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Macwheel MX2 compact and lightweight Electric Scooter review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Today, we live in a world of overstimulation, always plugged in to the system, downloading and uploading information on a continuous basis. From time to time I like to think about the simpler days, when the definition of having fun was to go out with your friends instead of competing in a virtual world, with strangers from around the globe.

Look into yourself and you will find the child in you poking its head, trying to break free of the shackles of the modern technology. You can only enjoy your life when you free your mind from the constructs of current ideals.

Every individual has their own unique way of enjoying life and mine is to ride around the neighborhood around my scooter. It is quite liberating, the wind blowing into hair while you soak in the life from everything that’s around you.

I have pretty high standards when selecting a scooter and the Macwheel MX2 electric scooter just so happened to catch my interest. I want to share my experience with you fellow scooter-lovers out there, so ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Macwheel Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter MX2 review.

General Specs of Macwheel MX2 Electric Scooter :

The Macwheel MX2 electrics scooter at a glance :

  • Packs a walloping 300W motor for those pesky pebble filled terrains
  • Has a maximum speed of 15 miles for one of your more ‘liberating’ rides
  • Comes with a loading capacity of 220lbs
  • Can travel up 8-12 miles depending upon the load and terrain
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum ensuring longevity even under stressful conditions
  • Super sleek design
  • 8-inch non-pneumatic tires offering superior control while riding over creeks and bumps on the streets
  • Dual brakes for better control
  • Extended battery life with and approximate 4hour charge time

You can buy Macwheel MX2 from Amazon:

Quality and design of Macwheel MX2 Electric Scooter

Quality-wise the Macwheel MX2 electrics scooter is incomparable to its peers. The scooter will appear flimsy at sight, but only after riding it will you realize its full potential and the engineering brilliance that went into developing this sweet ride.

The aircraft grade-aluminum even takes it up a notch when it comes to resilience. I made it my mission to ride the scooter in the most scooter-hostile environments there exists and little to my surprise the skinny old bastard made it without so much as a scratch.

Of course, it got a bit wobbly but nothing the provided toolkit can’t fix. A few wrench-turns here and there and it was as good as new.

The simple design really makes the scooter a force to reckon with. Impressing me with its superior performance the scooter earned its way into this Macwheel X2 review.

Asembly for Macwheel Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter MX2

A pair of sticks on a pair of wheels, that’s what the MX2 appeared to me, at least at the beginning. Although it doesn’t offer the compact folding mechanism of the Xiaomi M365 or the Macwheel MX1 the scooter is fairly easy to carry when it’s all folded up. Even before you realize it, you will get used to the size.

The handlebar comes with a nice grip, a charge indicator and a speedometer along with a slightly bent neck making it easy on the wrists during those long commutes.

At the base, you have the shock-absorber and folding mechanism that hold the stem to place.

The rear wheel houses the 300W motor, silently boosting you to 15 miles an hour while you take in the surroundings.

Overall MX2 is well-built and is sure to attract a few gazes when you ride it along the streets

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Performance for Macwheel MX2 Electric Scooter

As long as you’re under 100kg, the Macwheel MX2 electrics scooter will have no problem transporting you to your destination.

The motor breezes through bumpy and pebbly roads with little to no difficulties.

Hilly and slanting roads are a real challenge for the scooter. The battery dies even before you realize it. The next stutter is at the 30% charge mark and this time, the Macwheel MX2  has serious problems scaling hilly and obstacle-filled roads.

But it has no difficulty traveling even roads with high consistency right down to 10% charge.

Battery life and charging time

The battery is the only frowned upon feature of the MacWheel MX2. The advertised 12 miles is a longshot and you can barely go that far on a single charge.

It’s not the best battery on the block and barely gets the job done when you put it to the test. In some situations, the battery died when I was traveling uphill. I borrowed one of my friend’s Macwheel MX2 electrics scooter and it too had a scaling problem when it came to slanting roads.

Charging time is 4 hours so you can have it fully charged even if you forget to plug it in at 12 o clock.

What we liked about Macwheel MX2 Electric Scooter

  • It’s compact and lightweight and can be stored rather easily
  • The sleek looks make it a fashionable choice for them trendsetters out there
  • High-quality build materials make it a sturdy choice for scooter lovers
  • Is suitable for short-distance commutes
  • The dual brakes offer a great deal of control minimizing the chances of you bashing into nearby obstacles

What we didn't like about Macwheel MX2 Electric Scooter

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 70%
Top speed 85%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


I couldn’t help but ponder upon the total run time of the scooter. The internet puts it at 8-12 miles, but it’s more like 6-9. Much lower, like a mile or two in case of a big hill.

I thought mine was a faulty one, so I tried my friend’s Macwheel MX2 electrics scooter and it too exhibited a similar issue.

However, if you can overlook the battery, and if the commute to your work or school is through a plain downward sloping road, the Macwheel MX2 is a superb choice for a scooter. It gets you from point A to point B with relative ease if it’s not on a slanting road that is.


You can buy Macwheel MX2 from Amazon:

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