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Hero S8 Electric Scooter Review, does he have the whole package?

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Who said that electric scooters look all alike? The Hero S8 doesn’t only look different from most electric scooters in the market, but it also has some features that make it powerful, comfortable, and agile on the street. For being such a powerful electric scooter, it isn’t even the most expensive, although it doesn’t come at a cheap price. To understand what we’re talking about, keep on reading our Hero S8 Electric Scooter Review.

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Quality and Design of Hero S8 Electric Scooter:

The Hero S8 is an adult scooter that features straight lines and squared shapes. When you look at the tires in the overall frame, they might look small at a first glance but they have actually a diameter of 8 inches (and they are 3 inches thick!).

The Hero S8 doesn’t have the bulky design of other expensive and powerful models: it’s thin and agile. When folded, it becomes very compact and you can store it easily almost anywhere, your car trunk included.

Speaking of portability, the Hero S8 has a folding design and it’s not extremely heavy: it weighs 57 lb. This is still too much for someone to lift and carry comfortably, but there are electric scooters in the market that are far heavier. A lightweight electric scooter is easier to ride so that this S8 model is also suitable for beginners.

Despite the slim design and the low weight, the frame is extremely resistant: the electric scooter can carry a weight of a maximum of 120kg, more than enough to be ridden by an adult.


The Hero S8 Electric Scooter features wide and straight handlebars. It is provided with brake levers in front of each handgrip to operate both the front and rear brakes. On the right side, you have the throttle and display unit. The throttle is made of a small lever that you can pull with your index finger. It’s the same throttle that is mounted on all the powerful and expensive electric scooters since it’s the one that better guarantees full control over the throttle and all the other controls on the handlebars without losing your grip.


The Hero S8 Electric Scooter features double suspensions: a front and rear suspension provided with two independent pistons each. This way balance and stability are ensured as well as comfort and security.


This electric scooter features 8’’ thick solid tires. The extra thickness of the tires allows for a greater balance and stability on the electric scooter. The tires are suitable for both flat and rough terrains, they are known for making the ride rigid and less comfortable when compared with inflated ones, but this is compensated by two premium suspensions mounted on both tires.


The Hero S8 comes with an amazing set of lights.

  • Front and Rear sport lights to be visible in the street

  • Customizable light system on the deck. You can pick whatever color you like (through the remote that comes in the package) for the lights that run on both sides of the deck; whichever you choose you’ll be well visible on the street for improved safety.

Deck & Kickstand

As we’ve mentioned, this electric scooter has a slim deck. Usually, powerful and expensive electric scooters have larger decks, but this isn’t always an advantage.

A long but narrow deck still guarantees proper comfort for both feet and it keeps the overall frame more agile.


The Hero S8 Electric Scooter features both front and rear disc brakes. Disc brakes are the most efficient, they don’t require any maintenance, and they are always working even on wet terrain. The two brake levers function just like the ones mounted on any bike so that anyone can use them comfortably.

They also provide great control over the brakes both for slowing down gently or stop the e-scooter abruptly.

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The Hero S8 Electric Scooter’s box contains, other than the e-scooter itself, a user’s manual, the charger, the tools you need to secure some elements or disassemble them when needed, and the remote to control the LCD lights.

The scooter is assembled: tires are attached and so is the handlebar that is simply folded down. The only operation you need to do is very simple: the display+throttle module comes disassembled – you can find it secured in a small box inside the bigger one. You simply need to connect it and secure it on the handlebar in your favorite position. It’s a very simple operation and it also allows you to customize the position of the throttle in the most comfortable way for your hand’s size.

Performance for Hero S8 Electric Scooter:

The Hero S8 can be considered a powerful electric scooter. Its performance can compete with the ones of models that are far more expensive. It is powered by a single 800 w motor that can provide a top speed of 30 mph which is a lot faster than the one allowed on the road for electric scooters in most cities around the world. However, this electric scooter also allows you to ride off-road, and here is where you can have some fun.

This electric scooter is suitable for both city roads and off-road paths. It doesn’t struggle going uphill and it maintains a good balance over the irregularities of the street or pavement thanks to the double suspensions.

When you’re on the road, limiting your e-scooter’s speed to respect the speed limit is easy and convenient thanks to the 3 speed modes available. By using them, you can just set the slowest speed mode and stop worrying about going too fast. By slowing down the power provided to the electric scooter, you can also lengthen the battery life span.

Battery life

The nominal mile-range of the Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter is 18.6 miles. This is actually calculated on the Eco Mode, so if you often ride at top speed you can expect the mileage to shorten. However, our tests showed that you can easily ride this electric scooter for 15-16 miles at top-speed. Always keep in mind, though, that mileage depends on other factors other than speed: ride style, rider’s weight, types of the terrains…

Why we like about Hero S8 Electric Scooter:


This isn’t an entry-level electric scooter and it’s not cheap (it costs more than $1000 and the price increases if you pick the more powerful battery options). However, there are electric scooters that can cost over $3,000: the Hero S8 is a premium electric scooter, but it doesn’t reach such expensive prices.


The Hero S8 is fast but it’s also safe: the brakes do a great job and the suspensions provide, other than extra comfort, extra balance, and stability on any type of terrain.


The set of lights makes the Hero S8 stylish but the lights make a great job making you visible on the street. They aren’t the type of lights that bother the other road users, but they are very efficient in making them see and notice that you are on the road with them even if you are riding a smaller device.

What we didn't like about Hero S8 Electric Scooter:


Among the panorama of powerful electric scooters, the Hero S8 is one of the most lightweight. However, for many riders, this is still too heavy. Commuters who need to lift and carry their electric scooter on the bus or up to some stairs twice a day may prefer another electric scooter. However, they should be aware that opting for a lighter electric scooter than this necessarily means choosing a less powerful device.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 90%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


Between all fast and powerful electric scooters, the Hero S8 is one of the most affordable. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to switch from an entry-level to a 30+ maximum speed device. It is also quite suitable for beginners since the throttle and brake levers configuration makes it easy and comfortable to ride.

The possibility of limiting the speed also makes the Hero S8 Electric Scooter for non-expert riders. For all its features, the Hero S8 Electric Scooter is one of the greatest value for money on the market today.

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