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Ronan Eduard

Ronan Eduard

   Welcome to electricspecs.com! My name is Ronan Eduard and I am the owner of this website.

Me and two of my best friends, passionate about everything powered by electric motors, are going to do our best, to write useful electric scooter reviews, hover-boards, and different electric vehicles.
I personally owned several electric scooters in the last few years, and right now we are really enthusiastic to give you the most honest reviews out there and help you with the most interesting and helpful information.
We try to keep up with what’s new and modern on the market so that our visitors will get the most up to date info in this domain.

This is an Electric Scooter Reviews and Informations Blog, here you will find the most important information that will help you buy the best electric scooter that suits your needs and how to maintain that scooter at his best.

Electricspecs.com is our way of sharing our passion for electric scooters and helping people better evaluating an e-scooter for commuting or just for the excitement of driving them.

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Enjoy the ride!