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Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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If electric scooters should replace our old and polluting means of transport, we want them fast, reliable, and with a look that can suit our daily outfit, even when you are going to work or at a meeting. Manufacturers are making scooters that are going in this direction but the new HIBoy Titan has already reached the goal.

It has an urban style, it’s portable, fast and reliable and it’s affordable. Let’s take a look at it in deeper detail with our HiBoy Titan review.

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Quality and Design of HiBoy Titan Electric Scooter :

The HiBoy Titan’s urban style is made by a compact and sturdy frame with straight lines and sharp corners. The look is perfect for the city; you can ride it in your office suit without looking like an adult on a kid toy.

The HiBoy TItan’s design is foldable and the frame is so thin and balanced that the device is well portable. However, it weighs 50.7 pounds: it could be hard for someone to carry it for a long distance or up some stairs unlike his smaller brother Hiboy S2 – full review here. But if you need to fold and carry it on the bus with – for example – you won’t suffer its weight too much.

The 50.7 of weight is due to the strong and sturdy frame. Despite this electric scooter looks quite thin, it can carry up to 200 pounds of weight: it’s suitable for adults, big and tall guys, and for anyone who carries a weight with them such as groceries, the school backpack, or the gym bag.

The HiBoy TItan comes with an IP53 waterproof certification. It means that it’s completely protected from dust (you can ride on dirty lanes without risking any damage) and splashes of water. It means that it is not protected against immersion or pressured water. Of course, you won’t be immersing your electric scooter in any pool or lake, but you should still pay attention to heavy rain. Riding under heavy rain would be dangerous in any case. However, if you get caught by the rain or ride after a downpour.


The HiBoy Titan features a curved handlebar with straight and rubberized hand grips. You have two brake levers and two main and highly visible buttons with some visible wires. At the center of the handlebar, you have a wide and highly visible display. Having such a wide display is very convenient and important for your safety. You can’t lower your gaze for more than an instant while you’re riding, and having a wide display with a big font for the information it provides is very important.

The throttle is placed below the right-hand grip and it’s a small lever (that looks like a button) that you can push down with your thumb while maintaining a strong grip on the handlebar.

On the left side, you have a yellow and a red button: they are the power and mode buttons. With the mode button, you can choose if and how to limit your speed.


The HiBoy TItan electric scooter stands out for many reasons and one of them it’s its tires. It features 10-inch pneumatic tires, the same mounted on an electric scooter far more powerful and expensive than this.

This brings a lot of advantages: the electric scooter is more balanced, the riding feels more comfortable, it’s more stable on-road irregularities and you can also bring it off-roads without risking falling off at the first bump. The advantages are brought by both the fact of being pneumatic tires and being so wide.

As you may know, inflated tires can also have some disadvantages; in particular, they are subject to puncture while solid tires are not. You also need to check their pressure before your first ride and every once in a while.


The HiBoy Titan is provided with a headlight located low on the vertical stem and small red tail light. They are both enough to signal your presence on the road however, the headlight isn’t powerful enough to illuminate the road so that you can ride at night.

Riding at night can always be dangerous, but if you need to, you should consider purchasing an additional headlight that can both enlighten the road ahead better and make you even more visible on the road.

Deck & Kickstand

The HiBoy Titan is an adult electric scooter so it features a long and wide deck. The deck is very strong but it doesn’t have a bulky and thick design. This makes the electric scooter more agile on narrow corners or over small bumps.

Like any other electric scooter, the HighBoy Titan too features a retractable kickstand.


The electric scooter is thin but heavy, it’s also fast and it can carry a lot of weight so it needed strong brakes to ensure safety. The HiBoy Titan isn’t disappointing: it features rear and front disc brakes that are very responsive to the most gentle pull of the levers, but they are also very strong and can stop the electric scooter in a few feet when you need an emergency stop for any reason.

Disc brakes are also ideal because they require almost zero maintenance and they can work efficiently under any condition: even when they are wet they maintain their full efficiency.


Other than having pneumatic tires enhancing the comfort of the HiBoy Titan, it also provided suspensions on both wheels. This makes it even more secure and comfortable to ride on any type of terrain.

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The HiBoy Titan comes in a big box that includes:

  • a multi-tool to perform any assembling operation and more

  • user manual

  • charger

  • the scooter

The scooter is basically already assembled. The handlebar is attached to the stem (the wires prevent it from falling) and it just needs to be secured. Everything you need is included in the box, including the instruction on what to do precisely.

Before your first ride, you’ll need to charge the device, but you also need to check the tires pressure. Some electric scooters come with an included tire pump, but there isn’t any in the HiBoy Titan’s box; we weren’t expecting it since the price is already competitive.

If you don’t have a tire pump in your house, you’ll need to purchase one and check the tires every once in a while to make sure they are always at the right pressure. When the pressure is too low the battery dries out more quickly.

Performance for HiBoy Titan Electric Scooter:

The HiBoy Titan features an 800W brushless motor. This motor on such a lightweight and aerodynamic electric scooter can provide a 25 mph top speed and also the possibility of climbing hills up to 20-degrees inclines.

The big and pneumatic tires would have been enough to provide stable riding, but the suspensions also make this electric scooter suitable for riding off-road. This is an electric scooter that can bring you anywhere during your commuting and wandering about: you won’t have to worry about wet, dirty, or irregular terrains.

Speaking of wet conditions, the waterproof certification and the disc brakes make the HiBoy Titan safe even under light rains or on wet terrains. When it’s raining heavily, however, riding any kind of electric scooter can’t be considered safe.

Battery life

The battery mounted on the HiBoy Titan is a 48V 12.5 Ah battery. Again, the structure and features of the HiBoy Titan make the battery suitable for providing a 28 miles mileage, which is a lot on electric scooters of this price range.

The charging time, however, is a bit slow. When you need to charge your electric scooter from empty, it’ll take up to 8 hours. This is probably the only con we could spot in this electric scooter, but again, it doesn’t upset because of the competitive price.

Why we like about HiBoy Titan Electric Scooter:


This electric scooter has a very competitive price and it’s the best you can have for about $800. The best brakes, speed, tires, and suspensions!


You can use this electric scooter as a means of transport without any limitation. The only thing that can stop you is bad weather, but that happens with motorcycles too!


We weren’t expecting to see 10-inch pneumatic tires plus suspensions on such an affordable electric scooter.

What we didn't like about HiBoy Titan Electric Scooter:

Charging time

As we’ve mentioned, the only con we could spot on the HiBoy Titan is its charging time. 8 hours is a lot. However, you won’t be charging the device from empty any time: you shouldn’t at all! When the charge gets close to 20%, plug your device into its charger. It’ll lengthen the battery life span and it’ll shorten the charging time!


The headlight isn’t suitable for riding in very poor light conditions. It works more to signal your presence than to illuminate the road ahead. If you need to ride in the dark, add an additional powerful headlight.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 85%
Top speed 85%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


If you’re looking for one of the best affordable electric scooters for commuting through the city, the HiBoy Titan is an excellent choice for many reasons. First of all, it’s cheap. And, for its price, it has all premium features: 10-inch pneumatic tires with suspensions, disk brakes, and strong structure.

Performances are decent, but if you compare them with the HiBoy Titan’s price, then you can consider them outstanding! This is as much as you can get for the same price!

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