other hand, they provide no shock absorption (so the riding can become uncomfortable) and the have a poor grip on wet terrains. For this reason, the Turbowheel Swift T8+ is provided with a front pneumatic tire, able to provide shock absorption and enhanced grip.


The Turbowheel Swift T8+ comes with a convenient retractable kickstand that allows you to leave your electric scooter standing when you park it or even during the charge. Today, almost any electric scooters come with a retractable kickstand since they have become an actual means of transport. When you’re doing your errands, parking and leaving your electric scooter standing outside the shop is far more comfortable than having to fold it and carry it with you any time.


The deck is wide enough so that the rider can rest both their feet on it. The distance from the ground is 4.5 inches, so that small bumps won’t be a problem. It also has a couple of anti-slip strips that are very durable. While most of the anti-slip surfaces become smooth after some usage, these ones are going to keep their anti-slip property for a long time.

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The Turbowheel Swift T8+ comes with anything you need to assemble and charge your electric scooter, including a multitool that you can use to set up your scooter or disassemble the scooter altogether. The tires and stem are already assembled, so you don’t need to put too much work on your new electric scooter. Just make sure anything is tight and firm, check the front tire pressure, charge your electric scooter, and you are ready to go!

Buy Turbowheel Swift T8+ Electric Scooter here:

Performance for Turbowheel Swift T8+ Electric Scooter:

The Turbowheel Swift T8+ features a 500-watt brushless DC electric motor able to push the device to a top speed of 24 mph. This isn’t only the nominal top speed: after our tests, we can confirm that the average rider can easily reach the speed of 24 mph on flat terrain. Such a speed is far more than what you need to comfortably and safely ride the city streets, however, such a powerful motor allows the scooter to climb hills with no efforts or slow down. The main drawback of budget electric scooters is the uphill riding: most of them slow down so much that it’s more convenient to jump down and walk (at least you can save some battery). With the Turbowheel Swift T8+, you won’t have such a problem.

The braking system is very efficient: you’ll be able to fully stop the electric scooter in a few feet even when riding at top speed. Both the acceleration and braking feel very smooth, without jumps.

The pneumatic front tire works as a sort of shock absorber so that the riding feels extremely comfortable. The pneumatic front wheel also provides a better grip on wet terrain for enhanced security.

Battery life and charging time

The battery mounted on the Turbowheel Swift T8+ is a 614 watt-hour made of LG M26 cells, which are one of the best for electric scooters. It provides a range of about 25 miles (the range can vary depending on some factors, such as the rider’s weight, their riding style, and the type of terrain covered.

A 25 miles mile-range is quite impressive, but the Turbowheel Swift T8+ also comes with another amazing feature: its battery can be fully charged in only two hours! This means only one thing: this electric scooter can bring you anywhere!

Why we like about Turbowheel Swift T8+ Electric Scooter:

The main reason why we like the Turbowheel T8+ is that it has anything you want from an electric scooter:

  • The Swift T8+ can reach an impressive speed of 24 mph.
  • A fast electric scooter must be provided with super-efficient brakes and a solid frame. This electric scooter has a sturdy frame and double drum and electric brakes.
  • Mile-range. Some fast electric scooters have the downside of having a short mileage. The T8+ doesn’t have this problem: it features a mile-range of 25 miles which, combined with the fast charge, provides the possibility of going anywhere with this electric scooter.
  • Fast charge. The electric scooter can be charged in only two hours. This is the fastest charging time we’ve seen on an electric scooter so far!
  • Pleasant design. While some solid and fast electric scooters have bulky and ugly designs, this one has managed to keep a slim and elegant design while also providing impressive performance.

What we didn't like about Turbowheel Swift T8+ Electric Scooter:

It was hard to find any drawback in the Turbowheel Swift T8+. It is comprehensive of any essential features a good quality electric scooter should have, and it also comes at a reasonable price. However, to be precise, a couple of things could be improved:

  • We know pneumatic tires are subject to flats and puncture, but they also provide enhanced performance. Since this electric scooter can reach quite a fast top-speed some may have preferred having both front and rear pneumatic tires;
  • There no lights on the steam or under the deck. Lights are not just fancy, they are important to signal your presence on the road, especially with poor light conditions.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


If you want an electric scooter suitable for various occasions, the Turbowheel Swift T8+ would be your best choice. Not only it has everything you might need in terms of design, performance, and security, but it also comes at a reasonable price. Commuting, fun, Sunday trips, and a touch of style: this is one of the best value for money on the market today!

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