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Macwheel MX3 Electric Scooter review

Ronan Eduard
Ronan Eduard
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Designed with adult commuters in mind, the Macwheel Electric Scooter MX3 is provided with all the features that a commuter may need or that may come in handy.

Also, it has a couple of additional features that make it special among its competitors: a detail in the design and a double suspension. Keep on reading to learn more about the Macwheel Electric Scooter MX3 so go ahead and treat yourself with this review.

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Quality and Macwheel MX3 Electric Scooter:

The Macwheel MX3 has a solid build. The design is super simple with straight lines and a monochromatic finish. The display on the handlebar, though, sticks out over the handlebar. This gives to the Macwheell MX3 a touch of uniqueness.

The solid construction doesn’t add weight to the frame. The e-scooter, in fact, is among the lightest with only 26.5 lbs of weight. The frame is also foldable: you need to pull the lock outward while pushing the handlebar slightly forward. This way the folding mechanism is unlocked and you can let the steam folding over the deck. This is not the simplest folding mechanism around but it’s super safe.


On the Macwheel MX3’s handlebar, you can basically find anything you need to control your electric scooter: acceleration on the right, brake key on the left, the LCD display in the center and the USB charging hole is located on the steam just beneath the handlebar (it’s very comfortable having it there).

The LCD display gives you information about the scooter and riding feedback: you can know the mileage, battery power, and if the front light is opened. The Macwheel MX3, in fact, features a bright front light that can signal your presence on the road and also enlight a portion of the road ahead.


The Macwheel MX3 Electric Scooter features a double braking system. An E-abs brake that you can operate with your left hand and a rear foot brake. The two of them cooperate to realize rapid and reliable braking effects.


The Macwheel MX3 features 8’’ non-pneumatic solid tires. Both the diameter and the type of tire are ideal for this scooter.  The tires are in fact large enough to ensure comfort and balance. Solid tires aren’t subject to puncture and you never need to check for their internal pressure. They can provide a more rigid riding than pneumatic tires, but on this e-scooter this is compensated by the double suspensions.


Even though it is foldable, this electric scooter also features a retractable kickstand. You won’t need to fold it and bring it with you anytime you need to leave it for a few moments – and you don’t even need to search for a wall against which you can lean your electric scooter while you run your errand.

Double suspentions

As we’ve mentioned above, non-pneumatic tires aren’t the best at providing comfort and smooth riding. With its dual suspensions system (front & rear), though, the Macwheel MX3 is able to reap the benefits of the solid tires (no puncture) while also providing a smooth and comfortable riding.

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The Macwheel MX3 comes mostly assembled. You are only required to assemble the handlebars rotating them clockwise until they are fixed.

Performance for Macwheel MX3 Electric Scooter:

In terms of speed, power, and brake efficiency the Macwheel MX3 can ensure great performances. The 350-watt hub motor can push the electric scooter up to 15.5 mph which is the average top-speed for e-scooter of this price range. This e-scooter, though, works particularly well in climbing small hills (up to 15 degrees). The dual suspensions system makes the riding extremely comfortable: you feel stable and well-balanced over your electric scooter as you ride. The solid tires allow you to take rough terrains with no fear of damaging them or the e-scooter.

Battery life and charging time

The 270Wh battery is capable of delivering 17 miles travel range. This is excellent mileage. Always keep in mind, though, that the battery life depends on some riding conditions such as rider’s weight, speed, and type of terrains.

Why we like about Macwheel MX3 Electric Scooter:

  • Non-pneumatic tires with dual suspension. These are features that provide the best comfort and the best durability.
  • Assembly. The assembly is extremely quick and easy.
  • Overall performance. We appreciated the speed, mileage, and efficiency of the brake system. In particular, this electric scooter feels extremely stable.

What we didn't like about Macwheel MX3 Electric Scooter:

  The only thing we appreciated only partially is the folding system. It’s still quick and not difficult to operate, but more immediate systems that can be operated with a foot are always more handy. On the other hand, we must mention that the folding system is very safe: you won’t risk the steam folding when it’s not required.

Our rating

Features 90%
Battery range 75%
Top speed 75%
Quality 90%
Value for money 85%


The Macwheel MX3 Electric Scooter is an excellent value for money. It combines style and top-quality features and it’s particularly suitable for any adult commuter.

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Justin M Krall

Hey there,

I was looking into the MX3, but rather put off by some of the negative reviews on Amazon citing lack of customer support, faulty battery and parts leading to safety issues, or just shutting off one day, or parts falling off mid ride, or just arriving damaged day one. I even read one say this model is discontinued.

Any knowledge on any of the critical reviews?

Valentino Digiorgio

Does anyone know where to get the charger for the mx 3 with the USB end

Matthew Bacolo

Can someone figure out how to charge the two bottom back lights

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