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Razor E325 Electric Scooter Review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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  Razor has been one of the worldwide leading companies in scooters manufacturing since 2000. With their work, they contributed to making the kick scooters first, and then the electric scooters become a global phenomenon. Their work has always been up to date, bringing new models into the market any time they could provide an improvement to the scooters’ technology or design.
Yet, with their Razor E325, customers are wondering whether there is an actual improvement – or any change at least – from the previous models E300 and E300S. With this article, we are not making just a review for Razor E325 electric scooter but also investigating whether there any differences with the other models that we’ve mentioned. To find out everything about the E325, the difference between this model and the E300 included, keep on reading.

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General Specs for Razor E325 electric scooter:

  • Dimensions: 41’’ x 17’’ x 42’’
  • Scooter’s weight: 42.53pounds
  • Top speed: 15MPH
  • Maximum load: 220pounds
  • Mile-range: 9 miles (45 minutes of continuoususe)
  • Charging-time: 12
  • Twist-gripthrottle
  • Retractablekickstand
  • Rear hand-controlledbrake
  • 9’’ widepneumatic
  • 250-watt chain-drivenmotor
  • 24V (2 x 12V)battery
  • Suitable for kids older than 12 yearsold
  • Assembly toolkitincluded

Quality and Design :

   Like all Razor’s electric scooters of the “E” series, the E325 features an extra-wide deck and so-called “chunky” structure. With a glance you can guess that this scooter is part of Razor E series: it’s a colorful, bulky e-scooter with an informal young design and dimensions mostly suitable for kids and teens. The E325 Electric Scooter is, in fact, an Electric Scooter aimed at kids but – just like the E300 it can also be ridden by adults since the maximum weight that it can carry is up to 220 pounds. It’s dimensions, on the other hand, wouldn’t be that comfortable for taller people – the handlebar tube is not adjustable.


The E325’s handlebar is provided with rubber handgrips and hosts the two main controls over your electric scooter: brake control and acceleration control. 

With their right hand, the rider can accelerate the e-scooter through the twist-grip throttle control. It doesn’t allow variable speed control, but just on and off and it’s no different from the E300’s. With their left hand, riders can operate the brake lever that activates the rear brake.


The E325 features a single rear brake. It can be operated through the lever on left of the handlebar. Since the speed that the E325 can reach is not that high (but kid-appropriate) a single brake system is enough to bring the e-scooter to a safe and quick stop.


The E325 electric scooter features an extra-wide deck to provide extra space for the rider’s foot. The extra-wide structure allows a better balance – which can be useful for younger riders – and improved stability on different types of terrains.


   The Razor E325 Kids & Adults Electric Scooter features 9-inch pneumatic tires (just like the E300’s). Pneumatic tires require maintenance but they can provide better performance. The alternative to pneumatic tires, in fact, is polyurethane wheels which have some advantages (for example, they are 100% puncture-proof and require no maintenance) but they are aimed at kids’ e-scooter and go slower. Pneumatic tires can ensure a higher speed but they require some attention: frequently check the air pressure and, when you get a flat, replace the tire as soon as you can to avoid damaging the wheel.


The E325 is not foldable and it’s also quite heavy (42 pounds) especially for kids. This is why the retractable kickstand is particularly useful. You can leave your electric scooter standing whenever you’re not using it and also while charging it. This is certainly more comfortable than leaving it lying on the ground, plus, it prevents scratches and damages.

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The E325 comes in a big box that weighs more than 50 pounds and you’ll need to assembly it. The process is very simple, you’ll basically need to attach the handlebar to the deck and that’s all. Tires are already attached to the deck but you’ll need to check their pressure before letting your kids (or yourself) riding the electric scooter. The brake lever is also already attached to the handlebar, you just need to connect the wire that links it to the rear wheel. The overall process is quick and simple. The most complicated part is probably checking the tires’ pressure (you’ll need to get you a tire pump for it is not included in the package).

Performance for Razor E325 Electric Scooter:

The Razor E325 Kids & Adults Electric Scooter features a 250-watt chain-driven motor which, other than being very quiet, allows the e-scooter to reach a top speed of 15 mph. Whether the electric scooter is used by a child or an adult with no particular speed claims, such a speed is more than enough to have fun and avoid arriving late to school (we wouldn’t recommend this model to adults who need an electric scooter to commute to work).

Given the restrained speed, the single rear brake is enough to bring the electric scooter to a safe stop. The wide deck makes the e-scooter super comfortable and stable. The riding is smooth and goes without particular issues on flat terrain. When going uphills, instead, the e-scooter slows down greatly and the battery runs down much more quickly.

The E325 overall performances equal the E300’s. Their “chunky” frame, also, enables both the model to withstand the wear of everyday use. Both the models are built to last, and although they go under the name of “kids and adults electric scooters” they both seem far more suitable for kids than adults.

Battery life and charging time

Just like the E300 model, the Razor E325 features two batteries of 12V each. They allow a mile-range of about 9 miles and 40 minutes of continuous use. Mile-range isn’t impressive, but it is in line with mile-ranges of electric scooter of the same price range (it is also the Razor E300’s very same).

The batteries took 12 hours to fully charge. This is a long time, but almost every electric scooters for kids feature the same charging time (only adults scooters seem to be provided with batteries that charge within less than 6 hours). Since charging time is 12 hours you may be tempted to leave the electric scooter plugged overnight. Yet, the manufacturer recommends not to leave your Razor E300 plugged after it is fully charged – you’d be compromising the battery life span.

Why we like the Razor E325 Electric Scooter:

Razor builds high-quality electric scooter mainly aimed at kids, with some models like the E325 (and the E300) that are considered both kids and adults e-scooter. And, in our opinion, this is an advantage.

  • Kids & Adults E-scooter. The Razor E325 seems to be mainly designed for kids with his chunky frame and colorful design – but, with a maximum load of 220 lbs, it can also carry adults. You can potentially purchase one electric scooter for the whole family.
  • We liked the E325 performance. The top speed of 15 mph is enough to have fun and feel that pleasant wind on your face as you ride, but it is also moderate enough to let kids stay safe. The bulky frame improves balance andcomfort.
  • On an electric scooter of this size, a retractable kickstand is strictly necessary.

Lying it down on the floor and lifting it again could be complicated for kids – the electric scooter is also quite heavy.

What we didn't like about Razor E325 Electric Scooter:

  • Not foldable design. Especially for those who buy an electric scooter for their kids, a foldable e-scooter could be more comfortable. They can store it in the car truck with ease or put it easily away when the children can’t play with it.
  • It’squite heavy. Not too heavy for adults, but it could be complicated for children to lift it.
  • The E325 should be an evolution from the E300, but is itactually?

Our rating

Features 80%
Battery range 75%
Top speed 75%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%

Differences between Razor E300 and E325 electric scooter

Both the Razor E300 (you can read our full E300 review here) and E325 are designed for both kids and adults. Is there any difference between the two models?


The E300 and the E325 have basically the same dimensions, weight capacity, and metallic chunky frame. They are both equipped with 9’’ pneumatic tires. The available color options are different. The E300 is available in white, silver, red and blue, while the E325 is available in silver, blue, and black.


The E325 features a single rear brake. It can be operated through the lever on left of the handlebar. Since the speed that the E325 can reach is not that high (but kid-appropriate) a single brake system is enough to bring the e-scooter to a safe and quick stop.


The two models feature an identical battery of 24V (2 x 12V), the same mile-range of 9 miles and 40 minutes of continuous use. Charging time is 12 hours in both cases.


The Razor E325 is a high-quality kids & adults electric scooter, very versatile and a great value for money. It is pretty much identical to the E300 model, apart from the color options available. If you’re thinking to update from an E300 to an E325, we won’t recommend it of course – you’d be basically purchasing the same electric scooter you already have. If you’re just uncertain which one to buy, choose the one that looks better to you.

You can buy Razor E325 Electric Scooter from Amazon:

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