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Gotrax G Max Ultra Commuting Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Electric scooters have been around for a while now and the technological development for these means of transport has been awesome. Today, you can find advanced features even in small commuting electric scooters and even without spending a fortune. The GoTrax Max Ultra Commuting Electric Scooter is the perfect example. Designed for commuters or recreational purposes, it has implemented some advanced features, among which the extended mile range is the most appreciated by users all around the world.

If you’d like to learn about what’s so special about this scooter, keep on reading our GoTrax G max Ultra Review.

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Quality and Design of Gotrax G Max Ultra Electric Scooter :

The GoTrax G Max Ultra is a small quality-built and solid electric scooter. It features the classic monochromatic e scooter design even though the wide tires and the GoTrax logo on the stem tube make it distinguish on the road.

This electric scooter weighs 36 lbs and it’s one of the lightest scooters in the market. Being aimed at commuters, the low weight is an important feature because commuters can find themselves forced to lift their device along the way for any reason, and they may also need to fold and unfold it many times during the day. With a weight of 36 lbs, all these actions become easier and more comfortable.

The folding mechanism is safe and quick, and it reduces the electric scooter to a size of 17 X 42 X 6 inches, which is ideal to store your device under your seat in the bus or train, or behind a shelf in your office.


The GoTrax G Max Ultra’s handlebar is straight and texture to enhance your grip and be more comfortable. The handlebar is foldable too, and this can help you store your electric scooter in even narrower spaces.

A small LCD display is placed at the center of the handlebar and provides basic information about the speed, battery, and riding in general.

The throttle is located on the right, and it’s a small lever that you can push down to accelerate and release to decrease your speed. You can operate your brake through the left brake lever. This setting feels comfortable and allows you to operate the throttle or brake without loosening your grip or shifting your hand. Other than comfortable, it feels safe.


The G Max Ultra’s tires are 10’ pneumatic ones and they’re provided with inner tubing.

These are the best tires you can have on a commuting electric scooter, and it’s a good surprise having found them in a device of such a price range. They are the best for basically two reasons:

  • they are wide. Wide tires provide the best balance and stability. They also ensure that the deck is lifted from the ground allowing for enhanced balance over bumps or irregularities of the street.

  • they are pneumatic. Pneumatic tires are subject to puncture and require some maintenance, but they are the best when it comes to performance and stability. The maintenance they require is that you need to check their pressure every once in a while: if it’s too slow, the electric scooter is slower and uses more battery; if it’s too high, the tires can be more easily punctured.


The light set iìon the GoTrax G Max Ultra is one of those top features that makes it stand out from the crowd of commuting electric scooters. They are very basic but very effective so that you won’t need to purchase and mount extra lights, not even if you want to ride at night.

In particular, there’s a white headlight mounted on the top of the stem tube that illuminates the road up ahead improving your visibility and making the other road users around you aware of your presence. Also, there is another light on the rear fender, which is aimed at signaling your presence to vehicles behind you.


The G Max Ultra from GoTrax features a slim deck with an anti-slip surface. The deck is wide enough to ensure comfort and balance. The anti-slip rubber coating on the upper surface is very effective and feels durable.


The G Max Ultra from Go Trax features a dual braking system, made of an electric and a mechanical brake. The mechanical brake is the classical rear fender that you can push down with your rear foot.

You’ll see that you’ll hardly use it, because the electric brake, which you can operate through the brake lever on the handlebar, is effective enough in slowing down the electric scooter and ensuring safety.

IP54 Waterproof rating

The IP54 waterproof rating means that the e scooter is completely protected against dust and it’s also protected against splashes of water. It doesn’t mean that you can ride in the rain.

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The GoTrax G Max Ultra Electric Scooter comes in a big box where everything is carefully packaged. The box includes:

  • the electric scooter

  • the handlebar

  • all the tools you need for the assembly operations

  • user manuals

  • charger

These days electric scooters come at the buyers’ houses pretty much assembled and the G Max Ultra is no exception. The tires are already in their place, just like anything else except the handlebar. Attaching the handlebar is extremely easy and it’s something anyone can do on their own. All you need to do is putting it in its place and straighten some screws with the tool that is included in the box.

Before you go for your first ride, other than charging the electric scooter, you also want to check the tire pressure and, if needed, inflate them.

Performance for Gotrax G Max Ultra:

Powered by a 350 watt AVG High Torque motor, the G Max Ultra by GoTrax can provide a top speed of 25 mph. Even though the speed actually depends on several factors, and can reach the top value only under optimal conditions, the G Max Ultra feels fast and responsive. It’s very agile on the streets, and the pneumatic tires provide enhanced balance and comfort on the scooter. Small bumps and irregularities don’t push you off your electric scooter; on the contrary, with this G Mac Ultra you feel stable and secure.

The brakes are very efficient. The electric one is often enough to slow down your device and you’ll rarely find yourself pushing down that rear fender. This is also because the throttle is very sensitive, and when you release it you can feel the scooter slowing down efficiently.

Small hills aren’t a problem for the G Max Ultra, even though reaching a high speed uphill is impossible. However, unless you need to climb a mountain, you won’t find yourself off your electric scooter and dragging it up some road.

Battery life

This is one of the features we mostly appreciate on this commuting electric scooter.

Many commuting electric scooters in the market, especially those for this price range, have all average features so that even the mile range is average. It means they’re not suitable for every commuter, but anyone has to deal with a short/medium mile range: is it enough for me to reach my workplace and come back home every day?

With the GoTrax G Max Ultra any commuter is likely to reach the office or school and go back home without worrying about the battery dying in the middle of the street because the G Max Ultra mileage is 45 miles! This is made possible by an LG battery (36V 17.5aH).

The battery takes 4 hours to be fully charged from empty. This is faster than many electric scooters out there, however, 4 hours is still a long time.

Gotrax G Max Ultra

Why we like about Gotrax G Max Ultra Electric Scooter:


The G Max Ultra by GoTrax features a classic design, yet it has been upgraded with wide pneumatic tires.


Wide pneumatic tires are the best you can have on an electric scooter. It’s surprising to find them in a device for such a price range. Furthermore, the inflated tires mounted on the G Max Ultra are made from a high-resistance compound that lowers the chance of a puncture.


Mileage is the feature that surprised us the most on this electric scooter. 45-mile mile range on a commuting electric scooter is ideal, however, it’s not common. That’s why we believe the G Max Ultra Commuting electric scooter is one of the top options for commuters.

Light set

The light set featured by this electric scooter is essential but provides anything you need: improved visibility under any light condition and safety as it signals your presence on the road to other vehicles.

What we didn't like about Gotrax G Max Ultra Electric Scooter:

Charging time

For some users, a 4-hour charging time can be a little long. However, we need to highlight the fact that you’ll hardly find an electric scooter that is charged in less than 4 hours.

Our rating

Gotrax G Max Ultra
Gotrax G Max Ultra
Features 90%
Battery range 80%
Top speed 80%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


The GoTrax G Max Ultra Commuting Electric Scooter keeps its promises and is one of the best options for commuters out there. Every aspect of it is optimized for commuters: design, weight, speed, mileage, and also its price.

With this electric scooter, you can enjoy your road to work or school in complete safety, thanks to the sturdy construction, efficient brake, and light set. Furthermore, you can even ride this device at night… your only limit should be rain.

If you’re a commuter look no further: the GoTrax G Max Ultra Commuting Electric Scooter is the one for you!

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