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Zero 10X electric scooter review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Some purchase electric scooter for commuting or ride in the city, some other search for adventures. For these last ones, an average e-scooter isn’t enough: they need for more. Better performances, enhanced power and mileage, better features. They need the Zero 10X Electric Scooter!

This is quite an expensive electric scooter, but it’s worth its price. And, for those who want extreme performance on rough terrains, an electric scooter like this is necessary! Without further delay, let’s find out anything you need to know about the Zero 10X Electric Scooter in this review.

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Quality and Design of Zero 10X Electric Scooter :

While many high-performance electric scooters are quite ugly, this is not. It features a dynamic and slender design. The black and red elements are perfectly balanced. It’s clear that the manufacturer didn’t only want to provide great performance and enhanced features; they also paid great attention to design, even in the smallest detail.

Furthermore, this electric scooter is top quality built: any component of it is thick and metal. The steering is tight and everything feels durable. Despite it comes at quite a high price, this electric scooter is likely to last for years, even after heavy usage.

The Zero 10X is certainly not ideal for commuting (it is not what it was designed for). It weighs 77 lbs, which is too heavy to be taken on a bus or carried up some stairs. However, it features a foldable design, useful for storing it in your house during the cold season. The folding mechanism isn’t that immediate: it doesn’t matter because you are not going to fold this electric scooter that often (again, if you are searching an electric scooter to be easily folded and carried on a bus, this is not the electric scooter for you).


The Zero 10X’s handlebars aren’t straight: they copy the curved mountain bike ones’ style. The handgrips are rubberized for a firmer and more comfortable grip. On the handlebar, there are a lot of levers and controls, because the electric scooter has so many features.

  • Left side: You have one of the two brake levers on this side and two buttons. With the buttons, you can activate/deactivate the eco mode (that makes you save some battery), and activate/deactivate the dual motor. You can choose whether to utilize only one motor, or both of them to unleash the full Zero 10X power.
  • Right side: other than the other brake lever, you have her the accelerator and the LCD. On the LCD you can read all your stats (speedometer, battery percentage, and more). Through the display buttons, you can also switch to the different speed modes. The throttle control is attached to the display: it’s a lever that you can pull with your index finger. With this system, you can easily reach brakes, display buttons, and accelerator without moving your hand or loosening your grip on the handgrip.


The Zero 10X features impressive brakes: a dual mechanical disc braking system that acts on both front and rear tires for maximum braking power. The two brake levers on the handlebars make it easy to slow down the e-scooter smoothly. When you need to stop it abruptly, you can pull the levers harder and the brakes will work efficiently to provide a safe and quick stop. These are brakes that make this super-fast and super-powerful electric scooter 100% safe.

Disc brakes also require low maintenance and no adjustments out of the box.


The Zero 10X features large and thick tires: they have 10’’ diameter and 3’’ wide. They are also pneumatic inner-tube tires. Pneumatic tires joined by the front suspension provide the most comfortable and stable ride. You can ride on any type of terrains: asphalt, dirty lanes, country roads, and more. This electric scooter is extremely powerful but tires like these ones enhanced its performance greatly.

These tires give a sense of security and stability on the electric scooter when accelerating, decelerating, or riding over the imperfections of the road. With these tires, you can feel confident enough to push the Zero 10X to its limit and unleash its full power.


Almost every electric scooter features a retractable kickstand. For an electric scooter as heavy as the Zero 10X, a kickstand is strictly necessary. If you’d had to fold it every time you leave it for a short errand you’d end up covered in sweat after ten minutes. As we’ve mentioned, this electric scooter is not meant to be folded often. Leaving it standing with its retractable kickstand is far more convenient.


The Zero 10X’s deck is long and wide (19.2 x 9 inches). It is provided with a rear footrest but you can also comfortably rest both your feet on the deck. Thanks to the large tires, the deck is not so close to the ground; this gives the rider the possibility of jumping on bumps and things like that without risking damaging the deck.


The Zero 10X features a front suspension that is extremely efficient in absorbing any shock you may encounter on the road: potholes, road debris, trash won’t be a problem for your stability, even while you’re riding at top speed.

The suspension serves a couple of purposes: it keeps you stable on the road when you encounter some imperfections, but it also reduces fatigue making the riding extremely comfortable.

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The Zero 10X comes in a big and heavy box. The box includes the electric scooter, the charger, multiple tools to assemble and disassemble the electric scooter if and when needed, and the user manual. The handlebar is not assembled, but the cables are already attached, so you only need to attach and secure the handlebar on the top of the stem. Brakes are already assembled and don’t require any adjustment, while the pneumatic tires, despite being already inflated, may require you to check their pressure. After you’ve done that and charge your electric scooter, you are ready to go.

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Performance for Zero 10X Electric Scooter:

With its 2 x 100 watt motor, the Zero 10X is capable of impressive performances. Both motors have 1600-watt peaks and they can provide incredible power for the electric scooter to reach its top speed. When the Zero 10X’s power si fully unleashed – which means that both motors are engaged – it can reach a top speed of 38 mph! This is quite impressive, and far too fast to ride on the city busy streets. For this reason, the electric scooter is provided with modes that allow you to limit the speed (while also lengthening the battery life). The first you can limit your speed is activating the eco mode: in this case, you’d be only using 1 motor, saving the battery, and limiting your speed. If you want to limit your speed even further, you can utilize the speed modes available through the LCD display (and its “mode” button).

While riding this electric scooter you feel pretty stable and safe thanks to two main features: the effective brakes and the suspensions. The brakes are extremely effective in slowing the electric scooter down quickly as soon as you touch the brake levers. Whether you need to slow down smoothly or stop the electrics scooter abruptly, with these brakes – and the accelerator lever which just as responsive – you have full control over your electric scooter.

Suspensions are not only useful to provide comfort during the ride, but they also provide stability. When you ride at top speed, or on rough terrains, the suspension absorbs the shocks so that you are not kicked off your scooter.

Powerful electric scooters are also ideal to ride uphill, and the Zero 10X does not disappoint: it doesn’t struggle uphill. This electric scooter can most likely bring you up every hill in your city. You may be consuming more battery, but in no case, you will have to jump off your electric scooter and push it up a hill!

Battery life and charging time

The Zero 10X comes in two versions: one mounting a 52 V 24ah LG battery, and the other mounting a Samsung 60V, 21 AH battery. In both cases the mileage the batteries can provide is impressive: the nominal mile range is 68 mph. Where some fast electric scooters sacrifice mileage, the Zero 10X does not. Commuting for long distances, or going on trips with your friends won’t be a problem with this electric scooter.

Always keep in mind that the actual mileage can be – and usually is – different from the nominal because it depends on too many factors: first of all, you can’t expect of riding this electric scooter at top speed all the time and have a 68 miles mile range. Also, riding on rough terrains, uphill, and carrying heavy loads, would decrease the mileage. On the contrary, a slow and smooth riding style, a lightweight rider, and flat terrains are all ideal conditions to make the battery last for miles and miles.

Why we like about Zero 10X Electric Scooter:

  • Design

Lots of powerful electric scooters aren’t pretty at all. The Zero 10X is instead very good looking. The black and chrome red finish work greatly together to create a dynamic but still elegant style. Also, the front suspension gives this electric scooter a unique shape.

  • Speed and speed modes

We like a fast electric scooter but we appreciate more electric scooters that can provide safety features: and being able to limit the speed when needed is one of the most important. You can switch off one of the two motors or select one of the available modes that can limit the speed while also spare some battery

  • Mileage

While some fast electric scooters sacrifice mileage, the Zero 10X does exactly the opposite: the mile-range goes around 65 miles.

  • Brakes and suspensions

The brakes and suspensions mounted on the Zero 10X provide safety and stability while also making your ride a lot more comfortable.

What we didn't like about Zero 10X Electric Scooter:

  • It’s heavy

This electric scooter would be ideal for commuting if it was a little more lightweight. On the other hand, its weight provides additional stability which is one of the reasons why we appreciate this electric scooter

  • It’s not cheap

This isn’t an entry-level and it is not a middle-range electric scooter. Its price is over $1000, but you won’t find an electric scooter with these features at a cheaper price.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


The Zero 10X is one of the best electric scooters around. It may not be among the cheapest but it’s totally worth its price.

It’s awesome for commuting, even though it’s not ideal if you need to carry it up some stairs or with you inside the bus or train. If you need to ride for long distances to go and come from work or school, however, this is the ideal electric scooter. It could become a complete alternative to your traditional means of transport during the warm seasons.

Those who are instead in search of some adventures – ride up and down some dirty lanes or mountain paths for example – would have a lot of fun with this electric scooter as well. Its power, tires, brakes, and suspension can guarantee great performances on any type of terrain.

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