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Dualtron Mini electric scooter Review – most compact scooter from Dualtron series

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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MiniMotors is a well known electric scooter brand. They’ve been pioneers in the world of electric motors, and when electric scooters became more and more popular, they came up with the first dual-motor e-scooter. Their devices are known for being sturdy, well-constructed, and well-performing. MiniMotors’ electric scooters’ set of features always allow these devices to be extremely fast and secure.

The DUALTRON MINI is one of their popular electric scooters. Its name “MINI” stands for its reduced dimensions and lower speed. This is the only electric scooter in the DUALTRON series that only mounts a single electric motor. Does this make this electric scooter weak? Not at all! This is still way more powerful and performant than many electric scooters on the market. If you’d like to know more about it, just keep on reading our DUALTRON mini ELECTRIC SCOOTER review.

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Quality and Design of Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter :

MiniMotors and the DUALTRON series always distinguish their electric scooter for the quality of their construction, and the DUALTRON MINI is no exception. However, while most DUALTRON e-scooters are big and bulky, this is the most compact (1115mm X 1170mm X 605mm when unfolded). The design is simple but stylish and it still makes this electric scooter recognizable as one of the DUALTRON series.

It’s built from aviation-grade aluminum alloy combined with steel. These materials make the electric scooter lighter than some models (48 lbs) but it could still be a bit heavy to some. The foldable design, however, helps make it portable: if you don’t mind some effort you could even use this electric scooter for commuting.

The design is all-black with all the features nicely incorporated into it. The lines are straight, the corners are sharp: it almost doesn’t look as powerful as it actually is.


The DUALTRON MINI’s handlebars are also black. The line is slightly curved towards the rider for enhanced comfort and stability. The handgrips are rubberized and ergonomic: they allow the perfect grip without any effort.

With the brake lever on the left side, you can easily operate the rear drum brake, while – on your right – you’ll find the accelerator and LCD display. The accelerator must be pulled with the index finger, and it’s ideal not only for maintaining a firm grip when accelerating but also to regulate the acceleration with precision to avoid uncomfortable and dangerous jerks of the vehicle.

The LCD display is well visible both in the dark and under direct sunlight. It allows you to change different settings other than visualizing some information such as speed, battery percentage, and range.


The DUALTRON MINI mounts 9’’ pneumatic tires. These are ideal for the electric scooter design and also to allow for the best comfort. While they require some maintenance – such as pressure checks, and replacement when gone flat – they’re also the best tires for enhanced comfort.

On the DUALTRON MINI, comfort and stability are also enhanced by front and rear spring & rubber suspensions. Thanks to them, the riding on the DUALTRON MINI is comfortable and secure even at faster speeds.


The DUALTRON MINI Electric Scooter is provided with a set of lights that makes it perfectly visible on the street while making it even more stylish. The stem and the side of the deck both enlighten with a LED-bar shaped in the DUALTRON brand name. A rear brake light enlightens when the rider uses the brake, while a couple of headlights should help see better the road ahead. These two front lights are the only ones that could be considered too weak for their purpose. They are mounted very low, on the front of the deck and, if you ride during the day but with bad weather, for example, they could help make you even more visible on the road. But if you ride in the dark, you can’t count on them to make the dark road become bright. If you want to ride in the dark, you need to purchase and mount an additional headlight and maybe placing it on the top of the steering tube.

All the lights are customizable through the LED remote that comes included in the package.


The deck of the DUALTRON MINI is straight and wide. There’s room enough to rest both your feet comfortably, even if you’re a big guy. Furthermore, a rear anti-slip footboard provided extra room for your rear feet.

The retractable deck is super sturdy, in line with the MiniMotors quality standards. Since the electric scooter is quite heavy, having the possibility of parking it standing with the retractable kickstand is more than convenient.


The DUALTRON MINI Electric Scooter features a single rear drum brake. It can be operated with the convenient brake lever on the handlebars and it is also provided with abs. The ABS system avoids the tire to block while using the braking, avoiding the device to slip on the terrain and become dangerous.

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The MiniMotors DUALTRON MINI comes in a big box that includes the electric scooter, its charger, a basic tool, a user manual, and a LED remote control to set up and customize the electric scooter’s lights.

Tires and steering tubes are already assembled. You’ll only need to attach the handlebars to the steering tube. It’s a very easy operation, all the screws you need are included and so is the basic tool to tighten them. You also need to assemble the LCD display and the brake. More precisely, you only need to tighten, secure, and adjust them the way you find yourself most comfortable with. You can find precise instructions in the user manual, but tighten a couple of bolts is all that is required.

Since the tires are inflated, you may want to check their pressure before your first ride. Additionally, you’ll find a specific page on the user manual with all the things you’d need to check before riding your DUALTRON MINI for the first time.

Performance for Dualtron Mini:

The DUALTRON MINI is propelled by a 1,450W hub motor that provides a top speed of 32 mph. In most areas, you aren’t allowed to ride this fast on an electric scooter on city roads. In most of them, the speed limit for those devices is 15mph! But such power is not wasted in any case: it’s what allows this electric scooter to climb hills with ease. Less powerful electric scooters visibly slow down as soon as they encounter a slight rise. WIth the DUALTRON MINI, instead, you’re able to go wherever you’d go with your traditional means of transport (car, bike, or motorcycle).

For those occasions where you don’t need to unleash the full DUALTRON MINI power, you can save a lot of energy and lengthen the device’s mile-range by a lot. By using the available settings, all adjustable through the LCD power, you can limit your electric scooter’s speed for your convenience.

A Cruise Mode is available: it keeps the speed steady so that you can save the battery and avoid worrying about not accelerating too much.

Through the LCD display, you can also activate or deactivate the ABS. The rear drum brake on the DUALTRON MINI is strong enough to be 100% on or off roads. The ABS can offer extra security, preventing the electric scooter to slip on the terrain with potentially dangerous consequences. When you ride on wet terrain, you may want to have your ABS on. Furthermore, you can also choose the intensity of the electric brake. The electric brake can be considered as additional braking power provided to the rear brake. You can choose between electric brake off, moderate-intensity, or maximum intensity.

Battery life

The DUALTRON MINI Electric Scooter is powered by a 52V – 17.5 Ah – 1,050 Wh – LG battery that can provide a mile range of up to 34 miles.
A 34-mile mileage is enough for going almost anywhere in town, and that’s why the DUALTRON MINI can substitute your traditional and polluting means of transport. You can expect this mile range to shorten if you ride on particularly rough terrains, or if you have an aggressive ride style, but still, the electric scooter is unlikely to leave you during the ride.

There are ways of limiting your electric scooter’s speed, as we’ve seen above, and lengthen your mileage; there is also another option on the LCD display that you can use for this purpose. There are 3 options for Battery Save: MAX, MID, and No SAVE. With all these options and settings at your disposal, you can adjust the electric scooter to your own and very specific needs.

The DUALTRON MINI is provided with two charging ports and it comes with one standard charger. If you use only the charger that comes with the electric scooter, it’ll take about 10 hours to be fully charged from empty.
If you want to shorten the charging time, you have two options: purchasing another standard charger and use both chargers at the same time (in this case you can halve the charging time), or purchase a quick charger and use only this one (do not use the quick charger + the standard one!) to charge your DUALTRON MINI in only 2.5 hours.

Why we like about Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter:

Overall performance of speed, stability, and safety

While the DUALTRON MINI has the dimensions of an electric scooter for commuting, you can use it for a lot more than that. It’ll carry you on any type of terrain, uphill, or on a dirty lane, and you’ll be able to feel full control over your device for the whole time. The brake provides safe stops in very short distances so that the e-scooter is safe in the middle of the city traffic and in the park riding through inattentive pedestrians as well.

Value for Money

This isn’t only the most compact model in the DUALTRON series, it’s also the cheapest. While it won’t be exactly ideal for complete beginners, anyone who wants to experience the thrill of riding a DUALTRON electric scooter but wants to remain on a budget will find the DUALTRON MINI to be the perfect compromise.

Easy to change tires

The con of Peru attic tires is that they require some maintenance and that they could require being replaced (if you get a puncture for example). The tire system on the DUALTRON MINI makes the tire-changing operation as easy as it can get.

What we didn't like about Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter:


The DUALTRON MINI looks compact and slim and you don’t expect it to be so heavy. Electric scooters of these dimensions are ideal for commuting, but this is a bit too heavy, especially for some kind of riders, like teens.

Our rating

Features 85%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 85%
Value for money 85%


Even though it’s smaller and more affordable, the DUALTRON MINI lives up to its DUALTRON companions. It features the same quality of both construction and performance, and for this is the perfect balance between high performance and value for money electric scooters.

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