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Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Electric scooters are today one of the most eco-friendly and versatile means of transport. They are also a lot of fun! Just a few years ago when we thought of e-scooters we thought of kids and teens riding around the neighborhood or the park and enjoying the balance, speed and time outdoors.

But, today, electric scooters are much more. People (both adults and teens) used them to commute to school or work, they rent them to enjoy a ride through the city, and the market offers today a model for any riding requirement. The trend lately seems to be directed to fat tire electric scooters as they are seen more and more often on the streets.

What is a Fat Tire Electric Scooter?

Fat tires had been introduced to some years ago in the bicycle world and they’ve now made their way to e-scooters. Fat tires on electric scooters have the same advantages they have on bikes: a wider road contact surface for enhanced stability and grip. Such features allow the e-scooter to be ridden almost on any kind of terrain, flat or uphill. This is why more and more people are choosing a fat tire electric scooter: they can be more versatile and performing than traditional ones.

Other than extra-wide tires and deck, there is another major difference between fat tires electric scooters and traditional ones: they are ridden in the sitting position. They resemble choppers but preserve all the convenience, sustainability and fun of electric scooters.

Wondering about purchasing a fat tire electric scooter? Keep on reading to find the list of the best 5 fat tire electric scooters in the market as well as a comprehensive buying guide.

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Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters in 2020

1. TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 1000W Fat Tire Scooter

The first fat tire electric scooter on our list is the TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco. The company develops and designs its own e-scooter so you can have the best balance between design/construction and power/performance.

The TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco features a powerful 1000-watt hub motor that can provide a top speed of 20 mph. The top speed can vary depending on the weight of the rider. The e-scooter features two-seater so it can carry two people, but the speed would be greatly affected.

The fat tires provide enhanced performance to the e-scooter: the wider contact surface with the pavement improves the ability of the e-scooter of riding on different types of terrains and uphill. The TOXOZERS Citycoco makes no effort carrying a single rider on a slope of 15 degrees.

The e-scooter is quite powerful but can be brought to a safe and quick stop thanks to the hydraulic braking system that can be operated through the brake levers on the handlebar.

The TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco features a 48 battery (4 x 12V/12ah SLA batteries) that allows you to ride the fat tire electric scooter up to 20 miles (always keep in mind that if you carry a passenger the mile-range would decrease consistently).

The main feature of the TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco is the comfort it provides: the backrest and front and rear shock absorption allow for the smoothest and most comfortable ride.

Pros & Cons

  • Super comfortable
  • Two padded seats + backseat
  • 20 mph top speed
  • Hydraulic brake system and front and rear shock absorption
  • Can climb a hill up to 30 degrees in optimum conditions
  • It doesn’t work well on wet surfaces
  • It gives its very best only on paved surfaces
You can buy TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 1000W from Amazon:

TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 1000W 

2. eDrift ES295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

The eDrift ES295 2.0 is another fat tire e-scooter that has made of comfort its forte. With a comfortable two-seat and backrest and front fork suspension plus the fat tires and wide deck that are typical of the style, this ES296 2.0 by eDrift provides the most comfortable and smooth ride. It can also provide great performances, though. It has a powerful 2000-watt hub motor that can bring the e-scooter up to 30 mph top speed. Despite the impressive top speed, the ES295 is still very safe thanks to its very sensitive front and rear electric brake plus disk brake. Just like any common scooter, you can comfortably operate the brakes through the levers on the handlebar. This is the safest system since it allows you to slow down the e-scooter without taking your hand off the handlebar which also hosts the twist-throttle.

The eDrift ES295 2.0’s battery – a 60v single battery that can be fully charged in 6-8 hours – allows a mile-range of up to 65 miles which is extremely impressive. Such a powerful and efficient battery also provide energy headlights and alarm system, always ready to make a loud noise if and when needed.

eDrift ES295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely comfortable seat and riding
  • Powerful motor
  • Efficient braking system
  • Fork suspension
  • Wide mile-range
  • It doesn’t come at a cheap price
You can buy eDrift ES295 2.0 Electric Scooter from Amazon:

eDrift ES295 2.0 Electric Scooter

3. City Coco Electric Scooter

The City Coco Electric Scooter has anything you’d want from a fat tire e-scooter: it looks good and fun, it’s super comfortable and it provides great performances. First thing first: design. The City Coco fat tire electric scooter features a colorful design – available in white, yellow, black, and red – while also being very sturdy. It can carry a maximum load of 200 kg which is beyond the weight of two common people together.

The City Coco extra-large tires (18 x 9.5 inches) allow for a very stable riding while also being extremely agile in turns and corners. It features a powerful 1500-watt brushless motor that brings this cool electric scooter to the top speed of 25 mph with no effort. The powerful motor combines with the large tires and efficient design allows this scooter to preserve its great performance even on tough terrains. It’s perfect for commuting since it features a mile-range of almost 19 miles thanks to 60V 20ah portable battery.

Fat tire electric scooters’ batteries often have quite a long charging time: the City Coco is about average with a 6-hour charge time.

City Coco Electric Scooter

Pros & Cons

  • Nice, fun, and comfortable
  • Powerful battery with wide mile-range
  • Good performances even on tough terrains
  • It’s expensive
You can buy City Coco Electric Scooter from Amazon:

City Coco fat tire Electric Scooter

4. Fat Tire Scooter, 2 Wheel 2000 Watts

This Fat Tire Scooter, 2 Wheel 2000 Watts was designed to comfortably carrying two riders on long distances. It features a removable second seat and a second passenger footrest. The riding feels very smooth thanks to the fat tires and the powerful 2000-watt brushless motor that can accelerate the scooter easily and bring it up to a 28 mph speed.

The speed could decrease when the e-scooter would be carrying two passengers – it would go slower but the riding would still be comfortable and efficient. The ability to ride on tough terrains may also vary depending on the weight the e-scooter is carrying. The same goes for the mile-range. Under optimal circumstances – a lightweight rider on flat terrain – this fat tire electric scooter can run for more than 30 miles with a full charge (thanks to its 60V 20ah Lithium battery). When carrying two passengers or riding on tough terrains or uphill, such distance could be shorter.

The 2 Wheel 2000-watt Fat Tire Scooter is provided with many safety apparatus: a red idle light, rearview mirrors, braking lights and turn signals. And, most importantly, it features top-quality hydraulic pressure disc brakes.

Pros & Cons

  • Comfort guaranteed for the second passenger as well
  • Charge time faster than other models: 4 hours
  • Wide mile-range
  • Removable second seat
  • Not the most agile e-scooter when riding around tight corners.
You can buy Fat Tire Scooter, 2 Wheel 2000 Watts from Amazon:

Fat Tire Scooter, 2 Wheel 2000 Watts

5. SAY YEAH Fat Tire Electric Scooter

The SAY YEAH Electric Bike Brushless Hub Motor Scooter is one of the few fat tire electric scooter that allows you to choose between a standing or sitting ride position. It doesn’t feature a second seat, but still, it has an impressive capacity: 250 pounds. This means that you can use it to commute to the grocery shop or any other place of the kind and carry every bag, or extra load with you on your electric scooter.

A 500-watt hub motor generates strength and power for a smooth-riding and acceleration. This electric motor is a little less powerful than the other on this list, yet it’s still capable of good performance. On the other hand, the 60V 20ah Lithium battery brings extra power to allow the scooter to bear some extra load and handle the toughest terrains.

The SAY YEAH Electric Bike Brushless Hub Motor Scooter can be safely ridden at night thanks to a powerful and clear front light than not only signals your presence on the road but can also enlighten the street up ahead.

SAY YEAH Electric Bike Brushless Hub Motor Scooter

Pros & Cons

  • It allows you to choose your favorite riding position (standing or sitting)
  • Powerful battery
  • Great capacity
  • Not the most agile e-scooter when riding around tight corners.
You can buy SAY YEAH Fat Tire Electric Scooter from Amazon:

How To Choose The Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter?

When purchasing your new fat tire electric scooter, you shouldn’t only go for the absolute best. You should consider your needs and choose the one that is most suitable to them.

We thought of including a buying guide to help you understand the market and choose the best e-scooter for you. So, how to choose the best fat tires electric Scooter?

I. Safety

Safety is the most important aspect of every means of transport. When we discuss safety, three main features must be kept into consideration.


No matter how fast the e-scooter can bring you, you want to be able to slow down and stop quickly and safely – and possibly without the electric scooter kicking you off. Manufactures must give the same attention to braking power as much as speed.

To orient yourself through the various options that the market offers, keep in mind that hydraulic disc brakes are always the best solution. Mechanic brakes come second, and then we have drum, band and V-brakes at the same level.

Weight Limit

Always check the weight limit of your e-scooter. It could also come under the heading of “capacity” or “maximum load”. Never load your fat tire electric scooter with a higher weight than what it’s capable of carrying – it’d be extremely dangerous: the e-scooter could break in the middle of the street, you would damage the motor, battery, and tires. Most fat tire electric scooters can carry a lot of weight (even a rider plus a passenger), still, pay attention to this detail.


We think of lights like something that should enlighten the street up ahead, but their main function is to signal your presence on the road. It’s extremely important that the other road users are able to see you with every light and weather condition.

Also, a brake light would also be very useful on a fat tire electric scooter, just like it is for motorcycles and cars.

Motor Scooter

II. Dimensions

Keep in mind that fat tire electric scooters are usually bigger than traditional electric scooters. Always check the e-scooter’s dimensions to make sure you’d be able to ride. For example, most of fat tires electric scooters aren’t suitable for younger riders, simply because they’re too big.

Also, because of its dimensions, keep in mind that you’ll need a large storage place for your fat tire electric scooter.

III. Electric Scooter’s range and Battery Life

When considering the scooter’s battery life and mile-range, keep this in mind: the mile-range/battery life you see indicated on the product’s specs is the distance the scooter can run under optimal circumstances. Optimal circumstance would be a lightweight rider, carrying no bags or extra load, riding on flat terrain for the entire time. 

Most of the time you’d be not riding under optimal circumstances so opt for a fat tire electric scooter with a mile-range that exceeds your needs to make sure it will never force you to walk.

IV. Riding position and riding height

Most of fat tire electric scooters are ridden in the sitting position. You may want to check if the seat is adjustable in height and whether a second seat could be attached (or it’s included).

Yet, there are fat tire electric scooter that gives you the possibility to ride them in the standing position (and switch from a sitting to a standing position). So, ask yourself what your needs and riding habits are and make the choice that’s most suitable for you.

V. Top Speed

Top speed isn’t just a matter of fun. When considering top speed think of who the e-scooter is for (if it’s for a teen you may not want it to go too fast), and what use you’re going to make of it (an e-scooter used for commuting to work can’t be too slow).

In any case, keep in mind what we’ve said for mile-range. Top speed depends on many factors (the rider’s weight, the terrain conditions, and more) so don’t expect your fat tire e-scooter would be able to ride at top speed 100% of the time and under any condition.


None of us would want to buy a fat tires electric scooter (which could be quite expensive) to find out that we should’ve have considered some things better before spending so much money. By reading this article you can avoid this to happen. 

You know now what aspects you need to pay attention too and you also have a list of the best fat tires electric scooters to orient yourself in the market. We hope you’ll find our help useful so you can buy your next eco-friendly and super-fun means of transport making no mistakes.

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