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Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Anyone looking for an affordable electric scooter will love the Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter. This electric scooter stands out not only for its price: it has quite a traditional design, but an unexpected choice of color. It provides decent performances, excellent security, and it’s also available in many options, including a PRO one.

Both the options are ideal for commuters, with some differences. Let’s take a look at its features with our Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter review.

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Quality and Design of Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter:

The design of the Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter is quite conventional but there are a couple of details that make its look stand out from the crowd: while having a thin stem and narrow deck, the rear fender is quite bulky. But it’s the choice of color that is different from everything we’ve seen so far: there are some color options available, but the colored part is only the deck. So, if, for example, you opt for a light blue version, you have a standard black stem, with a light blue deck. Because of this choice, some color options are way better looking than others!

The design, of both the PRO and the Standard versions, is foldable and both versions weigh 46 pounds. For a commuter electric scooter, this can be a little too heavy. When you commute on such a device, you often need to lift it, carry it for short distances, or fold it to bring it with you on public transport. 46 pounds can require some effort during all these operations.

A heavy structure is however stronger, and this electric scooter can carry a maximum load of 242 lb, which makes it suitable for adults and big and tall guys too.


The Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter features a straight handlebar with rubberized handgrips for improved comfort and grip. There are two brake levers because there are front and rear brakes to be operated, and a central display. The display is highly visible and it provides all information and data in a clear way: battery status, speed, Bluetooth connection, power mode… There is only one central button to browse to the options, settings, and speed mode which is never ideal. However, if you avoid changing settings during the ride you are 100% safe.

The throttle is, as always, located on the right side: it’s a lever that you can push down with your right thumb. There is also a bell on the left side. Everything is easily reachable without loosening your grip and is well designed. The display, in particular, is built within the structure of the handlebar so that, even though you want to mount a smartphone holder, it doesn’t bother.


The Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter features a double braking system made from a rear disc brake and a front drum brake. You can operate both through the levers on the handlebar that are not different from bike brake levers that users are usually already used to,

The combination of the two brakes, plus an electric brake, is more than enough to safely slow down or stop the device when needed, especially if we consider the maximum speed that the device can reach.


Both the Standard and the Pro versions feature 10-inch tires. Wide tires are ideal on an electric scooter because they provide the maximum level of comfort and balance during the ride. They are also supported by a front shock absorber that provides extra balance and comfort on small bumps or irregularities of the road.


The light set provided on the Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter is interesting: there are automatic rear brake lights that activate when you operate the brakes, and there is a powerful white headlight that can provide night vision and that you can activate through the central button just below the display (as we mentioned, that button does a lot of things!)

Deck and Kickstand

The deck is a 14-inch one and it’s fully padded with an anti-slip surface. There is also, of course, a retractable kickstand through which you can leave your electric scooter standing while you’re charging it, or park it.

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The Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter manufacturers wanted to make sure the assembly process was as easy as possible. So they make it so you can’t mess up in any way. All you need to do is to attach the upper part of the handlebar to the vertical stem and secure it. Done.

The package includes all the tools you need for this operation that require less than 10 minutes. Charge your device, and you’re ready to go!

Performance for Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter:

The main difference between the Standard and the Pro versions is in their performance, even though the difference is not huge! While the Standard version can develop a maximum speed of 18 mph, the Pro can reach 21 mph. The reason why to opt for the Pro version isn’t the maximum speed… it’s rather the overall power of the electric scooter, meaning that with the enhanced power of the Pro, you can ride uphill more easily and be more efficient.

Both versions are provided with three speed modes that you can change with the central button. Like it happens for every scooter with an average maximum speed, three speed modes don’t make much sense. Two would have been enough, and this is why: with the highest speed mode, you can unleash the full power of your electric scooter. But, if you are a complete beginner, or when you need to save some battery, you can choose a slower medium. And that’s it. An intermediate one is unnecessary and you’ll end up never using it.

The wide tires and front shock absorption system provide enhanced balance and comfort, and you can feel more secure on small bumps without the need of avoiding them abruptly (which would be even more dangerous!).

Battery life and charging time

The battery is another important difference between the Standard and the Pro version, and it is even more important than speed. While the Standard version can provide an 18-mile mile range, with the Pro you could reach 25 miles with one charge.

On the other hand, being the Pro’s battery bigger, it’ll take more time to be fully charged (up to 8 hours). With the Standard version, a full charge requires 3 to 5 hours. Charging speed isn’t this electric’s forte. However, this is something that affordable electric scooters have in common.

Why we like about Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter:

  • Value for money

The main reason why we like the Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter is that it’s a great deal! The Standard version in particular is very affordable. Despite the low price, the electric scooter has many interesting features: it’s solid, it provides an enjoyable riding experience thanks to the wide tires and the shock absorption system, and the speed and performance are suitable for commuters or city riding.

  • Shock absorption system

It’s rare to find a shock absorption system on such an affordable electric scooter. Not only the Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter has a front suspension, but it is also provided with wide 10-inch tires. The combination is ideal to provide the highest quality riding experience and security.

  • Braking system

Despite being considered in the range of affordable commuting electric scooters, the Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter features a high-end braking system. The combination of the front and rear brakes is extremely efficient and it’s also ideal for beginners because the experience is just like the one you have on a bicycle.

What we didn't like about Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter:

  • Design

We don’t understand why they choose to only customize the deck part according to the color option. Furthermore, whatever the color option, the details and brake wires remain orange. While the combination of black and orange looks cool, mint blue, black and orange become a clash of colors.

  • Charging Time

Charging time is a problem for many electric scooters in this price range. This electric scooter is suitable for you if you can cover with it, and with one charge, all the trips you need to do in one day because it’s impossible to charge it more than once per day.

  • Three speed modes

As we’ve mentioned, three speed modes on such a slow electric scooter are useless.

  • 1 button

The problem of having one button to do everything is that it becomes complicated to browse through the setting. If you push it once you do one thing, if you keep it pushed it does another. This is a mess when you need to change a setting while riding. More than a mess, it becomes dangerous. Make sure you stop before starting browsing through your display data and settings.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 90%
Top speed 90%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


As we’ve mentioned, the differences between the Standard and Pro versions are in the maximum speed and mileage. However, it’s the mileage that should guide your choice. Think of the distance you need to cover each day and pick the most suitable version. If you cover more than 18 miles per day, pick the Pro version because, as we’ve also mentioned, it takes too much time to charge the electric scooter more than once per day.

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