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YYD ROBO Electric Kick Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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With the growing popularity of electric scooters, the development in this field has also grown exponentially. As a result, today there are extremely affordable electric scooters that are equipped with everything you need to commute and replace your old and polluting means of transport.

The YYD ROBO Electric Kick Scooter is the perfect example: it’s a small and lightweight electric scooter that can bring you wherever you need… and it costs less than $400! Let’s find out more about this scooter in our YYD ROBO Electric Kick Scooter Review.

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Quality and Design

The YYD ROBO Electric Kick Scooter features a simple, slim, monochrome design with straight lines and just a couple of details in red on a matte black structure. The overall look of it is pleasant, and you can tell at once that this is not suitable for extreme performance: it’s too thin and lightweight to go off or crossroads, but if you need an electric scooter to commute in the city, this is suitable for both performance and look!

The design is – of course – foldable and because the weight is quite low (less than 15 kg) this is ideal for anyone who needs to fold or lift the device more than once during the day. We are thinking of those who commute to the bus stop, for example, you’d be able to fold the YYD ROBO with one touch and lift it without too much effort to bring it on the bus with you!

Despite the low weight, the frame is very strong, so much that this small electric scooter can carry a maximum weight of 264 lbs.


The YYD ROBO Electric Kick Scooter features a straight and simple handlebar with controllers and buttons so well integrated that you can only spot them from a close distance.

The central display is built within the frame and there are no protruding edges. It’s well visible and it provides all the necessary information, but it has only one central mode button. It means that you can do anything with one button but it’s not ideal to operate it while you’re riding: it’ll just be too dangerous. So, make sure to set everything up before you go, and then keep your eyes on the street.

On the left, we have a brake lever that is connected to the brake with a highly visible red wire. On the right, there is the small throttle lever, that you can push down with your thumb, which is, on the contrary, hardly visible from a distance.

There is also a bell mounted on the left side, and you can operate it with your thumb without losing your grip from the small straight hand grips.


The YYD ROBO Electric Kick Scooter features 8-inch solid tires. They are just what we’d expect from such an affordable and probably even more. They are wide enough to provide decent balance and comfort, and they come with all the advantages of solid tires (no puncture and no maintenance or pressure checking).


Despite being one of the most affordable electric scooters on the market the YYD ROBO comes with a built-in front white headlight. It may not be suitable to ride in the dark, but it’s more than enough to make you visible on the street for the other road users and to improve your own visibility as you go. If you need to ride in the dark, make sure you provide your electric scooter with an additional and more powerful headlight.

Deck & Kickstand

The YYD ROBO’s deck is thin and narrow. Large decks are new on the market but scooters and electric scooters were comfortable even before them. You don’t need to locate your entire feet on the deck to ride comfortably on a scooter and the thin surface provides agility and lowers the overall weight.

This electric scooter is also provided with a retractable kickstand so that you can charge or leave it standing whenever you need to.


The YYD ROBO’s braking system combines a front mechanical drum brake plus a rear regenerative electric brake. They are both activated simultaneously when you pull the brake lever in front of the left handgrip.


The YYD ROBO Electric Scooter is one of the most suitable for beginners because of its features and also because it comes to your house pretty much assembled. All you need to do is secure the handlebar and attach one cable and that’s all. You won’t even need to check tires or other features: just charge it and you’re ready to go.


The YYD ROBO Electric Scooter is equipped with a 350W brushless motor that can push the device up to 18.6 maximum speed. It might be not the fastest scooter on the market, but you can’t expect more for this price. Furthermore, the speed may not be awesome, but the motor is powerful enough to let you ride uphill without having to jump down the scooter and push it! On the contrary, you won’t experience slow-downs uphill so that you can use this device 100% as a means of transport.

The comfort is not comparable with one of the more expensive electric scooters that have wider and pneumatic tires. But again, we need to keep this device’s price in mind: this is the best you can get for such an affordable price!

Battery life

The battery can provide energy for a maximum of 13 miles. This is probably the greatest limit of this scooter, and of all cheap scooters like this. However, if you don’t need to ride any longer, the YYD ROBO is the option that allows you to optimize your budget.

It can take up to 5 hours to charge the device from empty: it’s not ideal. 5 hours is a long time, but again it all comes back to the low price.

Why we like about YYD ROBO Electric Scooter:

The YYD ROBO Electric Scooter is one of the most affordable electric scooters on the market. Resources have been optimized to provide the best value for money possible.

What we didn't like about YYD ROBO Electric Scooter:

The greatest cons are the limited mileage and the riding comfort: the riding can feel a bit rigid, especially on road’s irregularities.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


The YYD ROBO Electric Scooter is one of the best solutions for beginner and short-distance commuters.

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